SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone of Educators 4 Excellence Influences Governor Cuomo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Evan Stone of Educators 4 Excellence Influences Governor Cuomo

I have had it. Enough of the kvetching, the bellyaching, the whining, the blaming. We are directing out anger, out outrage, our concern over the new evaluation system at the wrong people. Governor Andy, Uncle Mike, Mulgrew, Randi, they are all just pawns of some bigger entity, a bigger force.

We must bequeath our anger, our collective anger at the person behind it all. The true Svengali, the ultimate puppet master in this abhorrent agreement. We must all direct our anger and scorn to Little Evan Stone of Educators4Excellence. He is the one to show vengeance and dislike towards. Little Evan is the one to give an atomic wedgie to. Little Evan is too blame.

How do we know this? Simple. Little Evan Stone told us so. Yes, he told us that in his latest video in which he more or less shares his happiness and joy in the new evaluation system.

Little Evan said, "This entire policy proposal is based on last years E4E policy team."

So, we have Little Evan to thank for this? He said so himself. So for all the teachers out there that will be screwed by this new evaluation system, please drop a line to Little Evan Stone at 212-279-8510 ext 11 or email Little Evan and let him know how you feel!

We here at SBSB find it rather presumptuous that Little Evan is taking credit for this. Yes, he is all smug that what E4E policy dweebs created. But seriously, do you think that any time anything other than what Little Evan was directed to do by his handlers was going to get passed?  It's like on the first day of school when we make the class rules. We let the students think they are creating the rules, when in reality we are guiding them to what we as teachers wish the rules to be.

Little Evan starts off the video by letting us know that it is now a great day for educators. He says that everyone put politics aside to do "what's right for the students and the teachers of New York."

How was what's right being done for the students? With yet another level of tests and/or assessments that means that more time, much more time, will be taken away from instruction and be funneled into time taking tests. More reason for students to have anxiety and a sense of worthlessness. Do we really need to judge students art work, music, physical abilities?

What about teachers? How do we judge the art teacher, the phys ed. teacher, the music teacher? What happens when, and this will happen, a veteran teacher who has had years upon years of accolades, honors from students, parents, and the school community year after year has her VAM go down 2 years in a row due to outside influences that teacher has ZERO control over? This teacher no matter what will be deemed ineffective and be terminated. That teacher will have Little Evan Stone to thank.

Little Evan says, "that for the last two years we have been waiting for a system that gives us meaningful feedback,"

Well, dude we are still waiting. When is it going to happen?

Little Evan seems so happy when he says, "any teacher that is rated ineffective that will get an outside observer."

The devil will be in the details. To whose allegiance will this outside observer be? Who will be paying this outside observer? Aren't there better ways to spend the money than on outside observers?

The cheating scandals coming down the pike will be nothing like we have never seen in the past. When a teacher is cornered into risking feeding their families or risking manipulating students test scores, the latter will win out. No one will benefit from this. But it doesn't matter. The little worm, parasite, Little Evan Stone got what he wanted. He manipulated and cajoled and lied.

Remember, so many people to blame in this mess. But as he says, Little Evan Stone is most responsible for this evaluation system. When a teacher is on the unemployment line, struggling to feed their family, look no further than Little Evan Stone to blame.

Oh, one more thing. This week the TDR's will be released. Let's see how Little Evan, Princess Sydney, and the rest of the E4E jackboots do.


Anonymous said...

I actually find it hard to believe you are a teacher considering all the spelling an grammar mistakes in this post. My wife is a music teacher who loves this new system. This website spews a huge amount of hate with no actual ideas for improvement. E4E may not be a perfect organization but at least they are doing more than sitting around screaming impotently about other peoples efforts...

Anonymous said...

Listen you e4e clones think you know it all. Each and every time you post you try and prove to the world that because you graduated from a good school you can tell the world how it works. Just wait until someone goes after your wife's job and makes her life miserable because she said something to someone and it made her administrator angry then come and talk. You guys did a great job with tenure last year in New York City so now your so happy with your input with the new evaluation system which will be a disaster for years to come. It won't matter because most of you will quit the profession and be working on wall street. Walk the walk before you talk.

Anonymous said...

It's funny your wife is a teacher and you spend you time on a teachers web site for what reason? You are so full of kaka that it's funny. You are a shill and a dishonest one to say the least.

Anonymous said...

