SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Lori Wheal Is Not Only a Master Teacher, But Master of Her Domain

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lori Wheal Is Not Only a Master Teacher, But Master of Her Domain

The great teacher debate is on yet again. The New Teacher Project, which was created by Michelle Rhee, has come out with another slanted study that we are losing "great" teachers as the same rate as "bad" teachers. That being said, so what?

Of course before one can whistle the Ride of the Valkyries the sycophants got their marching orders and were out in full force parroting all the ed deform talking points on how we are not keeping "great" teachers, yet keeping the "bad" ones. So blah, blah, blah.....

Of course the New York Post came out this morning with a guest columnist by a self anointed, self righteous "great" teacher, rather a master teacher (is this a double entendre?) by the name of Lori Wheal.

Who is Lori Wheal? Lori Wheal was an ELA master bat, oops, teacher at MS 391 in the Bronx. She not only coached and mentored other teacher at MS 391, but gave professional development as well. Kudos Lori!

So what is Lori's lament...? I envisioned a long career helping countless children reach their potential and go on to accomplish great things. By all measures, I’m succeeding — but it’s no longer enough to sustain me in this profession. Next month, as teachers and students return to to MS 391 in The Bronx, I won’t be among them.

Boo-hoo, the tears are being shed for you. You can no longer stay on as a teacher? Why is that Lori? Are we telling the truth?

The decision to leave the classroom was among the most difficult I’ve ever made, but I feel like my career is stuck in neutral, with no clear path of advancement. 
Bullshit Lori, it was not difficult, in fact you have been planning it for years, right?
See what Lori doesn't want to admit is that she started at Pace University Law School in 2008 and graduated in 2010, while interning at Pace's Land Use Law Center from September 2009 – May 2010. Wait, if one graduates law school in 2 years while working full time that is pretty darn good, no? So how dedicated and  masterful a teacher was Lori? Did her students, school come first, or her law studies? Lori, just how did you do it? But I digress.
According to Lori's Twitter page, she is admitted to the New York State Bar in 2012. Seems Lori had her mind made up sometime ago where she would be working come September and it wasn't the Bronx.

But how does someone like Lori get to write a column for the New York Post...? As soon as I started reading I already knew, but my suspicions were soon confirmed; As a member of Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher-led organization, I was part of a team that recommended higher starting salaries, bonuses and career ladders so teachers could take on leadership positions in their schools.

So typical.

I know of, as well as knew of, many master teachers who didn't need nor desire a title or extra money to be a mentor, or a coach, or a guide to teachers. They led by example and put the school, the students, the community, and their colleagues first and their own aspiration second. Lori, you are not a master teacher, never were, and never will be. 

We here at SBSB wish you the best of luck in your new field of law. Please go into it with the same attitude you have as a teacher. You won't last long.


ongoingly said...

Oh, snap. So committed to the Masterment of her Teacherhood, she was.Self-serving corporatist sell-out. I'm sure she really connected with her students, what with her one foot hanging out the door.

Anonymous said...

Once again, your awesome NYC education blog blows all the ed-deformers out of the water. It is beyond obvious that Ms. Wheal is nothing more than a poser teacher who just wants to make a name for herself as a self-appointed goddess of the corporate goons at E$E. The funny thing is that she just threw away a good career as a teacher as the ed-deform movement will soon realize that the big bucks can't be made in education. The ed-deform suits will soon switch to the "next big thing" to make a buck off. (Healthcare perhaps)

Traveling ATR said...


Great post. She just did not want to be in the classroom anymore and I am sure her colleagues will not miss her self-righteous promotion of herself.

NYCDOEnuts said...

Took her apart much better than I did. Love (love love) the post