SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Did Bronxdale High School's John Chase Jr Try To Relieve His Guilt?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Did Bronxdale High School's John Chase Jr Try To Relieve His Guilt?

On November 18, the amazing powers that John Chase Jr, principal of Bronxdale High School were analyzed. Not only is he able to contort his wee wee into the strangest inanimate objects, how he prefers inanimate objects to human flesh, but amazingly whilst under investigation for sharing said information concerning his hoo ha, is still in place at Bronxdale High. We congratulated him, somewhat sarcastically, on his ability to not be removed and the possibility of being rewarded sometime in the future for his indiscretions.

An interesting comment was left on November 22 at 10:01 PM by Anonymous;
Is it possible that this adult male was merely joking with his adult peers??? Many people do make JOKES with other adults that have nothing to do with the job they hold. Once again people over react and point fingers. At no time do I read that this man had any inappropriate contact or discussion with children and yet some wingnut calls him a predator. Notice, too, that a post from a Bronx teacher may be a teacher who has been disciplined in some way by the principal and is now getting "revenge". Don't read too much into a few stupid remarks. 
The crack team and myself thought it a bit odd. It did not seem as much of a defense of Principal Chase's behavior as much as it seemed as an excuse of his behavior. A rationalization if you will. But  the following evening, November 23 at 10:39 PM by another Anonymous left this comment which more or less confirmed our original thinking;
Thanks for that comment, Mr. time remember those teachers aren't your friends, they're your subordinates. Keep your pecker in your pants.
Now, we have no proof who left the first comment. The crack team does agree with the commenter that is would be beneficial for Principal Chase to do all he can to keep his pecker in his pants. However, the original comment does seem a wee bit strange.

A  comical bent on this excuse left by the commenter would be from the 1982 movie Diner. Boogie (Mickey Rourke) bets his friends that he can get Carol Heathrow to grab is ding dong.  Boggie's tallywhacker somehow wound up in the box of popcorn they were sharing at the movies.  Boogie's  excuse to Carol Heathrow after she reached into the popcorn box and found quite a surprise was classic. 

So to was this excuse. Either way, if this commenter was Principal Chase or not, but it would give reason to some confirmation of the unfortunate actions taken by Principal Chase. More so, this person fails to see the inappropriateness in the comments that Principal Chase allegedly made.

As a principal and a leader of a school building with the vast majority of his subordinates female, one can see that how wrong making comments like this are, even if they were said in jest. Comments like the ones Principal Chase allegedly made should not be made, especially to people you do not have the type of relationship to make those type of comments.

But worse, it just skeeves us up here at SBSB that these type of comments, places he would stick his manhood, were made in a school. Only a narcissist would make these comments to females and only a narcissist would not see anything wrong with the comments, or where the comments were made.

We here at SBSB call on The Commissioner of Special Investigations (Condon's office), to examine Principal Chase's home computer and/or any other device that he owns that his connected to the Internet and settle once and for all whether or not he was the commenter of November 22. If he was, the comment that was left seems like an admission of guilt.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed reading this article as it really made sense. Unfortunately, there were much worse things said to these women and the focus should not just be on his childish, dumb remarks about sticking his dick in whatever hole. His other remarks were much more damaging which you guys are not reporting because you do not know. Mr. Chase made much more 1 on 1 comments that the investigators down at EOE have ruled on and have sent to the DOE lawyers for review. If those comments came out, you would have a lot more to write about SBSB. This guy has said much more worse things than what is being focused on here. The fact that he's still in the building is truly sickening, however, the fact that the parents of the kids who attend his school are aware of it and have not demonstrated or demanded his removal is even more questionable or just plain sad on their part. We all know the power of parents and the parents of Bronxdale's students should also be ashamed for not stepping up!

Pete Zucker said...

So share with what worse things are happening at Bronxdale.

Anonymous said...

Verdict is out in todays NY Post - GUILTY!!! Mr. Chase found GUILTY and the obvious joke of the day ....... he gets a letter in file + sensitivity training!!! LMAO - ONLY IN NYC BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

Just send the narcissistic bastard back to the county he was born in. He has no business being down here in these parts.

Self-loving motherf--ker!

Yeah he's a real a-hole. A total tool! Constantly looking to get laid but often rejected. Although, I cannot see what woman would find him attractive, unless they are busted up looking themselves.

Keep wearing the wrangler's (real attractive) and the ugly cheap suits.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say: "The ugly cheap suits that are way too big even on his fat gut, funny shaped body."

Big mess: fat face, fat gut, and no ass with pastey skin. Yuck!

Who would want him? That's why he is always making lude comments. He's gross and he knows it. That's also why he likes to go around tooting his own horn all the time becuase in reality he feels

Anonymous said...

Someone from NY Mag Wrote:
@sammysammkk - and to think he was a 3rd grade teacher up in Oneonta, NY just a few years ago kinda makes you think ..... what happened up there? Hhmmmmmmm?????

Anonymous said...

WOW!Do any of you even know what the hell you're talking about? I know that a lot of you don't have much of a life to speak of, considering all the effort I see in making false accusations about someone because they don't seem to fit into our standard "mold" of what we think a principal should be. Or is it that we don't like an "outsider" coming in from somewhere else because he might actually do something about a failing NYC school? I know some might feel threatened, after years of being paid the big bucks to do such a poor job in running a school... Some "employee" might even hold it against him that he's actually making them work for their paychecks... I's so hard when someone new comes in and wants to change all the lazy ways of these people" running" a school. Maybe you should all talk to someone who actually thinks his intentions are good, but we all know that gossip rules!

Anonymous said...

I worked with Chase at a previous school and he hasn’t changed one bit. He was sexually inappropriate there, making comments and persisting with flirtations. He also was a bully bringing up false discipline charges on good teachers who refused to be bullied. He also harassed teachers who were threatening to him by being good at their job. The principal of that school even ignored allegations made via a written letter by a female student that he was making sexually inappropriate comments and gestures to her because the principal herself (Michelle Ashkin) was so incompetent she couldn’t wrap her head around running a school with out her sleazy side kick. I am outraged that people like this are being backed up by Walcott. I thought he was all about children first? I guess it’s more like sleazy principals first.