SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: If One Child Dies of COVID-19 Blame DeBlasio and Carranza

Saturday, August 22, 2020

If One Child Dies of COVID-19 Blame DeBlasio and Carranza

I pray this doesn't happen. But it just might if Mayor Twiddle Dumb and Chancellor Twiddle Dumber don't get their heads out of each others asses. A child can die. Yes, teachers can die. But the NYCDOE doesn't care about teachers. The less of us the better for them. But a student dying? Due to the negligence of reopening schools? This will be a stain of blood on the hands of the mayor and the chancellor. I hope they are prepared for a news report like the


Mr and Mrs Schlomo Rabinowitz announce the passing of their son, 8 year old Throckmorton from COVID-19 this past Wednesday, November 18, 2020. 

Throckmorton was a 3rd grade student at PS 2112 in Queens. He loved school. He was so happy to return to school this past September 10 and was happy to being with his friends again. 

Throckmorton loved math and science and especially to write stories. He was a loving older brother to Harvey age 4 and Gertrude 4 months. He was a vivacious reader and loved to play baseball and watch Sponge Bob. He wanted to play for the New York Mets when he grew up and when Pete Alonso heard of his illness not only hit two home runs for him in a game, but visited him in the hospital. 

Throckmorton was part of routine testing for COVID-19 at PS 21

12 and on September 17, five days after his test, results came back positive. His parents were curious because both the chancellor and the mayor had assured the school community that everything was to be done to keep schools sanitized and for students to be socially distant. Other parents did not know of Throckmorton's positive test for 10 days. SCI is looking into this due to the fact their is a suspicion that the principal of his school as well as the district superintendent kept the test results secret. 

At first it seemed that Throckmorton was asymptomatic. But soon Throckmorton developed COVID-19 symptoms around October 1 and slipped into a coma from which he never awoke. 

Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Carranza have both spoken of their with memories of things their press people told them to say Throckmorton. Throckmorton's teacher is beside herself and has gone into hiding. She is standing by the family. 

This is, of course fiction. Please, I am not making light of this or anybody's challenge with theirs or a family member's battle with COVID-19, but this can happen with DeBlasio and Carranza in charge. Will these two be able to sleep at night? Sadly, yes. But this can happen. And it won't happen if two men put aside their pride. 

Nationwide about 406k children have contracted COVID-19. The death rate is .06%. That's 2,400 children dead. That's 2,400 too many. But go ahead and open the school Mayor DeBlasio, Chancellor Carranza. Let the blood be on your hands.


Anonymous said...

They just don't care!

Susan Edelman said...

The DOE would contend this child caught Covid in the community, not in school. If it's found that a student or staffer spread Covid to others in the school, that would be a huge problem.

Pete Zucker said...

Yes, that is what the DOE would say. But, there is no such thing as reality. Everything is perception. And right now the DOE and mayor losing the perception battle.

Anonymous said...

Sue, We’re still waiting for Cuomo’s consequences for killing all those seniors in Nursing homes. If his Pasan deBlasio does the same with us will there be consequences? I’m not so sure. Those three days in March stand out, when we were sent in for a meeting with training in schools closed and deemed too unsafe for students. Not that Mulgrew did anything to stop it.

Anonymous said...

you know there are options for full remote home learning. It's up to you n your kids. If you don't feel safe then don't have them go on blended learning. Go full remote home learning. There are some of us who see IN SCHOOL LEARNING as the best education for our kids. So we will choose blended learning. Happy schooling!