SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Deep Inside Whitney Tilson and His Future Issues With the SEC

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Deep Inside Whitney Tilson and His Future Issues With the SEC

Sometimes you create your own luck, sometimes it just falls right on your lap. Today, it fell on our lap. A person deep inside Whitney Tilson's organization contacted the SBSB newsroom to share some of of what Whitney Tilson truly is. We here at SBSB wish to applaud this deep background source on his feeling the need to expose Whitney for what he truly is.

We vetted this person and all checks out that he is quite familiar with Whitney and his antics. In fact, the source's first words to us here at SBSB were,
"Whitney is such a blow hard, and always felt he was so full of shit, elitist, and a self proclaimed expert on everything" 
Hey, who can argue with this?

Our source seems like a stand up person. He had no issue with sending his children to NYC public schools, whilst on the other hand Whitney sends his children to one of the most exclusive private schools on the Upper East Side. This has been well known throughout the blogosphere for sometime, but one might to ask oneself if Whitney would stand for his children having 30 kids in the classes of his children? Would he subject his children to test prep in favor of instruction? Of course not. It is only right for boys and girls of color to be subject to such horrors. For this is the liberal white man showing what he thinks what is best. According to our deep source Whitney;
"claims to be an expert in education and the extreme hubris he has by claiming he is going to reform the educational system in this country is galling."
Our deep source is irked that not only
"If KIPP is so amazing he should send his kids there , so many things wrong with this guy,  I cant even believe there are people who are listening to this fool."
That is a good question. Why doesn't  Whitney send his children to KIPP? At least Whitney's BFF Gideon Stein has the ability to put his money where is mouth is and send his children to Success Academy, though not in Harlem where is just might be too dark for Gideon's tastes, but at least he does. And it shan't be mentioned how Gideon can afford a private school a thousand times over for his children yet decides to take a seat away from a child of color.

Before we get to the juicy stuff, we here at SBSB wish to address that we had opined that Whitney is an anti-Semite. Gideon Stein, Whitney's BFF was appalled and shared that he is in fact married to a Jew. We here at SBSB upon learning this took steps to renounce our Judaism, but did point out that Thomas Jefferson though a racist in owning slaves did find the time to shag Sally Hemmings. But that is neither here nor there. What we do find interesting is how this child of two teachers became so rich. Apparently, our deep source shared that Whitney;
"married into a rich family who basically gave him money to start his fund.
Dang, always good to marry a Jew. But bad for us, for we have to accept people like Whitney into our synagogues. Oy vey.

But our deep source saved the best for last. We were pointed to last Tuesday's New York Post in which it was announced that in a deal that Microsft made with Barnes and Noble's nook, Whithey Tilson;

"appears to have reaped a single-day bonanza of more than $20 million on a stake he acquired just last week."

Now according to our deep source;
"He made a move last week that will no doubt be investigated by the SEC." 
Interesting, the same man according to our deep source that
 "Can't even manage his own fund, i.e he was down 24.5 % in 2011, he is known for famously shorting Netflix and telling everyone to do the same." 
Hmm, something seems amiss here. Bill Gates and Whitney Tilson run in the same circles. Whitney Tilson is desperate for cash infusion for himself and his fund. Whitney Tilson is a self absorbed attention whore. Hey, why not? It's karma, baby!

We here at SBSB call for a full SEC investigation into this matter between Whitney Tilson and Barnes and Noble. We also pledge to the federal authorities and regulators that we will be cooperative in any information needed to help get to the truth of what went on between Whitney Tilson, Bill Gates, and Barnes and Noble.

Could Whitney be the first domino to fall? Could Whitney wind up in prison being passed around for a pack, or even a loosie, of Newports? One can only hope.

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Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

You're right, he'd only warrant a loose of Newports.

His crimes shorting on inside information pale in comparison to his help creating TFA and KIPP -- two of the most vile organizations in existence, and quite frankly, a crime against poor people of color.