SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The SBSB Tour of the New Educators4Excellence Website

Friday, December 2, 2011

The SBSB Tour of the New Educators4Excellence Website

The crack team would like to congratulate Educators4Excellence on the introduction of their new website. Good luck E4E and may the force not be with you.This coincides with E4E's announcement that they have now infiltrated Los Angeles, an announcement that we here at SBSB scooped the entire world with on October 5, 2011.

On March 16 in a blog post, I wrote of how I had spoke with Little Evan to invite him on the radio show (which is returning after the 1st of the year). Little Evan informed me that that not only is E4E in the process of upgrading its website but one it does, Little Evan said that he would finally post the scores of his students (9th paragraph). Apparently from looking around this website, Little Evan did not keep his word.

So what is new about this website? First, all must re-register. Yes, Heywood Jablowme, Mike Hunt, Seymour Butz, and any of those sock puppets that were used to register with E4E in the past will not be able to get to the innards (more on that later) of the website. Our advice? Register early and often.

Now, you ask yourself, what are these innards of the website that are in question? The innards are a message board/forum, and even more fun only those registered will be able to see E4E events.

There is the multimedia page in which one can see videos of testimonials of E4E sycophants, but even better. One can see photographs of E4E members hard at work contemplating education's future. Notice how in these photos that no one seems over 30 years of age. That is except E4E groupie and hanger on Barbara Gsovski. 

Wait, there is more! There are links to chapters, news, and issues. But most fun, most revealing is we finally get to see beyond Little Evan and Princess Sydney and see who else is running E4E.

The hilarity starts when we are told the mythic beginnings atop the mountain of E4E. However, it fails to mention how E4E has been financed from the get go. Why no mention of Gates Foundation money which was laundered through Education Reform Now/Joe Williams? Surely, Little Evan and Princess Sydney believe in accountability?

One line does make us roll on the floor and laugh our fucking asses off. E4E claims;
In just one year, we have grown into a national movement of teachers leading the charge to change our education system.
They have got to be joking. What have they succeeded in in NYC? What legislation they have championed has passed? What positive changes to NYC education have they spearheaded? Nothing and nothing. Like the Moe Green telling Michael Corleone that the Corleone family is being chased out of New York to Las Vegas, E4E is being chased out of NYC to Los Angeles. National Movement? The only movement E4E can claim is when Princess Sydney has her laxative laden weekly bowel movement.

We all knew that Little Evan and Princess Sydney were Führer and Fräu of E4E, but did you know that they spawned others working at E4E? There are a total of 6 Gruppenführer's underneath and serving Little Evan and Princess Sydney who all happen to be under the age of 30. We look forward to disseminating their lack of skills in the coming weeks with great glee.

Teachers of Los Angeles, meet E4E at the gates. They must and can be stopped and made irrelevant. I leave with these words from Robert Skeels, a true do gooder, a true friend, a true activist, and author of the Solidaridad blog;
Yet another fringe-right, astroturf "teacher" group springs up in Los Angeles. No surprise that they tout "research" from the highly discredited NCTQ and other right-wing think tanks, and advocate for VAM/AGT, culling experienced teachers, kiss up pay, elimination of due process, etc. The establishment of the Los Angeles faction is praised by none other than Bircher Elise Buik of the United Way.  

While some of my New York contacts might be overstating how dangerous this group is, my take is that they are one more reactionary Broad/Gates element to keep an eye on like all the other vile trojan horses like NewTLA, Teach +, New Teacher Project, etc.
They must be stopped. Seek out Robert Skeels for support!

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Anonymous said...

Sad part is that this group did not accomplish not one of their goals in New York. In each and every case they were buried. But in the spin world of Rupert Murdock and the news, post, and the wall street Journal you pick up and move your game to a place where you can try again.
L.A. They are coming to make your life miserable. Lets see what you guys are made of and whether you can send them some place else. You better get your act together and do it soon or they will undermine your union and destroy what has taken years to build. They have all the money in the world and they control the news media so don't underestimate their power. They have been defeated before and I wish you luck