SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone Walks The Streets Of Education Deformers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Evan Stone Walks The Streets Of Education Deformers

I look forward to Wednesdays. It's hump day. Wednesday is also the day in which Comedy Central airs three South Parks in a row, and also when, in season, a new South Park airs. But I have welcomed something new and exciting into my life on Wednesdays. Wednesday is the day that Educators4Excellence emails it action updates, regular updates, or whatever it is called to its 1,500 followers. I just happen to follow E4E twice.

Today's email had a video of Uncle Mike and Michelle Rhee's favorite prostitute, Little Evan Stone, on the official news show of E4E, "Good Day, New York." I do not know if this appeared today or the day after the state senate vote on LIFO, but needless to say, Greg Kelly (his father should be ashamed) and Rosanna Scotto were fawning all over him.

I am not even going to waste my breath countering what Little Evan had to say. Here is the link and you can make your own judgment about it. But enough is enough.

Little Evan Stone, you are a unethical, valueless, useless human being. There is no difference between you and a prostitute. How dare you after teaching, and worse, being a failed teacher, sit up in your gilded cage and preach to people who give their lives, their soul to their profession!

Teaching was not a profession for you. It was a means to an end. And end in which you think you hold the cards, and end in which you think you are hot shit because you get to rub elbows with the supposed movers and shakers. But these types will drop you like a hot potato when they are done using you. When you are no longer any use. Little Evan, from the research the crack team here at SBSB as learned about you, you are genetically inclined to stomp on the working person, the little guy, the person who works his or her ass off. You are looking for Oedipal justification for your measly, sanctimonious life.

You don't even have the balls, the guts, not only to appear on my radio show, but not to appear on any outlet which might dare to question you and your pond scum views. Yeah, Little Evan, you are someone's bitch.

You think you are standing up for what is right. You are so full of shit. You failed in the classroom, you failed as a teacher. You think you cared as a teacher because you took boys on a vacation camping? That is not caring, that is just plain sick.

I haven't shared this with anyone yet. I spoke with Little Evan over the phone to invite him on my radio show. Little Evan refused. He told me that I would have to reveal my name. Hey, this blog is done with a pseudonym for a reason. I have had my name and face out there. I put my career on the line, and this was done with a family to feed, bills to pay, and no super wealthy daddy with a safety net.

But I threw it back at Little Evan. I asked him when he would release his test scores. Little Evan said he would put it up on the new revamped E4E website. That was not good enough, I explained to Little Evan. Put up a PDF file, showing proof of what an excellent teacher you claimed you were. That is the point that Little Evan started to wail like a baby. "No, no, no! You share your name first!" I swear for a moment I thought I was having a phone conversation with Jan Brady.

Here's the difference between me and you. If you were being jammed, in trouble with an administrator, I would lend a hand to you. In fact 99% of the teachers would. But you, you just want to steamroll over everyone with not only what you think is right, but what your "buddies" think is right.

The fall coming your way will be classic. Remember this Little Evan. Every dog has its day.


Irony is Dead said...

"And then we have Internet muscles. Internet muscles work the same way as beer muscles just that there is no beer involved. Behind a router and a computer screen, people suddenly get very tough. Some people feel it is better to type on a computer screen rather than use a pen."

Pete Zucker said...

^^^^Wow! Yes, the irony of it all. Wouldn't you agree Ruben Brosbee? Ruben, have you noticed how that not only was your above comment did not have to get moderator approval, but it is not being removed at all. Can your butt buddies at E4E say the same thing? Are you able to say the same thing?