Saturday, July 16, 2011


Eva has come clean! She admits it, or it was a Freudian slip, but still the truth is out there! In yesterday's New York Times, Eva, in a desperate move to spin the Matthew Sprowal incident, basically parroted what she wrote in her love letter to Whitney Tilson but added just one little teeny tiny wrinkle. Eva wrote;
"It is our obligation to advise parents when there is a better setting for their children. This is not unique to charter schools."
WHOA! We here at SBSB are blown away. Though we decry that students are treated as such, we do doff our collective SBSB hats towards Eva for finally admitting what has been know all along. Thank you Eva for being so forthright.

But even while we here at SBSB are happy that Eva came clean, we are also saddened how yet again the children are caught in the middle of a megalomaniac's crusade to elevate herself to some lofty position as well as how it show not only the disparity and hypocrisy vis a vis charter schools and public schools. Oh before I go on, charter schools are not public schools. They are private school financed by public dollars.

The crack team decided to scour the Chancellor's Regulations with a fine tooth comb. The assignment was to find anything, something that gave principals of public schools the ability to "council out" students, or to paraphrase Eva, that a public school principal has an obligation to to find a better setting for the student.

This took many minutes, and we lost many a man, but alas, we did not find one single sentence, nor nary a word that gives a principal such authority. How could that be?

The crack team came to the conclusion that not only is it illegal, but it is immoral to tell a child's family that it might be better to find a better setting. See, the difference between a public school and a charter school is that from the day a students enters Kindergarten we have an obligation to give unconditional support to that student. We do not look at a students as a way to generate revenue, or to pay ourselves exorbitant salaries, or to have a chancellor so scared, so manipulated as to get what we want.

We at public schools have to take anybody and everybody that is zone for out school (I am talking about elementary). We ca not turn anyone away. We are like an ER. We are obligated to give education to all that ask for it.

Meanwhile, we have Eva sitting in her ivory charter office, looking down over Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn and she thinks she is. The great white Jewish savior of boys and girls of color as she, just like Caesar, gives the thumbs up or down on children whose parents somehow bought into her propaganda. All that matters, all the Eva cares about is Eva, about expanding the brand of Eva, to elevate Eva. To look at Eva and see how hip and caring she is because she moved to Harlem. Hey Eva, truly want to get down with reality? Give up all of Eric's money, mom and dad's money as well, and move into a tenement or the projects. Then you'll be down. To paraphrase Jan Brady, "Eva, Eva, Eva!!!"

But Eva, your euphemism is already at work. The Pope has decided that he will no longer excommunicate. The Pope will now just tell the person that it is obligated to help find another religion for that person.

Couple divorcing will no longer ask for a divorce. Rather, they will just say to one another that they are obligated to find a better marriage for one another.

Teachers will no longer be terminated, they will be directed to a better setting. This of course will save money on the 3020a process.

Puppies and kitten will no longer be abandoned. Rather, a better setting will be forthcoming they will be told.

Evil headmistresses of charter networks when the day comes that they are exposed will be told that a better setting, like McDonald's awaits them.


Michael Paul Goldenberg said...

I'm all in favor of exposing Eva Moskowitz and her lies. I fail to see the relevance of her ethnic or religious background or practices. Or, to be blunt: to what purpose did you deem it fit to mention that she is Jewish?

Anonymous said...

She has warts all over her face. Do you think she has them on her genitals too?

Anonymous said...

First, let me say that I agree with Mr. Goldenberg regarding race and ethnicity. Unfortunately, what Eva Moskowitz is doing is also done at many of the DoE Transfer schools for "at risk" HS students. I know of many students referred by OSE to Transfer High Schools who are told that they are not a proper fit for that particular school.-Let's face it -THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IS ONE BIG JOKE AS LONG AS BLOOMBERG IS IN CHARGE