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Friday, May 25, 2012

Joy Hochstadt Goes Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

As part of being an ethical blogger, I have decided to allow "Lawyer" Joy Hochstadt's email response in regards to the blog post of May 22, 2012 to be shared amongst the readers of this blog. My comments have been added in red which are purely my opinion and those of the Crack Team.

I did not recognize the name of the guy who so maligned me. Then in his piece, he explained that he met me for 10 minutes.  Indeed when I came back from lunch with Ted Smith (probably with some of the local fare on my lapel), Does Joy not believe in napkins? about three years ago, there was someone that several colleagues wanted me to meet.  Probably because he was arguing with them and they thought I could I tell him like it was No, like you believed it was and would ever be. Your sense of reality. and prevail as I had done again and again at "333" (Seventh Avenue Rubber Room).  I remember it was not pleasant but I do not remember the issue in contention.  I invite him to my spacious and well appointed office (not my car), the address of which is below, to continue whatever debate he was not satisfied having with me. How about my radio show which will be returning in the summer?  I guess that must have been why my colleagues asked me to meet him--because he was used to getting the better of the arguments with them.  I do not remember where we were at is the discussion, when he broke it off --but if he was prevailing he would have enjoyed it and not walked away. Are you talking about me here and the invitation as well? Ms Hochstadt, are you trying to seduce me? 

Can he explain why the largest Teachers' local and supposedly the strongest Teachers union gave away every tenure protection over the past 12.5 years, when little districts all over the state were able to keep them. Yes I can, because their schmucks.  Both Randi first for her own privacy Oh pooh!! and then Randi for covering up for Mulgrew and finally Mulgrew himself were vulnerable; NO! They are in power, wish to keep power, and we are the ones responsible because we keep voting these nimrods in! the suit explained all three vulnerabilities, but the Tabloids ignored the first one, or maybe they just didn't give a rats patootie? surely 15 years later on the weekend of Christine Quinn's wedding that every city luminary attended, Dang, I must get her a gift. Where is she registered? Weingarten's privacy long ago, self-disclosed in 2007 was not News.  Blame the tabloids not me--the suit is not about the vulnerabilities per se but only as an explanation that must be explored during the Discovery process. Oh, only something that must be explored. So explore it. Who leaked it to the Post? The accusation was against the city for criminally extorting the UFT leadership, you have no proof!!!! and destroying all rights of tenure so completely that Ostrowsky cannot even grieve his first unfair observation in eleven years and his one unfair letter to file in 11 years but is forced to go the Court. So Ostrowsky can go to court, but I pray and hope he gets a competent attorney. Have him email me, I know of many. But this line of action, conspiracy, Mulgrew and his wood, er I meant, wood shop is just nothing more than showing our meshuga side.
As for as the Pakter case (funny that is who recommended me to Ostrowsky and because of that I was the first and only attorney Ostrowsky approached). Maybe Pakter felt sorry for you or maybe Pakter knew that like Paul Newman in The Verdict you would take anything.  It was very simple and totally wrong, but the Judge said that the most serious acts to Pakter occurred more than three years before he came to me to sue and could not be litigated; I claimed that it was a continuous ongoing wrong that began five years earlier and was perpetrated each day and was still going on.  The city argued that each allegation (about 50 of more different events of DOE wrongdoing) was a discrete act. Maybe if Pakter had a competent lawyer he would have won that decision. Perhaps Pakter if he had a competent attorney a better brief would have been written?  I appealed it, but Pakter had had it with the abuse from the DOE unrelenting for 7 years and retired (at a higher pay ~$104,000, than his $100,049 salary that they had totally withheld for him for 9 months at the time he retired) and discontinued the appeal shortly after it was filed.  He has kept his name on a class action only under the condition that he does not even have to hear about it). I really want to hear from him about this. Anyway, I thought it was he won a ruling in his 3020a which he saw as a victory which in turn he felt it was time to retire. By the way, what is Chris Callagy's opinion of your legal work? Would Chris at anytime want you as second chair? 
The sad tale is that every summer all Judges go to "Judge School" (Judiciary Conferences) where are they are taught "how to get rid of Title VII cases." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! You know we have had more success through the courts, stop being specious. Its just like the DOE teaching Principals "how to get rid of tenured teachers." Yes, that is true. Principals are not judges.  To date all the cases against the DOE that are not settled are lost.  Ted Smith who had several lawyers lost, Ted will win. Dan Smith who hired Lenny Leeds who had won for a Baldwin Sch. District client a $4,900,000.00 verdict --but no one has gotten a cent 5 years later as there have been numerous appeals--and Dan paid Leeds ~$60,000.00 lost), Is this the attorney Dan appeared with on TV? Show us proof. I could go on and on. Please, please don't. Most people come to me after they fire another attorney no, most people come to you because you are cheap and you sell them a bill of goods. A ethical lawyer NEVER makes a promise that they will win a case for their client. and I take very few cases, I have too many already, all very worthy. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!  I never lost a case (all kinds of civil cases) Again, ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! until I started representing teachers against the DOE.  Already a day after the case was entered the DOE lawyer knew whom the UFT (and Employment parter from Stroock) had hired and when I called him to find out how he learned he said "I'm not an information service."  They are already trying to move the case back to Brooklyn because this judge does not "stay" discovery for motions to dismiss (which is the way the city has delayed every case so I never learn anything.about DOE operations. Come again? Seriously, reading that just hurt my brain and burned out my eyes.
Embarassing Mulgrew or the UFT was not my intention, BULLSHIT!!!! stopping the extortion-driven give-aways by the UFT so that a good teacher can no longer even grieve being set-up for a U rating by by a vindictive AP. Yes, but you are going about it so backwards and wrong. The case has 4 words indicating Mulgrew's "scandal," But in big bold black words on the front page of the Post it had an imapct in which WE look horrible! it has 12,311 words about the stepwise dismantling of teacher rights in NYC alone while retaining them in the other 57 counties of the State. I saw a friend tonight who teaches in Tuckahoe. His union sucks as well. The tabloids picked up the 4 words--the Daliy News did not contact me until after they published what they copied from the NYPost. Duh, really?  THe NYPost had the story ready for years, just waiting for someone else to quote so they would not be sued. Yeah, they were tipped off by someone. Wonder who?
I understand and share the writer's disappointment that even David Pakter, a truly great teacher, could not find a remedy in the Courts and it is easy to blame the lawyer Nope not easy. Just a fact, jack. when his case really was so strong; David correctly blamed the judge, but wanted to go on with his life and withdrew the appeal rather than extend his misery for another two years.  

Joy Hochstadt, Ph.D., J.D. HAHAHAHAHA!!

I am suing Andrew Cuomo. In the mid-80's There were stories about late night romps at the Governor's mansion that included Matilda Cuomo, students of UAlbany and a pool table. Perhaps because of his sister's foibles is why he turned out to be such a nimrod. I have no proof, but of course anyone can sue. I just wonder if the Post will flash this on its front page?

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