SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Governor Cuomo Is About to Throw DeBlasio and Carranza Under the Bus

Friday, August 21, 2020

Governor Cuomo Is About to Throw DeBlasio and Carranza Under the Bus

 I still don't think the school buildings are opening September 10. Yes, the UFT threatened astrike and/or job action (sick out). I don't think it will get to that point either. But that is a story for another blog post. 

 But Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber are completely fucking this so called grand reopening up and  losing allies along the way. They have painted themselves into a corner and either too stupid, too incompetent, or just thick headed to see that the ship is sinking around them. That they can only save themselves. Or have someone save them.

That person, Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber believed was to swoop down from above and save their sorry asses is Governor Andy Cuomo. Governor Cuomo in their little minds was to be there Dark Knight and force the UFT to have teachers report. Guess what? It ain't going to happen. 

Today, on the Today Show, and according to the Post, Cuomo...

..said he had his “fingers crossed” that Big Apple schools are ready to open safely — but admitted he is not sure he’d send his own kids to one in the city.

“I would have a lot of questions,” Cuomo admitted on the “Today” show when asked if he would send his children to New York City public schools amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a risky proposition no matter how you do it, let’s be honest. We’ve seen schools open — we’ve seen colleges open — and get into trouble in one week. So there’s a lot of questions to answer,” he said.

Asked how confident he was that they were actually ready to reopen, he said, “Fingers crossed on all of this.”

Governor Cuomo knows it's over for Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber. He's prepping them. Or prepping us. But he's getting the bus ready. He's throwing both under. He won't have their incompetence sully his already sullied hands. 

The question is, does Cuomo do this bus throwing publicly, or in private? Let's hope and pray that it is a nice public throwing under the bus. I think this was his plan all along. 

Or, and I just thought of this. Will DeBlasio suck up enough to put the entire blame on Carranza and drive the bus? Either way, someone is going under that bus.


Anonymous said...

It is curious that Cuomo has shifted publicly his position. There is no doubt that NYC now easily meets the open school data points in terms of test positivity that he himself established. And there is no doubt that Mayor Doofus has committed himself to opening the schools.
With Cuomo you never know if it is some sort of a #resistandhelpjoe maneuver, some sort of a #stickittodeblasio maneuver or some sort of #dontblamemeforthedebacle maneuver.
Whatever it is, he is one slippery pol.

Anonymous said...

I always believed our backlash leader Mickey must have spoken to Cuomo before hand. He would have never been so bold. I also believed Mickey boy was getting scared from Solidarity that he had to do something. He was not going under the bus for sure!!

Pete Zucker said...

@9:58 AM you’re right, with Cuomo you never know. But I think it’s a little bit of both.

@10:11 that’s a bit of a stretch. I don’t think so. But rather see Lydia get the headlines than MORE.

Abbey Hope said...

Good heart but you should have asked someone to proofread this!