SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Is DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD. at PS 154 in the Bronx Anti-Semitic?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Is DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD. at PS 154 in the Bronx Anti-Semitic?

Rosh Hashanah, is the second holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

How does DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD. at PS 154 in the Bronx recognize the beginning of 5774? She "suggests", i.e. calls, for the teachers of PS 154 not to blow the shofar, but rather to come into school to work on their learning environments (classrooms to the normal people).

Now, we here at SBSB are not calling DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD. anti-Semitic (Though she is a Dartmouth grad and we all know Dartmouth's history of anti-Semitism). At the very least her actions are insensitive.

DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD. fails to realize that not only are some of the staff at PS 154 Jewish, but some of these Jewish staff have lives, are not atheistic heathens and do wish to worship with family, friends, and God on such a day.

But what seems worse is even if there are no Jews amongst those DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD sent the email to, is how would she know who is and who isn't Jewish? Seemingly, not all Jews have large noses, curly hair, big ears, a nasal voice, and are rich.

But even there were no Jews at all at PS 154, could DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD not have shown respect to the Jewish community citywide, or worldwide and keep the school closed. At least on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the holiest of the two days?

Would DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD invite teachers to come in on Christmas Day? Easter? Three Kings Day? Thanksgiving? Of course not. But it is OK to disrespect the 2nd holiest day of the Jewish calendar?

This is the attitude Jews have had to put up for millennia (Or is it milleni? We know someone that loves plural words that end in i). Attitudes like this have led to the near extermination of our race, and the near extermination of Israel led by bleeding heart liberals that feel that the Palestinians are the aggrieved and Israel the aggressor, and to deny the Holocaust ever happened.

Two words; Never Again.


Anonymous said...

I support you on this. I say also Never Again.

What can be done about her actions?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone contact the ADL? (Anti-defamation league)

Anonymous said...

Why didn't your chapter leader say something? I would contact Mulgrew as well? I guess she would object to coming on Columbus Day?

Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist and I'm offended. What a clueless oaf. Dartmouth, eh? Same alma mater as Michael Corleone.

Anonymous said...

You have done a great service by exposing the continuing scourge of anti-semitism. It has, tragically, spread to prominence among people who used to hold the standard high for human decency: the liberal community. But we don't know what this principal's politics are, so maybe my observation is out of line.

What she did is like when a principal makes as a job requirement for a dean's position, the willingness to stay late and come to school at night for special events. You can't require, or appear to require, a teacher to go beyond what is required by the contract in order to qualify. This principal's behavior is code for anti-semitism, just like the infamous "intifada" t-shirts a few years ago.