SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Are These Photos of a Bronx Assistant Principal Provocative and Risque?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Are These Photos of a Bronx Assistant Principal Provocative and Risque?

Breaking news has come across the SBSB news desk. The Crack Team has learned that Jessica Cruz, AP at PS 154 in the Bronx and BFF of DR Alison Coviello; PhD. and Principal has a special
talent. She is a professional belly dancer.

We here at SBSB applaud Jessica Cruz of keeping this ancient art form alive and sharing it with others. The history behind belly dancing conjures up what had been a great civilization across the Middle East at one time. It also is a heck of a way to keep fit!

What saddens us here at SBSB is not that Jessica Cruz is a belly dancer. But what some might see, certainly not The Crack Team, the inappropriateness of the website she created to share it with the world (And saved here in PDF format).

The Crack Team has nothing against the photos exhibited on the website. We believe wholly in the First Amendment. It is the right of BFF AP Jessica Cruz to show such photos as;

Or this photo;

Yes, she has the right to post these photos! She even has the right to share this with planet Earth;

She has the same right to do this as did a teacher on Long Island that took his shirt off on a reality show. The same right as a teacher in Florida that was forced to resign and had posed in bikinis. Or that guidance counselor in who posed in lingerie years before she was with the DOE and got terminated.  Or that teacher who was forced to resign because a parent found a photo of her holding a beer and a glass of wine on her Facebook page. We here at SBSB support BFF AP Jessica Cruz and her First Amendment rights.

Sadly, there are those that won't be as open minded as we are here at SBSB. Some might see the webpage and the photos of BFF AP Jessica Cruz as inappropriate.

Some might think that a elementary school assistant principal should not have photos of this type on a personal web page which are available on the entire World Wide Web.

Some might look at this photos as provocative or risque or even suggestive.

Some might wonder, and rightly so, was or is DR Alison Coviello; PhD. and Principal of PS 154 aware of such photos and if so, when did DR Alison Coviello; PhD. and Principal of PS 154 know about it?

Some might wonder why teachers will be terminated, sent to Rubber Rooms for such actions and administrators aren't.

We here at SBSB say hogwash to all the assumptions that one might speculate about in seeing photos such as this. Belly dancing is beautiful. It is an art form. People need to be open minded.

But then again, we here at SBSB are just the purveyors of information humbly adding our two cents which are always in favor the United States Constitution. 

We hope you enjoy the following video and excerpts of belly dancing.


FidgetyTeach said...

Interesting video. Who knew that there was such hidden talent lurking in our own administration? Belly dancing is an, why isn't it being taught in the NYC Public schools? Surely this video should be shared with the Administration and Chancellor. Perhaps they might want to adopt such a program.

LadyJustice said...

Another perfect example of the DOE's double standards. If you are in management and accused of something...swept under rug. If you are teacher and accused of same thing, the media outlets are called. Disgustingly typical of THEM,

Anonymous said...

Holy $#!+, Batman!

Va va voom!

I looked at Jessica Cruz's website,, and I'd most definitely be interested in finding out more about her "private lessons," "intimate group classes," and that "very next affair" she's mentioned.

Oh, and by the way, I was one of the guests in the VIP Room at the glamorous Barbara Eden's "Nightlife Award" on April 22, 1992, at Limelight Disco in Manhattan.

Here are two photos of Barbara with her husband, taken that night:

(Images Copyright 1992 by Ron Galella, Ltd.)

Kudos to you and the SBSB Crack Team for breaking this important story!

Will writing for be in your future?

stef said...

Forward that to the district

Anonymous said...

I can just her Dr. Coviello teeth crunching when she reads this one! Oh wait she says she needs reads the blog.... I am sure with this one we will know for sure that she does. A few teeth will surely be cracked! Great investigative powers. Good belly rub!

Anonymous said...

I meant ... I can just hear Dr. Coviello teeth crunching when she reads this one! Oh wait she says she never reads the blog! I am sure with this posting we will know for sure that she does. A few teeth will surely be cracked from the Dr.'s mouth! Great investigative powers. A good belly rub for all would the day go smoother at PS 154! That's what I say!

Anonymous said...

They have the nerve to give teachers Unsatisfactory ratings??? This should be rated, and rated "R" at that!!!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe NC-17. But YOWZERS!!!! Dem big 'uns!!