SBS, This has nothing to do with this respective post. I was glad to read that you invited Leo Casey to be a guest on a future blog radio cast. Although to his credit he is taking the heat on EDWIZE, I know not if he will accept your offer. If he does, please alert us as soon as possible so that we may provide real everyday classroom questions to you so that you may ask. Thank you.

Mr. Talk said...

Anon 7:37,
There are two major errors in your comment. For once thing, you wrote "an" instead of "and". On top of that you used the plural form of "peoples" instead of the correct possessive form, "people's".

Perhaps you should have married an English teacher.

Anonymous said...

My point is that I am not a teacher, errors like that could possibly be expected in my comments, however if I was a teacher myself I'd be ashamed of the poor language in the post. And yes, my wife is a teacher, you can think I'm full of as much "kaka" as you like. And the point of the new system is to protect my wife from losing her job because of an administrator with a grudge....

Pete Zucker said...

Your wife is fucked. Simple as that.

Now, please explain to me what part of what I wrote you don't think is adequate.

Anonymous said...

My wife was fucked under the old system also. Where was the great teachers union when her paychecks got missed twice in the last year? Where was the union when her master's degree pay bump never showed up. The union cares less about young teachers than most drunken child molesting gym instructors.

That said, I'm not an English teacher but I believe the following points are errors:
1) 2nd sentence, spelling error out instead of our.
2)End of second paragraph should I believe be to not too.
3) 3rd paragraph from the end first sentence contains a double negative.
4) 2nd paragraph from the end, first sentence is, I believe, a run-on.

I'm not trying to be an ass about the content of the blog. The comments about your grammar are a bit assy, but the fact remains, you seem so angry and E4E and I don't understand why, they appear to be trying to help your profession in a place where the union couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

You have proved the point that you have no idea about what you are talking about.
Your wife has given up her protection so let e4e protect her when she needs help. Just like they did when all of them got their tenure extended at the end of last year.
The point of the new system isn't to protect your wife its to expose teachers and get rid of senior teachers and replace them with 10 day wonders who will leave in less then three years.
Tell your wife to be careful she is working for four years and it will happen at any moment.
You certainly know it all but when it happens and it will happen let us know how it feels. We have all been there but you know it all's, have to get the experience first hand.
Your wife is f--ked she is married to a putz.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is there any reason to sink to name calling? Are my points about the union invalid? Did I ever say that I had all the answers? Everyone on this site is incredibly angry. What was so great about the system as it existed before?

Furthermore, what protection did my wife have before that was given up?

I'm not sure what the "working for four years and it will happen at any moment" comment is supposed to mean....

So if I'm so ignorant on this subject why don't you try and educate me instead of insulting me..... it's what you're best at isn't it?

Anonymous said...

you speak for e4e
That says it all

Anonymous said...

That's closed minded isn't it?
I speak OF E4E, that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

you said it e4e and I don't understand. Your speaking for them.
Your wife has given up her right to be protected under the new system. She has to be part of the 13% TO GET PROTECTION or else no protection. Before 100% got tenure protection.
Your not a teacher why do you defend a Gates sponsored shill organization that whats to give up rights that were done over many years.
The check thing with your wife should have been handled by the payroll secretary and not the union.
The point I was making about the four years is that your wife is getting up there on the salary schedule and her time will come to be harassed because she can be easily replaced by a cheap first year teacher.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing about the picture of the Sistine Chapel you choose SB. There are many who say that that the frame in which you place the clueless and infantile Evan resembles an outline of a brain. Michelangelo would have known full well of the anatomy of humans because he basically disected the dead to learn about their form. In the picture you see, it might, to many critics, be Michelangelo's way of saying that god was man's greatest invention - one that stemmed from the human brain. I personally would have choosen to place Evan in an some other artist's version of the ninth circle where traitors go according the Dante, but I do see what you were really trying to do with the image. Be well and keep up the great work.

WATCHDOG said...

SBS, Let's talk about losing credibility . Let's talk about being taken seriously when a writer with an opinion (whether you agree with it or not) has a lost message because of the literary style that has been chosen. You do not need to change who you are to express your opinion in a manner that will be more respected by your readers. The debate on the appeal process and the new evaluation system should continue with courtesy, respect, and professionalism. All of our thoughts, ideas, and criticism should be the basis for continued negotiations that hopefully will lead to an evaluation process that is good for all of our teachers, our schools, and, most importantly, our students.

Pete Zucker said...

