SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Christopher Vasquez Former Teacher at Mount Vernon HS Enters the Rabbit Hole

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Christopher Vasquez Former Teacher at Mount Vernon HS Enters the Rabbit Hole

On top of yesterday;s blog post concerning former Mount Vernon High School teacher
Christopher Vasquez some more news about him came into the SBSB newsroom.

The Crack Team has confirmed that Chris was a teacher at Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx. Chris denied tenure before he went on to Mount Vernon High School.

At the time of Chris' problems at Wildlife, he was introduced to several members of UFT Solidarity by another NYCDOE teacher who at the time was close with Solidarity but no longer is. This teacher ran with MORE in this year's UFT elections, and it has been speculated by some, yet not confirmed, that this teacher is enabling Chris by passing along information as well as helping him violate teachers Facebook privacy.

Another News12 Westchester story also came across the SBSB news desk today as well. This time, Chris bantered with reporter Rebecca Solomon in his backyard.

Accordinng to News12, "The district won't comment on personnel matters, but Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton ordered a lockout at all schools Tuesday because of a "disgruntled employee."

Yes, a disgruntled employee, not just of Mount Vernon, but the Bronx as well. But think, Chris caused a lockout of the entire Mount Vernon City School District. That's 15 schools in total!!! Chris disrupted the lives of so many children that he professes to care about.  

"He says a tenured teacher has been illegally selling food to students, but News 12 received an anonymous tip saying Vasquez orchestrated the cellphone videos of students to incriminate teachers."

NO! Christopher Vasquez is manipulating data to fit his warped sense of self as well as his warped sense of reality? The Crack Team is aghast. 

 "News 12 was told that Vasquez brought box cutters to school, but he explained that he brought them in one time to prep lab equipment."

Box cutters in a school? To prep lab equipment? Come on. 

In the video, Chris claims that he made videos of "students talking about school corruption" and then posting these videos on YouTube. But here is the question. Did the students know they were being filmed? Did the students give Chris permission? As we can see from Chris' track record, we don't discount the students were either lied to, not told, or were manipulated.

According to the video, the cell phone videos he took of students were manipulated specifically to incriminate teachers. 

Chris in the video also claims, "that other teachers have reached out to me" about corruption in the school, yet not one teacher has seem to have his back.

Chris denies at the end of the video that he was fired from the NYC DOE but rather states...
“I didn't like where the narrative at the school was heading, and what the new principal was doing so I left.”
Yeah, sure. 

Chris also claims that he is going to take legal action but as of this writing there is no evidence is has.

Again, we see Chris has no problem living in a special fantastical world and throwing other teachers under the bus.

Chris, get help. You're heading down a not good path.


Anonymous said...

Pete, hmmmm. Someone who was once close with Solidarity but ran with MORE this year???

Aixa Rodriguez I would assume. Always knew she was two faced.

Anonymous said...

Aixa refused to run with MORE in 2016 claiming she didn't want to take sides. MORE was democratic in 2016. When MORE threw people out and violated all its by-laws and democratic process then she decided to endorse those actions by running with them. If you hear her utter words about lack of democracy in the union remind her.

Anonymous said...

Aixa cares only about....Aixa. She found a simpleton in Chris Vasquez to do her dirty work. Aixa thinks she has clean hands but she doesn’t.

Anonymous said...

This lady claims to be devoted to eradicating educational neglect in the Bronx yet how come she's currently working in the UWS, very far from home and the Bronx, in a terrible school? To be close to her activist connections in Manhattan? I doubt her new school is a pleasant place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vazquez and Aixa, leave Solidarity the f alone. They shouldn't be the target of your aggression.