SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Former Wildlife Teacher Christopher Vasquez is a Sellout and It Appears, a Blackmailer

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Former Wildlife Teacher Christopher Vasquez is a Sellout and It Appears, a Blackmailer

As previously mentioned here and here former Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation and Mount Vernon High School teacher Christopher Vasquez appears to come off as a teacher of principle. What would it take for Chris to stop harassing teachers?

The Crack Team engaged in an emergency meeting to discuss what kind of offer it can
make to Chris. Some of the ideas consisted of...

A gumball and gift certificate to Bennigan's.

2020 opening day tickets for the Hudson Valley Renegades.

Tickets for the Danbury Hat Tricks of the Federal Hockey League.

Those were just a few. But The Crack Team soon realized that the above was too little for Chris. Chris is a man of huge ideas, so the offer to him must be huge.

And what to offer him? The Crack Team decided to use Chris' own words...

So, what to do? A Gofundme page for Chris?

So what do these students of Wildlife and MVHS really mean to Chris? Nothing! Bupkus! As long as Chris gets what he wants, and an ounce of blood from Domincan administrators which Chris and his enabling, pulling his strings patrón seem to have issues with with of color Dominican administrators.

Chris got either discontinued or was denied tenure at Wildlife. What to do than to take is ire out on ADASA (Association of Dominican-American Administrators) whilst having his patrón whisper in his ear how racist and self-loathing this types are.

But yet Chris refuses to look in the proverbial mirror.

But The Crack Team surely thought that Chris was a man. A man of values and principles. A man that, at least from outward appearances, would stick up for the downtrodden, the abused, the outliers.

Sadly, it seems that Chris does have a price to forget these people and it is so easily divisible by three. But The Crack Team did bring up a good point.

This does not seem like a settlement nor an offer of one. There can't be, because for all his bluster and threats Chris has never filed a lawsuit. There doesn't seem a whole lot of there there.

What Chris has done, I am not an attorney, is make a good case for extortion. But I, nor anyone here at SBSB, believe that he should be prosecuted for this clown like attempt at extortion. He is too feeble minded and easily led by others to do such a thing consciously.

But remember, the real Chris Vasquez has no problem throwing those he claims he is fighting for under the bus. And he has no problems throwing teachers under the bus.

His patrón should reevaluate their relationship with Chris.

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Anonymous said...

We thought Chris was a mensch, until he began posting stuff about leaving the union and that Janus was a "blessing." Check out the UFT's facebook page and you'll come across his comments telling teachers to leave the UFT and save their money. Does Aixa realize that her "pet" is an anti-union leech?