To the man that has the music teacher wife that is fucked.

1. Thank you for letting me know how to spell "out." Without your constructive criticism I would have continued on the downward spiral of spelling errors.

2.Please see above.

3. So what, that's the way I want to write it, that's the way it shall be written.

4. Please see above.

Yes you are being assy about this, you are being a douche, you suck Uncle Mike's balls for all I care.

But I do know this, I know you are an apologist for E4E, your wife will be fucked like she never has before, and I have a funny feeling eye NO who u R. And if I am right, and the fact your hide not only your IP, but referrer and ISP as well, then I am quite hurt.

Anonymous said...

The inappropriate language that is being used here is beyond belief. Let us remember that this is a public forum and, as such, is being viewed by everyone including the students that you teach. You should not have to use this language to make your point. It is extremely offensive and totally unprofessional. I would suggest that all comments with inappropriate language be removed by the administrator of this site.

Pete Zucker said...

^^^ Mom???

But seriously, this is MY blog. Henceforth my rules apply.

And they are.

1. No personal information about anyone I write about.


And no spam, but that is a given. Other than that, anything pretty much goes.

If you bothered to take the time you would have noticed that I do not even deletes against me, and those of been bountiful.

And if you are the E4E defender with the wife about to be fucked, you will notice for some strange reason E4E disables comments EVERYWHERE!!! Little Evan can't take the heat.

Anonymous said...

Not true Bronx Teacher. Your rules DO NOT apply. You will lose more and more readers and more and more respect. Your credibility will virtually not exist. The rules of public opinion apply. Yes, I am a defender, a defender of everything that is good about public education and good about the teachers who work hard each and every day in all of the schools throughout our city. There was a story that recently appeared in the Huffington Post by a person who claims to be the author of this blog. I doubt that you are that person.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if you think I'm someone you know, but honestly I think you're mistaken on that account. I'm not trying to hide my IP or ISP or whatever, I don't have a google account or facebook or blogger account or any of the required accounts to post with a name or profile. I guarantee you don't know me, and I can honestly say I don't know you, where you teach, what you teach etc etc.
Also I'm not the anonymous post from 9:22pm either, that person just walked into our crossfire.

Anonymous said...

Then why are you here being a spokesperson for e4e? I asked you that before but you chose not to answer.
If someone came after your job how would you feel?

Anonymous said...

You have so misunderstood this point. What I am trying to say is that your opinions would be better received by others if you did not use such inappropriate language. More importantly, I believe that we all have an equal responsibility to set a good example for the students who we teach and who read this blog. That is all ... Respect For All ...

Pete Zucker said...

My rules do apply and so what about what I wrote on The Huff Post

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote from SBS that appeared in The Huffington Post 2/5/12 "Not that I am going to change who I am, and not that I will tell it like it is, but rather to tone it down, to be less sarcastic, less snarky." This comment led me and others to believe that we would be seeing some changes. Maybe this was misunderstood but certainly you have lost some more of your credibility by your continued abusive comments and language. I can only suggest that you reconsider which will allow your important opinions to be taken seriously because you do have something to say and you should be heard.

BronxEnglish said...

I've been thinking. We all know that the new eval system as is is not just insane but depravedly so. All the bloggers are correct: massive teacher firings beginning in 2014. But what are smart principals thinking about? My guess is they're going to have to strategize about how to keep teachers they KNOW are good from the guillotine. How does he or she do that? One of my guesses was that after one bullshit "ineffective" the principal would move the good teacher into a one-year non-teaching position. I wonder if that would be possible? Also, what about the poor teachers saddled with idiot principals?
Moreover, is there actually a way we can overturn this whole insane thing? It can't be allowed to go further, can it? I'm already expecting to be fired in 2014 or any year after that, despite the fact that I've worked so hard for 15 years as a teacher, and every year I learn so much and get better. Are we really going to lose our jobs and homes? I know I will be instantly homeless after missing a few checks; I'll lose my house. What about teachers with children?
I went to my first PEP meeting this month and screamed for hours. I knew they wouldn't listen to us. . .but it was exhilarating. We've got to mobilize--I see that it's building, but why is the UFT so goddamned STUPID??!!!! Aren't they signing their way into the demise of teaching, not to mention of the UFT itself?

Unknown said...



Hey, just solved all the problems with the evaluation process. We won't have to worry about student test scores because we will all be fired for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and cursing. Now that would be some story for the news media.