SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Yes, Mayor DeBlasio!!! I Want to Go Back to School in September!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Yes, Mayor DeBlasio!!! I Want to Go Back to School in September!!!

Yeah, I want to go back. I want my routine back. I really do miss going in to school in the morning. I miss my per session. I miss working with the students. I miss my per session. I am perverse. I like getting out of bed at 5:15 in the morning and leaving early to get a parking spot. I kinda miss working for some of the brain dead principals this past year. There's a lot getting used to being at home.

But guess what Mayor DeBlasio, don't lump me in that dumb ass statement you made in the Daily News....
I have not “met a teacher yet who doesn’t want to go back, because they’re devoted to the kids and they know the kids just can’t get as good an education remotely.”
Bullshit. Bullocks. 

I believe DeBlasio that the teachers he met said the above to him. I truly do. What Deblasio fails to share with the grownups out there is that that statement came with a qualifier.

But. However. Nevertheless. Notwithstanding. Nonetheless. Though. Withal. Be that as it may. 

I can go on and on but I shan't. 

Since our mayor is completely becoming brain dead let's use one of those adverbs so how douchey mayor but learn. In fact, this can be an example of remote learning.

Let's see. Johnny, I would like to use "however" for $200.

Billy Boy, watch and learn.

You said: "blah, blah, blah" (refer to above highlighted quote).

I say: However, I am afraid to go back. I have type 2 diabetes and 56 years old. Though I would like to go back, I will not risk my life for the NYCDOE. I will risk my life for my family, and maybe if I am motivated enough or in a good mood, God and country. THOUGH I think I would risk my life sooner for either Chrissie Hynde and/or Sarah Silverman before God and country.

I do not trust the NYC DOE with my, as well as my colleagues, health and safety nor the health and safety of the students. You and Carranza fucked up. There should have been a plan in place no later than the beginning of June. One plan for reopening and one plan for remote. The summer should have been used on best practices for remote learning. Actual teachers should have been consulted. For instance, Arthur Goldstein, who wrote  a spot on piece in the Post yesterday and in fact came up with a gosh  diddly darn great idea...
Let a limited number of students in to see counselors, nurses, doctors and social workers. Let them socialize safely, which they could not do in class. If technology or home conditions are difficult, let’s give students and teachers safe, quiet space in buildings to work online.
Sounds reasonable. Why wasn't this planned for? You know the old saying, "Plan for the worst, hope for the best."

Arthur is also right. Every teachers should put in for an accommodation. Start smoking I say. Newport's are only $8 in Pennsylvania. I am sure the generics are cheaper.

How do we know the HVAC systems will be fine? How do we know masks will be available? Testing? If one person in a school comes down with COVID, does the school shut down?  Why not just IMPROVE the remote learning over the summer?

The districts in Westchester still haven't got a clue and these are much smaller district? What makes DeBlasio and Carranza think they can pull it off???

I want my son to go back to college. BUT or WITHAL, I am concerned with spending that money and he is forced home in November when he can start and stay the semester at Westchester Community College. NEVERTHELESS, I trust my son's college to be prepared and to do the right thing any day then I do over DeBlasio and Carranza.

Every teacher reading this, your life is not worth your job. I lost a dear, dear friend in 2011 because of the mayhem at IS 162 in the Bronx.

BE THAT AS IT MAY,  I am counting on, and giving the benefit of the doubt thus far,  the UFT to do the stand up thing.


Anonymous said...

Teachers have been shitted on for over 10 years. Many lost the excitement and joy they once had for their profession. This could be the Last straw to have people quit. I anticipate many more retirements.

Jeb said...

Sadly, I anticipate many more needless deaths of teachers, school staff & students b/c of nycdoe’s decision. Smdh.

Marie said...

Teachers who are in good health need to step up and come back to school in September. Teachers are public servants like police, fire dept and medical professionals. Teachers with serious health conditions need to get special accommodations under the federal ADA law. The rest need to stop the pussyfooting and politicizing and either come back to work or find a job in a different field where human contact is not required

Anonymous said...

No more joking about elementary schools being like Petri dishes (flu season and actually year-round). Permanent social distancing, masks, handwashing requirements, and surface cleaning regulations at those locations. Permanent.

Unknown said...

As a retired teacher of 35 years, I saw this coming back in the early 90's when the BOE and the UFT agreed to ignore the lack of discipline in the schools. students were given a 'Bill Of Rights" and they used that to disrupt learning, as well as assault teachers. The UFT put de Blasio (aka William Wilhelm) in power, and he has ruined NYC altogether. The solution for NYC schools-tougher disciplinary actions against school violence, and endorse a Mayor who will restore law and order to NYC.

Pete Zucker said...


You’re comparing us to police, firefighters, and medical professionals? Are you an educator?

Anonymous said...

Whoever that person is who wants us to stop the pussyfooting certainly is not an educator. If you are, show us by example
Your words are nothing but winds. Just do it and those who are able will follow your example, you retard!