SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Los Angeles Teachers Please Welcome Little Evan Stone Of Educators4Excellence

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Los Angeles Teachers Please Welcome Little Evan Stone Of Educators4Excellence

Hey Los Angeles teachers! Since Educators4Excellence has now slimed its way into the workings of the Los Angeles public schools, we here at SBSB feel it is time to learn more about your new overseers. Today we will learn more about E4E co-founder and co- executive officer Little Evan Stone.

Evan offers a fascinating biography on his E4E biography, but we'll get to that in a moment. But first, let's examine Little Evan's bio from when he was a panelist at the Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference from March of 2011.

Of course the bio starts off with the continued fabrication that E4E is an independent voice in education;
a dynamic non-profit organization that provides an independent voice for educators in the policy debate surrounding education reform.
Wait, but more embellishment on the greatness of Evan is coming! As of now, December 3, 2011 E4E is claiming over 3,200 members. But in his Yale panelist bio it is claimed that in March, 2011 E4E;
......has quickly grown to represent over 1,000 educators who desire a system that prioritizes the needs of students.
Hmmm. Is someone cooking the books? But wait!! Hold on! Here comes the biggest story ever told!
For three years Evan was a 6th grade classroom teacher where he demonstrated excellence with dramatic student gains.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I guess Little Evan believes in the Michelle Rhee method of making one look better than they are. Which seems to contradict what he told out mole here (10th paragraph), as well as here.  We here at SBSB are quite befuddled. As mentioned in yesterday's posting Little Evan promised to release his test scores once the new website is up. We here at SBSB call on Little Evan to man up and release is test scores as promised and to prove the dramatic gains.

Little Evan seems as well to be biting the proverbial hand that feeds him when it is claimed;
He also focused his academics on the achievement gap by writing his thesis on how “No Child Left Behind” was negatively impacting local school funding in New Haven.
Bashing the NCLB? The bible of the deformers? We here at SBSB are hard on the case attemtping to locate his thesis from Yale. But enough of Little Evan's fabricated, if not embellished bio from Yale. Shall we look at his E4E bio?

it seems that Evan did not begin his teaching career in 2007 as he has stated. It began much earlier;
as a coach - running the VIP soccer team for children with special needs and coaching both a boys and girls AYSO team while in high school.
In light of Little Evan's admission I to would like to change the start of my teaching to career to 1975. That year I was in 5th grade and I assisted my father in coaching my younger brother's Little League team. I kept score. Also, in 1979, when I was 15, I was a Camper in Leadership Training at YMCA Camp Sloane in Lakeville, CT. So technically I have been teaching 36 years.

Evan became a teacher because.....
a quality education is a gift that can never be taken away.
Wow! Did he reach into the book of teacher cliches to come away with that? Impressive.

Evan's finest moment as a teacher came when a student upon Jerry Spinelli's "Loser" exclaimed;
“This book is not about a loser – it is about a winner.”
Fascinating! If this kid did not have Little Evan as a teacher, this kid never would have said that. What is even more amazing is that Little Evan is amazed at a 6th grader is able to come up with an answer like that.

But last but not least, Evan reaches back into the cliche bag to blabber about his vision for education;
a prestigious, respected teaching profession that drives positive student outcomes.

Yes, only Little Evan wishes this. Only Little Even is doing everything to destroy this vision. As the Vichy government collaborated with Berlin, E4E, Little Evan, et. al are nothing more than Collaborationists  in league not with Berlin, but those in Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York City.

Los Angeles teachers, be wary, be careful of E4E and Little Evan Stone. He will say or do anything to push further the policies of his puppet masters.

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Anonymous said...

Wiki search "Glass Joe" the wimpy character from the video game Punch-out and tell me that Lil Evan isn't his spitting image, probably seperated at birth.