SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Seventy-Five Dollars And A Dream

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seventy-Five Dollars And A Dream

Seems in Kansas that if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, even those that involve sexual crimes, all it costs to expunge your conviction is seventy five dollars. And a good attorney.

As reported here Monday, serial masturbator Mychael Willon was arrested and pleaded no contest to a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior in a Wichita KS bookstore in 1989 and 1990. But in Willon's world it never happened.

The crack team here at SBSB has learned through an excellent source, though yet to have verified, that Mychael Willon had his conviction, yes pleading no contest is the same as a guilty plea, expunged. But you ask, "Teacher in the Bronx, how can this be?" Well in Kansas, it be, and it is.

The crack team at SBSB as learned that it costs just seventy-five dollars to file a motion to have your record expunged. It is reviewed by the court and then a hearing is held, and a judge then rules on the motion. That quick, that simple. And, I am sure, that having a well competent, well connected attorney helps smooth the way towards expungment.

But it does not change what happened. Willon was caught with his proverbial pants down in that Wichita KS adult bookstore in 1989. Willon's character is in question here. Just not with this instance, but with the fake doctorate as well.

Food for thought. If a NYC teacher did what Willon did, how fast would that teacher be on the front page of the NY Post, and in the Rubber Room?




Guess We're Not in Kansas, Anymore Toto

Well, I see it this way so please think about it before you laugh.

My Mother's parents were born in Russia when Czar Nicholas II was still in power and the Russian Revolution was years into the future.

But my own Mother, now 94 and still sprightly as ever, God Bless her, (even attended my first 3020-a State Teacher Trial), was born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ok- now Kansas City is not in Kansas but in Missouri. But why be anal retentive about it and quibble over details.

She has the word Kansas somewhere in her background so let's just move on.

And since from a biological point of view, I carry her genes, that means that "Kansas" is somewhere in my background also.

Just ask the Wizard, if you can find him.

Now- what's the point I am trying to make ?

Well, as is well known, even in England and other European nations, thanks to the FINANCIAL TIMES of London, the NYC Dept of Education has officially charged me with bringing 2 (Two) plants to my former school, allegedly without the Official permission of the NYC DOE "Plant Czar" - (whoever that may be still remains a mystery no one has yet been able to solve.)

It should be mentioned for purposes of Full Disclosure, that I actually purchased and brought 7 (Seven) plants of different sizes to the school.

But I donated 3 (three) plants to the main office of the school so those plants did not become charges and another rather attractive bouquet, I donated to the Principal's Office which SCI and the DOE also "forgot" to include in the charges demanding my Termination.

Oh yes- a small silk tree I brought to beautify the Auditorium stage was quickly expropriated by the Drama Club for use as a scenery backdrop in their various school Productions.

But that donation was somehow also overlooked in the charges demanding my Termination, "for upsetting the Good order of the System".

But a charge had to be fabricated from something to justify my removal and employment termination.

Well that's where the 2 (Two) silk plants I placed outside the Auditorium doors in the Main Lobby, come into the picture.

At least after my immediate Supervisor, insisted I relocate the plants to closer proximity with the Auditorium doors so the DOE could later claim the plants represented a fire hazard.





Guess We're Not in Kansas, Anymore Toto

The Supervisor later testified under Sworn Oath at a Public Hearing that in the event of a fire in the school Auditorium, the two plants might represent an impediment for the rapid emptying of the Auditorim.

Once again- so what is the point ?

The point is that if my Mother had relocated from Kansas City, Missouri to some little back water town in Kansas, before I was born and if I had ended up a Teacher in Kansas my entire life might have ended up quite differently.

The swifter thinking reader will quickly realize I would not have to worry about being charged with bringing those artificial silk plants to my school, for the simple reason that if I am eventually found guilty of the charge I brought two plants to the school, then I could, under the Laws of the State of Kansas, get the conviction expunged by coughing up $ 75.00.

At worst, Kansas might, due to the weak economy, make me pay for each plant separately, thus bringing the grand total up to $ 150.

Imagine, for the paltry cost of one hundred fifty dollars, I would be a convicted man no longer and have a clean record.

Think of all the humiliation I would be saved from a NY POST cover story with the headline in mile high jet black Helvetica type:

"Sick NYC Teacher Brings Plants to School Without Permission of the DOE Dept of Floral Arrangements".

But now that I have reconsidered the whole situation again, I have changed my mind.

Just think of how many more watches I could distribute as Honor Roll Incentive Awards to my students if I did not have to waste that one hundred fifty dollars getting the two plant convictions expunged Kansas style.

But oh yes, I almost forgot- I'm also charged with awarding watches I designed to my students.

You say Potato- I'll say Tomato,

Let's call the whole thing off.

David Pakter

Anonymous said...

The watch thing still cracks me up. All the winners of major high school (and this includes New York City public high schools)cross country running events receive watches. How on earth is this a bribe and how on earth can this be illegal? Spend a Saturday at the 169th Street Armory/Indoor Track and see all the 'bribery' or whatever they claim you are doing with your watches.
A Fan