SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Eva Moskowitz Lusts For Whitney Tilson

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eva Moskowitz Lusts For Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson is not only blessed, but he is special as well. We should all look at Whitney and see how much he cares. How much does he care. So much, that while on some weird vacation in Thailand, Whitney was blessed with being the sole human being on earth to receive Eva Moskowitz's retort to Michael Winerip's masterpiece of this past Monday.

So Eva blabbered to Whitney and Whitney like the dolt he is blabbered it back to humanity. But dare we examine what Eva Moskowitz blabbered? Yes, we dare. But before her words are examine, one very important thing is missing from her rant. Can you figure it out?

So Eva blabbers; The facts clearly show that Success Academies' educators are incredibly committed to serving children with special needs,

Wow, that is nice. Success Academy is great for being so dedicated to the children with special needs. Does Success have to go through the process of almost three months to determine whether or not a kid needs services? Does Success have a backlog of students who are required services, yet do not receive said services. Each and every special ed teacher I have come across in the PUBLIC SCHOOLS is dedicated. Has gone above and beyond.

We serve a high percentage, and do not push out children who don't "thrive."

So if a student never does work, consistently misbehaves, and the parents are not involved this child remains in Success no matter what?

Our ELL population is 9.6%, and when you factor in children who we have successfully taught English (and are no longer ELL), we clearly educate the same children.

Arthur Goldstein, the famed and preeminent ESL teacher from Francis Lewis High School called into my radio show the other night and said that it takes 2 years for a students to learn the language. Do you give these students two years? Or since you are Eva Moskowitz does it take less?

Winerip clearly indicates, no one pressured Ms. Sprowal to leave the school.

Yeah, but no one lifted a finger to keep Matthew. Or to do the right thing by Matthew. Or perhaps this statement by Matthew's mom over at NYC Public School Parents did not resonate with Eva; 
"I outright refused to comply with the principal’s request for me to transfer my son to another school."
Three years later, after coaching from the United Federation of Teachers, his mother is now unhappy.  The UFT spent five years hovering over our schools to find hordes of students who were unfairly "pushed" out, and the best they could find was a single story with a happy ending.

Do you have irrefutable proof that the UFT coached Matthew's mom? If you do, I dare you to show it now. If not, I demand that you retract this statement. As far as a happy ending, please, Whitney will think it is time to go cruising the Interstate rest areas.

It is our obligation to advise a parent that there might be a better setting for their child.

Obligation or need? Your Freudian slip just showed. You just contradicted yourself Eva. The last I checked, a PUBLIC SCHOOL can't do this. But you can. Hmmmm.

Our schools are a work in progress, every day we try to do better for the largest number of children. 

The largest number of children? Shouldn't that statement be all children? So students do fall through the cracks at Success?

While I don't believe that the school mishandled the situation, we are always working to improve how we serve children with all types of needs.  For next year, we have added a 12:1:1 program at two of our schools and a Director of Special Education at the network-level who comes from the city's District 75.

Please. You have already contradicted yourself about moving kids out of your school. But, that is so nice of you to have now two 12:1:1 programs. And please share who this Special Education director is.

The theme is repeated in this story.  33% of 4th graders passed the state ELA test at PS 75, but public schools like PS 75 get more tough-to-serve children.  (PS 75 does not, but schools like it do, he argues) When schools like ours have 86% of 4th graders passing the same test, it must be because we don't have the same kids, because schools can't possibly be expected to do that well.

No, you don't have the same kids. You don't teach the same way. You have students and families that have a commitment, that sign contracts. If they don't follow the rules they are met with punitive measures. Can a PUBLIC SCHOOL do this? No!

Winerip also makes the argument that schools like PS 75 care about children and thus have low test scores while schools like Harlem Success Academy don't care about children and thus have high test scores.

Schools like PS 75 do care, and all schools and teachers care. Students at PS 75 do not have the resources that you have been able to finagle out of men and rich backers.

You Eva, do not care about the students. You care about yourself, your image, your legacy. That is all that is important to you. You feel you are the savior for the boys and girls, and families of color. That only a Jewish White woman who lives on the border of Harlem can save the day.

I tell our principals, our true measure of success is whether children race through the door each morning and are disappointed to leave each day because school is just that compelling. 

What a load of crap. BLECH!!!!!!

Now for what is missing. Have you noticed that Eva did not mention the corporal punishment inflicted on Matthew? No where, no how. She didn't even deny it! So obviously Matthew was made to walk the hallways in a punitive manner, and Eva condones this type of behavior to a 5 year old student.

What's worse Eva, is that you don't even have the capability to look inward at your own little reality and add in your missive that perhaps it was the teachers fault, I meant the new, white elitist teacher's fault. It does happen you know.

Start allowing children to be children. There is nothing wrong with having a strong hand, but when that hand has a black glove on it there is no benevolence.

The only thing you care about Eva is you, yourself and your legacy. You are an attention whore of the lowest proportion. You are a fraud, you are a charlatan, you a phony.

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With a name like "Whitney Tilson" it's a good bet that his forefathers owned slaves.