SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Internet Troll Anthony Krinsky Debases Mona Davids

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Internet Troll Anthony Krinsky Debases Mona Davids

It seems that gadfly, education deform blogger, and poster boy for the psycho-pharmaceutical industry Anthony Krinsky has found a new person to create fantasies about. That person is student and parent advocate Mona Davids.

When we last visited the fantasy world of Anthony Krinsky we explored, then easily debunked, his criticism of Mona. This past Saturday, February 11, Krinsky again created innuendo and fantasy in again defaming and defiling Mona.

But Krinsky does not know Mona. To paraphrase Mona, she is "a black mother of a public school student running a grassroots parents organization fighting for a quality education for all children in NYC, children who also happen to be majority black children."

I think the point Mona might be making is that she, a black woman, a woman that lives in an urban setting, a woman with a child, knows more what is best for a school system that is majority black than a condescending, white, trust fund parasite, suburban, childless, Ivy League grad, smart ass.

Krinsky speculates, or at least fantasizes; What are we to make of a teacher union supported parents organization calling itself "NYC Parents Union" that had no support or endorsement from Ben Austin's Parent Revolution organization.

Firstly, we here at SBSB suggest that a extra dose of Lithium should be taken by the erstwhile writer. This perhaps will help to calm the nerves and bring the writer back to a reasonable reality. But we are diverting from the accusations made by Krinsky, and the facts in this case.

Krisnky whined that Mona's organization, NYC Parents Union is "teacher union supported." Using the English language in a correct manner, this would imply that only teachers unions, and in particular the UFT, are the only supporters behind initiating and supporting NYCPU. Yes, Krinsky probably got his information from a New York Post article, but then again we all know how loose with facts The Post is. Besides, if NYCPU were in fact solely supported by teachers unions, why then does Mona use Word Press templates in her do it yourself website? We here at SBSB suggest that Krinsky do some fact checking and actually prove this statement. Perhaps Krinsky wishes that a more glitzy look to her website is in order? Perhaps akin to his own blog?

But what else is Krinsky whining about? Oh yes, what does Ben Austin and Parent's Revolution have to do with Mona's website? Krinsky, are you appalled that Mona had the temerity to use the word "Revolution"? Or do you think that any organization advocating for parents must be approved by your idol Ben Austin. Oh, just as an aside. Parents Revolution disavows you at every chance they get and does truly hope that there is some sort of intervention in your very near future.

It seems as though Mona Davids and her teacher union backers are quite comfortable perpetrating this deception

What deception? Someone can't be pro parent? I am pro-mental health and mean it. I truly support those in our community that have undiagnosed bi-polar disorders. I truly support those that have been diagnosed with narcissistic and malignant personality disorders as well. I don't need the mental health professionals to tell me to do it, I support these troubled people because it is the right thing to do.

But Krinsky decided that as the arbiter of all that he thinks is sane to have a litmus test for Mona. Krinsky demands that Mona answer; Do you support rewarding individual teaching performance (ie. paying great teachers more and laying off bad teachers regardless of age)?

Let me take a stab at that question. Krinsky, can you even articulate what a great teacher is? Is it statistically possible to have only great teachers? What about darn good teachers? Can you articulate what a bad teacher is? Oh, and please don't give us that fantasy you created about West Philadelphia High School. We all know it never happened. 

Do you support policies that encourage the non-unionized, independently run schools (ie. charter schools and private school scholarships)?

Did you know that Mona has, or at least had, a kid in a charter school? Did you know that Mona fights for charter school parents to have PA's which many charter schools deny the parents even though it is state law? So many charters though are non-unionized, yet only 20% of charters do as well or as better than the local traditional public school. Krinsky, would you want a .200 hitter batting cleanup for your baseball team? 

Krinsky goes on and shows that he thinks he understands trade dress law; There can be no doubt at all that this is a premeditated plan to impersonate reform organizations and trick parents into supporting the status quo.  Would such a hijacking of "StudentsFirst" and "Parents Union" fail a "likelihood of confusion" test under US trademark law?

Yeah, this was a good laugh. However, on Governor Andy (I Love The Kock Brothers) Cuomo's website he has a "NY Students First Page " (3rd tab from the left). So does Florida State. So does the Minnesota state colleges and universities. So does this book written in 2007. It must suck to be swaddled with facts. But to quote Neil Peart from the 1993 song Roll The Bones, "A fact's a fact Jack, from Nome to Rome."

In an arena where credibility matters, Mona Davids is proving that her depravity has no limit.

Mona has more credibility in  one blood cell than Krinsky has in his entire body. This coming from someone that seems incapable of writing factually, a person that creates what the story shall be in his mind, a person that has no problem criticizing teachers yet is scared to put his money where is mouth is. Please Krinsky, share with the world your credibility. Not as you see it, but with hard verifiable facts. 

Does the consumer protection bureau need to protect poor families from predatory scammers like NYC "Parents Union"?

Call! Oh God this is just so funny. Please, I am peeing all over myself! Someone get me a Depends. PLEASE!!!!

I expect that StudentsFirst will protect their brand to the fullest extent of the law.  Both infringements must be tried case in the court of public opinion.

Oh the hyperbole, oh the hyperbole!!!!

To go on to another topic, we here at SBSB wish to let everyone know that May is Mental Health Month in The Untied States, but it is never too early to reach out to those who are close to us and encourage those to seek out treatment for their disorders. Be it bi-polar disorder, schizoid effective disorder, some type of personality disorder, or even one coping with low self esteem from a severe Freudian physical shortcoming, help can be had.

There are many avenues available that such a person as described in the above paragraph can receive help. Seeing a trained psycho-therapist several times a week can do the trick. So can traveling to Vienna and seeking out a team for intense personal care. Also, there are many psycho-pharmaceuticals out there that are FDA approved and known to help those with such disorders. And the old stand by, electro shock therapy ain't gonna hurt.

So if you know someone whose life is being controlled by his mental disability, if you know someone that lies, distorts reality, a person that will not back up his accusations to someone's face, this is the time for you to have that intervention and help that person be rid of their mental disorder.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know who this guy is and I don't want to, since nobody should attack any parent, the real stakeholders in our schools. This leech probably works for one of those 'education reform' organizations who don't have any employees who ever worked in a public school for more than a year, or he is another rich boy trying to make a living out of saving the public schools. Schools need saving, but only from opinionated bloggers with big ideas and small hearts who never set foot in a public school.