Saturday, March 19, 2011

The NYC DOE Is Animal House

I love Animal House. It has gotten to the point that I can do the dialogue right along with the movie. Line by line. I am like one of those people at a Rock Horror showing that are up by the screen acting out the movie. If there ever is a showing of Animal House in a theater I will dress up like Bluto and act out the scenes.

So I have been thinking. Think about this, isn't Educators4Excellence kind of like Omega house? And the rest of the teachers in the DOE, the veteran teachers, Delta House?

So what if we took some of the characters from E4E and transposed them as Omega House characters, this includes Dean Wormer, and take the righteous and transpose them as Delta, I wonder what would happen? Let's see.

The Scene:
Night, on a hill in a car, overlooking Faber.

The Players:
Greg Marmalard: Evan Stone
Mandy Pepridge: Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee: Oh, Evan. Look. It's a star. Let's make a wish.-"Star light, star bright--"
Evan Stone: -Wait a minute. That's not a star. It's moving too fast.It's probably a 707. Those babies really can move across the sky.
Michelle Rhee: Is anything happening yet? My arm's tired.
Evan Stone: I'm sorry, Michelle. That thing with the veteran teachers has me a little distracted. God knows how they think they are so special.
Michelle Rhee: Anything?
Evan Stone: Maybe a little faster. Yeah.

The Scene:
A different night, on a hill in a car, overlooking Faber.

The Players:
Greg Marmalard: Evan Stone
Babs Jansen: Ruben Brosbee

Ruben Brosbee: Relax, honey. You know, l know, everybody knows that those veteran teachers certainly had it coming.
Evan Stone: I don't think the veteran teachers will be giving us any more trouble.
Ruben Brosbee: Evan, honey? Is it supposed to be this soft?

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