SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Baking Cupcakes With E4E's Tori Truscheit

Friday, July 29, 2011

Baking Cupcakes With E4E's Tori Truscheit

Earlier this week, July 26, Gotham Schools published an article in which a teacher, Stuart Kaplan, a nine-year teacher at High School for Law and Public Service in Brooklyn, was stripped of his membership of the famed youth group, Educators4Excellence. For those who don't recall, Mr Kaplan caused quite a stir in June at a E4E youth rally when he publicly questioned E4E Jugendleiter, Little Evan Stone.

Mr Kaplan, it was implied by several E4E lackies in the comments section this past Monday, was unprofessional in speaking out and it was claimed that he caused "a scene," and that he embarrassed the profession. You can judge by yourself here.  We here at SBSB support unequivocally Mr Kaplan's right to speak out and at no time through thorough analysis of the video did we notice that he was rude, obnoxious, or out of line. In fact, we find that Little Evan Stone was out of line for calling the meeting over.

But, one thing comes to mind. What does it mean to act professional? Are we as teachers supposed to continue our professionalism outside of the classroom and/or school? Of course not, we are all human beings.

But, let's use the example that E4E and its sycophantic defenders use on how teachers should comport themselves. That we as teachers must not only set an example for our students 24/7, but when amongst other educators outside of working hours, we must always be professional.

The crack team was creating a white paper on this very subject when sadly it came across some information regarding E4E Vice President of Programs, Tori Truscheit.

Apparently Tori is quite a baker. Tori is the purveyor and creator of an unusual type of cupcake. The Red Velvet Vulva Cupcake with Buttercream. Yes, you read that right. Now, the jokes will be abstained for now, except to say that rumors of E4E Blog Monkey™ Ruben Brosbe posing for the cupcakes is not true.

Now mind you, we here at SBSB are not in any way, shape, or form disparaging Tori's lifestyle choice Nor or we denouncing the cupcakes, nor the vulva, which we all here at SBSB are fans of.

What we are disparaging is the rank hypocrisy of E4E, and its members. Mr Kaplan has been villified, again and again for his "behavior" last month. Other E4E shills have constantly reminded teachers on how to act. Yet, we have here, an "educator" selling and advocating pornographic cupcakes.

Is this information relevant? Yes, it is. It is because it yet again exposes the hypocrisy of E4E and it's enablers, in particular the NYC DOE. Look what happened to Melissa Petro. She was railroaded out of teaching for something she did before she became a teacher. Did E4E at anytime lend her their support?

It also exposes that E4E is nothing but a bunch of rich, entitled, elitist children that has decided to take it upon themselves to rule and judge by fiat, and that they are still children because they still think that life is still fun and games.

But in reality, who cares about Tori's Red Velvet Vulva? But E4E, you want to keep on setting and deciding the rules, start abiding and living up to what you all decree.


Chalk Duster said...

After clicking on the cupcake link, I almost fell of the couch. I was wondering if Tori was unsure of the color of a Vulva. I almost checked to make sure mine had not turned blue. WTF?? A BLUE vulva? Did she model her cupcakes after Smurf porn stars? Is this her subconscious way of expressing sexual frustrations? I have heard of blue balls. But...Blue Vulva??? Those are the most HIDEOUS cupcakes I have ever laid my eyes upon.
That being said, from what I saw of both the video and the post on Gotham, I did not think Stu was being at all disrespectful. He was silenced because he was the voice of the 97 other teachers who didn't have the balls to speak up.I applaud him, I respect him, and if I had been there I would have joined him.

So, baking anatomically INCORRECT cupcakes is much more inappropriate than maintaing your constitutional right to freedom of speech. Especially if the female anatomy atop said cupcakes is represented as electric BLUE. Ouuuch.

Unknown said...

I left this question at her cupcake site:

"Are you the E4E person Bronx Teacher mentioned in his blog? I mean, are you the hypocrite who works for E4E, and organization that claims behavior outside the classroom should be considered?

If so, how do you square that with your pussy cupcakes?"

Traveling ATR said...

Seems like SCI needs to be called on this one.

Mr. Talk said...

The most unsettling thing is that these cupcakes seem to be aroused! I wonder if she makes buns, as well.

Thanks for the laugh, SB. This post made my day.