SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: An Introduction to My Rubber Room Friends and Die, Wesley Crusher, Die!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Introduction to My Rubber Room Friends and Die, Wesley Crusher, Die!

Twenty days (Instructional days) so far. One hundred and sixty days to go. At least for this year.

They really spread out the teachers who are in the Rubber Room. No more mass warehousing them,
like 100 to a room. Why let anyone talk to one another and give each other ideas.

That's why I am all alone at 4360 Broadway between 186th St and 187 St in Manhattan. I am the only one there. I could have been sent to Zerega Ave, but no, they claim there is no room there. I call bullocks.

I am all alone. No one to commiserate with, no one to eat lunch with. I do have the Daily News and the Post and becoming quite adept at Wonderword. Thankfully, I have a great book, "Team of Rivals" to read.

My belt and my shoe laces have yet to be confiscated. I feel as if I am a political prisoner. A prisoner in solitary confinement. A prisoner of conscience.

Death is all around me today. As I left PS 48 for lunch a sparrow had flown headfirst into a window. The poor little bugger didn't stand a chance. His neck snapped and he plummeted to the Earth. There he was, on his back, feet up, dead. Does this fate await me by the NYCDOE? Must I have my wife start the car up in the morning?

Today I decided to create my own friends. I looked around and found two dolls, a toy table and toy tea cups and a pot and set up a tea party with my new friends who are pictured above.

On the left is Mrs Nussbaum, and on the right is Mrs McGillicudy. They are my new friends.

Today we had several discussion between sips of tea.

Our first discussion was who did we think was the better captain. Kirk or Picard? I argued for Kirk. He was tougher, more of a man's man, and really knew how to land a punch. Mrs McGillicuddy agreed with me, but she said that, "Kirk is sweeter on the eyes than Picard."

Mrs Nussbaum was upset with me that I did not include Captain Janeway, "Why couldn;t a woman have been included?" she asked. She was right, a woman should have been included. Even though I never cared for Janeway.

We also discussed how it took three characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation to replace Mr Spock. Seriously, think about it. Commander Riker, Lt Data, and Troi (I never cared for Troi. I always found her annoying and pretentious). I don't want to get too deep into this subject, but looking forward to comments about why it took three characters to replace Spock. Mrs Nussbaum and Mrs McGillicuddy are looking forward to the comments as well. Though Mrs Nussbaum added that Worf was an extension of Spock as well for he was an alien. I countered that Troi was an alien too. Half Betazoid and half Human.

One thing the three of us agreed on is our hatred of Wesley Crusher. We all felt that he was a loathsome, whiny, ass kissing little ****. He served no purpose on the Enterprise and Captain Picard should have left him to rot on Farpoint when he had the chance. Mrs Nussbaum had both Mrs McGillicuddy and myself in stitches when she shared this YouTube video she created of Wesley's "unfortunate" death.

One can only wish.

It's late now and it is time to go to bed. I hope that Mrs Nussbaum and Mrs McGillicuddy aren't staying up too late. I am excited to see them in the morning. Tomorrow's discussion topic will be, how come Gilligan never met with an unfortunate accident?


Anonymous said...

I am starting to really like you. I was in the rubber room back circa 9/11. We had an absolute blast. We went on long walks to stores and got coffee because our room was used for meetings. We had parties and decorated. Some like myself worked at jobs within our assigned school...a job I loved and wished I could have kept. When people got the dreaded white envelope to go back to class we were distraught. When I was told to go back I cried. My principal said the staff would now shun me....funny when I walked back through the door they had a party and gave me a tiara to wear. The kids all thought I had been at my new position and was learning new stuff. It was the best experience in my 27 year career. I even got paid extra for summer school and per session I had been excluded from during my stay. Looking back it absolutely changed me. I just never took anything seriously. I was a gung-ho probably excellent teacher who then became vary cynical and left at the stroke of three everyday. I also went out of my way to get loooong jury duties which I considered vacations with pay. I know,these are different times but try to see it for what it is....a truly sick system that does not even resemble the America under the constitution. It is bizarro world.. I am now very happily retired having crawled from the wreckage..

Francesco Portelos said...

Has your phone been acting weird? Battery heating up? Turning on by itself etc? Is your DOE account disabled?

Francesco Portelos said...

You have Google+? I want to interview you during lunch on DTOE. You in?

DTOE Talk Show -

Anonymous said...

It may help if we don't forget where Klein and Bloomberg got the idea to do this. In Japan when employees would not go quietly they were sent to 'the chasing out room'. The goal was to make them feel bored, forgotten and worthless so they would quit.

I am pretty certain that the DOE rarely files charges against those placed in rubber rooms. In some cases they achieve their goals, but this is just a form of punishment, cruel and unusual punishment that is analogous to the way we treat convicted criminals.

You will survive this because you are resourceful and because you know who your persecutors are and what they represent. I would like to see you and other like minded individuals pick up a few textbooks on law while you are there. Just because our union is accepting of this barbaric practice doesn't mean that it is acceptable, but unless we can make the fools pay for what they are doing the Koch brothers will have them doing this to public employees all over our country until they silence all dissent.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Good luck. I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, but knowing how resourceful, crafty and creative you are, I am sure you will take this in stride and with much chagrin to the DOE will come out much stronger.