SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Miseducation of Missed Chances From NBC's Miseducation Nation

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Miseducation of Missed Chances From NBC's Miseducation Nation

What happened if NBC's Miseducation Nation put on a show and only mindless sycophants showed? Oh wait. It happened. This past Sunday. That's who Miseducation Nations plays to. Those that are uninformed and don't wish to learn the truth.

The guess of The Crack Team here at SBSB why anyone would go to Miseducation Nation is to curry
favor with upper echelon types and to show that, "Hey, look at me and how hip and down with it I am." Now I know OTHERS went to see Miseducation Nation live this past Sunday, but I believe those others were led astray and have the smarts enough to see through the facade of what Miseducation Nation truly is.

What exactly is Miseducation Nation? It's about education of course. It's about everybody other than educators sharing with us how education should be in this country whilst perpetuating the myth that there is some kind of "education crisis" in this country. Sadly, those that frequent such events aren't aware of The Shock Doctrine for reasons such as, the book is too big, there are no pictures in the book, or just ignorance. But, if one were to actually read the book, one would come away with the truth of what has been foisted upon the American public.

Because what one sees at Miseducation Nation is nothing more than pure unadulterated self serving propaganda. Propaganda? Where have we seen leaders of a country misleading mainly ignorant, sycophantic people in the past?? Hmmmmmm, let's see (As chins are rubbed and flashback mode is enabled);

Oh, those pesky Commies!! And oh those pesky Teachers!!

Just as in the 1950's and the Red Scare that never existed, the 2000's have had to deal with the "Education Scare" that never has nor will exist. But like those that hunted non existent (WAIT!!! Is a hyphen supposed to be there? I know someone that has OCD issues with hyphens) Commies, what we are seeing is people hunting a non existent education crisis, with teachers as the fall guys.

But of course, Miseducation Nation will never let that be known. The teets of Bill and Melinda Gates, the Walton Family, Broad Foundation are being suckled by what were once responsible journalists like Brian Williams, and to a lesser extent (being a respected journalist) Matt Lauer. Suffice it to say, The Crack Team has more journalistic integrity than NBC. That's pretty sad.

Why did not one person at Miseducation Nation comment on the omission of Diane Ravitch being on any of the panels? Why not let her voice be heard? Oh, I know why. Because her ideas are contrary to the garbled spew coming out from the New York Public Library on Sunday. I also tend to believe that if Diane ever was allowed on a panel at Miseducation Nation the p3wnage that she will inflict will be of such a massive scale the Red Cross would have to be called in.

Hey, but those that believe in Miseducation Nation, don't listen to me. Show you are truly interested in the truth and not NBC's reality.  Buy Diane's new book, "Reign of Error," in which I reviewed here. Time to open the eyes and see what is really happening.

Remember, this is not an attack, just opinion and not against all in the audience this past Sunday. Usually at events like this there is just one person that goes overboard in the sycophanticity and tends to make it all about themselves (Like Delma in North Dallas Forty during the reading of Coach Johnson's poem).  Though one would wonder, how or by whom, the ducats were gotten.

Oops, almost forgot. #whatittakesNBC #whatittakesNBC #whatittakesNBC #whatittakesNBC

Oh, and by the way, this is when one only should brag about having awesome seats.

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