SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: PS 154 in The Bronx Can Learn From How The Yankees Treated Alex Rodriguez

Monday, September 2, 2013

PS 154 in The Bronx Can Learn From How The Yankees Treated Alex Rodriguez

I do not like Alex Rodriguez. Never have, never will. I think Alex has cost the Yankees over the years and feel in no way he carried them in 2009. I would take Scott Brosius or Charlie Hayes any day of A-Rod.

Alex is a sneak, a cheat, a liar, and worse, a rat. He dug his own grave. True, he still has not had his day in court, but I support his right to have that day and will respect the outcome.

What I found fascinating is that when the Yanks played the Red Sox a few weeks ago and Alex got plunked by Ryan Dempster (I don't know why the world came down on Dempster. Back in the day if you just breathed funny Bob Gibson or Don Drysdale would nail you. It was old time baseball!)

But after Alex go hit, what happened? His entire team, and his manager supported him. It did not matter what a jerk he was, that he was a rat, a liar, and a cheat. No, the Yankees as a team said to themselves (With apologies to Animal House), "Hey Alex is our teammate, Dempster can't do that to our teammate!"

What do the staff at PS 154 do and react when two teachers are humiliated by bogus 3020a charges and forced to sit in a room by themselves by DR Alison Coviello, Principal and PhD.? Those teachers become persona non grata. They are ignored. They are not thought of. They are non persons.

Eight teachers, most over 40, and of color were given their first U ratings this year. Nothing. No support. No outrage. Nada. Bupkus.

With comments like, "Well, I am not a target so I don't care about others," to "Some teachers, and they know who they are, better start teaching." That one is my favorite. How the hell does a 5th grade teacher know what a 1st grade teacher is doing in their classroom?

There is no empathy, no selflessness, no nothing at PS 154. There are three groups at 154.

Group 1 are The Outliers, in which those fight back or keep to themselves or are shunned.

Group 2 are the fearful, those that no what is being done is wrong. Such as forcing teachers to come in on their Summer vacation to learn some wasteful discipline method, Responsive Classroom. Or they are intimidated into being ratting out colleagues, or given just enough responsibility by the triple headed hydra running 154 to allow them to think they are important.

Then there is Group 3, the ass kissers, the boot lickers, the ones that live inside the rectum and the colon. Those that have no shame, no values, and a lack of independent thought.

Yeah, I know every school has this issue, but it is sad that this happened to 154. This school used to be such a tight knit, close, and supportive school. Then came Cynthia Ballard as principal and she destroyed that closeness. Some say that she was bi-polar. But anyway, Ballard hired what we have in place now. The apple does not seem to fall far from the tree.

The sad part is that those is Group 2 and Group 3 will be sucked into the vortex of evil just as soon as they are not useful to the hydra and will be chewed up and spit out.

Some from Group 2 can be saved, especially those who are in fear. We all have fear, but we can't let fear control who we are or what we do. You need your moral compass to fight against the bully, to stand up and show the bully you are strong. Remember a bully preys on fear, smells fear, and will always manipulate your fear.

Remember, a bully is only as strong as the power you give them.


Anonymous said...

Bronx Teacher your writing today is so on target. As I leave for work today -- I leave with a heavy heart. All staff over the age of 40 has a red dot on their forehead with a laser beam pointed at them. We feel beaten down and demoralized. We have gone to the UFT their response is laughable--- can you transfer? Or can you get an out of classroom position in your school. So we do our best to bide our time. The 2 saddest things are this: 1) we were "season teachers were newbie we looked up and respected the senior teachers. They were our heroes. We thought if we worked hard this would be us 20 years later. Sadly we are treated like yesterday left over lunch. 2) If being 30-35 is the cool thing at the DOE at moment and they are always looking for fresh young blood-- Where is this going to leave this new gang that is kicking the old timers old? Don't they realize they are next but at a so much younger age. They are is no one to stick up for any teacher that has more than 20 years of service even the UFT won't help us!

Anonymous said...

If she harasses teachers, they should write her formal letters and copy them to City, State, and Federal officials, as well as to the bloggers and major media.

She'll learn, and quickly, too!

Anonymous said...

NYC principals who issue falsely negative observation reports and falsely filled-out Annual Professional Performance Review forms may be reported to the City Council, Commissioner of Investigation, and Special Commissioner of Investigation for potential violations of NYC Charter §1116(b).

Francesco Portelos said...

Alas there is a country full of these tips of teachers. We need to inspire them to stand together and stand up. They want to make us martyrs..then so be it. I sleep well at night knowing I do not stay silent during the day. Keep fighting from inside or outside. Fear is contagious, but so is courage.

Francesco Portelos

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first blogger post. Any one over 35 is finished in the DOE. I so want out of the system but have to wait till I reach 55. I am only 50! I have the 25 years but where will I another job at the moment. So I am forced to feel like I am a reject. A person who is useless, worthless a dinosaur. It wasn't always like this.
In 1985 when I first became a teacher --- senior teachers were held in high regard. They were given the chosen jobs in the schools. Now you are lucky if you are even given a " S" rating. It is so sad ever devoting your life's work to children to be treated like trash. I do believe what comes around goes around. Those 20 something and 30 year old will some day grow old and they will reap what they sow!

Anonymous said...

Here is my story, which I am sure has been told many times over in the DOE. Three years ago I was entering my 27th year teaching as a Literacy Coach in District 10, when I was abruptly replaced by a "newbie". Here is the kicker- she was only 27- the same age as the years I had been teaching! She had only taught 2nd grade for four years! However, she was best friends with the A.P.- I was given the assignment of teaching the bottom 4th grade class. I hadn't taught a class in 10 years. The powers that be were hoping I would quit- resign. I could do none of the above. Why would I give up my pension for them? I worked too hard to be that close to give up a salary for 5 years or more! So I dug my heels in and gave a good fight. I blew them out of the water. I showed them what real teaching was all about. I was shock and amazed that when the time came for the Quality Review guess whose class they selected ??? yep. As much as I didn't want to be a part of the school getting a good mark, I had to show my work. (That really pissed me off!- I wasn't good enough to be your Literacy Coach- but you need me now) The sad part of this whole experience was that I was shunned by the staff. All of a sudden I when I was thrown into a classroom no one wanted to talked to me or even be seen with me. Sure they would email or call me at home to ask for help just as long as "The Cabinet" and the coach didn't know that was fine. Oh the new Literacy Coach-- she is still coaching. She is a whiz on the iPhone and great on Amazon. Little old me I am still in a classroom. I am hoping the new Mayor may offer a buy out or something on the contract. Otherwise I have 2 years left. I never thought this would be how my career would end. My story is so similar to others.