SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The NYCDOE Strikes Back and Attempts to Intimidate Me!!!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The NYCDOE Strikes Back and Attempts to Intimidate Me!!!!!

So arrive at the Rubber Room (I refuse to call it reassignment center) yesterday morning looking forward to spending another day with Mrs Nussbaum and Mrs McGillicuddy.

On Thursday, we had to cut short a roundtable discussion on whether or not the US should return to the gold standard. We all agreed that not only should we not return to the gold standard, but the Fed needs to be strengthened as well. It left plenty to ponder overnight.

As I went to the special spot that store the ladies and our tea set I was cranking for a good old fashioned debate on why the Fed was so important. When I got to the hiding spot I came across the horror of horrors!

As you can see in the photo on the upper left my friends, my confidantes were used to send a message to me. Not only were Mrs Nussbaum and Mrs McGillicuddy decapitated, but scrawled on the wall in the blood of one of the ladies was a very ominous message meant for me.

I cleaned up the mess and swore that I will not be intimidated by the NYCDOE. Yes, it was polite of whomever did the actual chopping to wish me a nice day, but that is beside the point. These ladies did not deserve this. No one does.

I was trying my best to be productive in the Rubber Room. I did not want to "sit on my hands," as Ben Chapman said in today's Daily News. I was trying to be productive. Useful.

This is what the NYCDOE does. It will intimidate those that speak out, that expose its foibles anyway possible. The NYCDOE will fights back in an unethical, immoral, and most of the time, an illegal manner. I will not, nor will any other teacher in the Rubber Room, or throughout the city take it anymore. It is time to fight back, to take the high ground, and to assert that not only are we professionals, but people. People that have friends, families, lives, hope and dreams. We can only succeed if we all work together.

Anyway, for those who wish to know, Mrs McGillicudy's funeral and wake is pending as of press time. Mrs Nussbaum's funeral will be tomorrow and Shiva will be sat all from Sunday night through Thursday. If you are a Jewish male, it is important that you come to Shiva tomorrow night. We need a Minyan for prayers. Tefillin and Tallis will be provided.

Please email me for locations.


Pissedoffteacher said...

Excluding women from your minyon is not right. Now I won't come!

Pete Zucker said...

I'm just conveying the wishes of Mrs Nussbaum's family. They happen to be Hasid's. Of course you may come to Shiva but please bring some herring in cream sauce and chopped liver. Just wear a Tichel, ok?

Francesco Portelos said...

So, did you use the regular lasso tool or the magnetic lasso tool?