Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sources in Tweed shared starling news today with The Crack Team about how the negotiations went
down in regards to the ATR's.

Chancellor Carmen Farina, who in the past caved to principal's demands in taking in ATR's and who at the press conference announcing the new contract said that ATR's can be removed from a school after a day for problematic behavior and "should find another profession," went into contract negotiations adamant to do away with all ATR's.

Mind you, this is not doing away with the ATR pool by simply placing teachers in schools, but rather the end of the road, the separation of a teacher from their checks, fini, good-bye and good riddance to teachers careers.

According to The Crack Team's sources, Chancellor Farina shared that only about, "400 ATR's can teach," and that the rest were useless.

Blindsided, UFT President Mile Mulgrew, went into panic mode and cut the best deal he can. The deal before us now in which ATR's can audition for 50 days before problematic behavior sets in and the REDUCED due process which ATR's will be subject to. And let's not forget the failing to show for an interview or a position in which the ATR will be summarily terminated.

Was this the best that Mulgrew can do? He was holding all the cards. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The contract negotiations should have ended post haste! The ATR system could have stayed the way it is and this contract would have been ratified. According to a SBSB groupie;
I hope I never see him face to face, I'll give him such a piece of my mind.  He had so much bargaining power and he blew it.
Yeah, he blew it and the ATR's and the rank and file as well.

This begs the question, what else did Mulgrew and his Unity negotiating team cave on as well? Can we be assured by Mulgrew that the money wasn't in the city's coffers for full retroactive or a full insertion of the 8% due us?

Better yet, is it right to question whether Mulgrew and his Unity negotiating team were looking out for the best interests of the city or the rank and file (Which includes the students and communities. What is good for the teachers is good for the students).

We here at SBSB call for a thorough opening of the books by the UFT and Unity to show the members the notes and other pertinent materials during the negotiating sessions. It is time for the UFT and Unity to have a truly transparent union and for it's members to be fully aware of all decisions and the process behind making those decisions. Where are the checks and balances?

We have a small group of people elected by a small group of people making decisions for many. many others and no one knows how are why the decisions are being made.



Anonymous said...

I mentioned this simple question a few months back: "ARE THE NEGOTIATION DEMANDS FOILABLE?" We deserve to see exactly what the UFT and the DOE put on the table during negotiations. If the UFT is so proud of this contract then they should have nothing to hide.

FidgetyTeach said...

I want to thank the Crack Team for uncovering some of the disturbing details of contract negotiations between Mulgrew and the DOE. It just goes to prove once again that our Union is useless and dishonest to its' members. Mulgrew is a wimp who hides behind his UNITY caucus. We really do deserve M.O.R.E !

Francesco Portelos said...

Yes they are...I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

Francesco Portelos is hero to teachers in NYC as well as a FOIL process genius. Hat's off to you sir! (Get your self back into the classroom asap)