SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Lucy Calkins and a True Success Story of Writer's Workshop

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lucy Calkins and a True Success Story of Writer's Workshop

Last Monday, the cult of Lucy Calkins and her Teacher's College reading and writing thingy was thoroughly eviscerated on these pages. However in the comments section one lackey defended TC and Lucy Calkins, and while we disagree with this anonymous commenter, we salute this person for bringing up a point that opposing viewpoints must be heard.

With this in mind, and in deference to the above mentioned commenter, we here at SBSB felt that is was not only important, but in the name of fair and balanced reporting, to show the other side of the story, the good work that Lucy Calkins has done with students in the NYC schools.

What better way to show that than inviting a guest blogger to SBSB to share with all how he learned to write through TC's Writer's Workshop model. Let's all give a warm SBSB welcome to Anthony a current freshman at CUNY. Anthony learned to write using the TC method and is proud of the progress he has made. Anthony, with just his words, just his mind, will show us all what Lucy Calkins and TC's Writer's Workshop has done for him. Anthony, we turn the blog over to you.

Thank Yu two the crak teem... It is nicce to bee herere on the blogg and ltting me hve a opprtonitee to right bout how i lrnered tooo wrrtte. Furst thing I wnt ti sai iz that f I liked to lrn to wrter using thwe woikshoppmoddle It lerndd me how two wrtre my felings.So lt me tll yu wy I lke tu wright.
i lke tu wright bcawse it make me fll lkie i cher felngs and my in my mynd.

SEcoN, i lrn frm a peeeeeer. not a tchr. I ws told two sai tht once and now I remmembber.

Tird, i gforget, buttt i know It is ggood tht i lrnd two wrrite.

Thank you so much Anthony for taking the time to share with not only us here at SBSB, but the world, the wonders of Lucy Calkins and her Writer's Workshop.We here at SBSB thank you, the teachers thank you, and so does all the students and parents of NYC thank you.


Mr.Hughesonline said...

Pardon my ignorance (and my tendency to be easily duped), but this can't be real...right?

Anonymous said...

This is so funny and yet soooooo sad because I have so many students who write like this too who have had this misfortune of using TC Writer's Workshop since first grade.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Calkins Reading & Writing Workshop has been USED by the NYCDOE to set teachers up for failure.
I doubt Calkins intended for that.