SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone Meet Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners LLC. Or Have You Two Met?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Evan Stone Meet Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners LLC. Or Have You Two Met?

Not too long ago, in fact earlier this month, Whitney Tilson was involved in some sort of funny business with Barnes and Noble stock. We here at SBSB reported on it and called for an SEC investigation.

Today the Crack Team here at SBSB has learned through sources that Whitney Tilson is under federal investigation. We do not know if it is because of his imbroglio with Barnes and Noble, or his other famously inept Netflix issues, but the sources have confirmed that Whitney is being investigated.

Yes, it can be anything, it can be standard operating practices, and the Crack Team is working 24/7 to get more information. Perhaps the information we wish for will be revealed in 6 months? However, we here at SBSB can put 1 and 1 together and the pieces of the puzzle do seem to fit. We look forward to the day that Whitney Tilson is hauled off in handcuffs and being passed gen pop around for a pack of Newports.

But something else piqued the interest of the Crack Team. As reported back in October, Little Evan Stone shared with a mole sent in by the Crack Team at one of E4E's parties that;
funding from the Gates Foundation, Little Evan told the mole that funding comes from The Robing Hood Foundation and Carnagie.

Ah, but there is more, more that Little Evan did not share. A certain hedge fund has laid a lot of money on those self anointed defenders of education. Care to guess? Yes, none other than T2 Partners LLC. Oh yes it be Whitney Tilson.

Curious, why neither Whitney, Little Evan, or Princess Sydney have ever shared this info. But it does lead one to wonder if Whitney Tilson and his partner over at T2, Glenn Tongue (any wonder that Whitney chooses a tongue?) have been doing some funny things with insider trading, then it would make sense that any monies they derived are not only tainted, but the same goes with any donations they might make to a "grass roots" education organization.

The Crack Team calls on the federal authorities to quickly and forthrightly investigate any dealings between T2, Whitney Tilson, and the children of Educators 4 Excellence. Only once a full investigation is completed can justice be truly served.

For those that wish to know, the Crack Team will be doing all it can in the upcoming summer months to find learn how much monies T2 and Whitney have donated to E4E. The public wishes to know.

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Michael Fiorillo said...

History will show that, in addition to his overwhelming arrogance and egomania, Tilson is a lousy gambler: E$E will collapse, just like his hedge fund will.