SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: New Contract! ATR's Thrown Under the Bus! VOTE NO!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Contract! ATR's Thrown Under the Bus! VOTE NO!!!

I have always said that I will take respect and dignity over a big pay raise in our new contract. Today we found out we are getting neither.

I was with my wife in Valhalla, having just gotten in the car, when the contract announcement came over the radio. I delayed our trip home to tweet and text information that was coming from the Farina/Mulgrew love fest. One thing was on my mind the most. And it wasn't the raises, it wasn't the retro. It wasn't any of the givebacks or little deals made behind our backs. The most important thing to me was the status of the ATR's (Absent Teacher Reserves). To me and The Crack Team that was the deal breaker.

At another time we can delve into the raise, the added hours, the merit pay, etc... But for this evening, the topic of discussion are the ATR's.

The Crack Team and myself have spoken and with and read the blogs of several prominent bloggers. Chaz, Reality Based Educator, and Urban Ed. Now remember, not all the details have been released about the ATR's, but we have been able to get a pretty good general idea. But remember, this post is open to any revision coming down the pike.

It seems that if one is an ATR, you will not be forced into a school that you don't want to be in nor will a ATR be foisted upon a principal. It is has to be mutual.

The ATR will have to interview and if offered a job will have (according to Chaz) a 50 day try out (If the principal thinks you have cooties you are gone), though Farina said it can be as little as 1 day. After that 50th or 1 day, the ATR gets one more chance at remaining in a school. If you flunk out again, that's it, your career is over. There is an expedited hearing to be had within 1 month that is not to be more than 1 day. See how this can be abused?

What is to keep a principal from being in cahoots with a higher up to "get" a teacher that is in the ATR pool? That principal can be directed to take on that teacher and than let him or her go. Repeat it again and that teacher, their salary, their pension, and their health benefits are off the books. Bye, bye to that ATR and bring on the next victim.

Now as Chaz mentioned;
In fact, principals are not required to hire ATRs for their vacancies until October 15th, by then all vacancies are usually filled. 
So there again is the double edged sword that will keep ATR's out of schools. But then again this might be a good thing, no?

But what can an ATR do to keep from getting terminated? It is so simple.

Remember, there apparently is no penalty for the ATR if her or she goes on the interview and does not get a position. The Crack Team cracked the numbers and came up with a simple solution.

Blow the interview. If you are a male teacher, come dressed as Corporal Klinger. If you are a female teacher, come dressed as Bette Davis. Come to the interview and answer the questions wrong, don't bring a portfolio, act as dumb as possible.

Be rude, be crude, share with the principal the number of time you were taken aboard the mother ship and went to the home world. Don't shower, don't shave. Share with the principal that you believe Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman are still alive and you have tea with them every Sunday afternoon at the Blue Bay Diner in Riverdale.  But remember, whatever you do, blow the interview.

And one more thing. VOTE NO ON THE NEW CONTRACT! Send a message. We need to look out for one another and we need to support the ATR's. They need it, the deserve it, and they have earned it.


Anonymous said...

This contract is totally void of what a true union is all about.... where is the message of looking out for the weakest of members. If we don't take care of them, some day "they" will become all of us. I am ashamed of my union.

I am not am ATR. Anyone of us with over 22 years of teaching experience can easily become one. Oh wait that can't happen any more--- we just have to get 2 years of ineffective. Don't think it can happen? Really talk to the an ATR or read our new contract!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should call at least 5 teachers, paras, school secretaries, guidance counselor and social workers and explain what a crock of sh*t this contract is ... and how we all need to vote NO. We need to get the word out loud and clear. VOTE NO!

Anonymous said...

ATRs? Really? I think the bigger shocker is the obvious union busting that Mulgrew is assisting with. I am not ashamed of my union, because I do not have one. Just dues. Teachers are pathetic. They don't keep up with what's really going on. They had the chance to vote the Mulgrew slate out, and they failed to do so.

Anonymous said...

Vote No to the Contract! Vote Mulgrew out of office in 2015!

Anonymous said...

I think besides campaigning to vote NO for this contract-we as a community need to begin the process of campaigning to get Michael Mulgrew out of office. I don't want this man representing my voice, needs, or welfare anymore. I am ashamed to be associated with this man who calls himself first an educator and a union member. When you don't protect your weakest members you don't protect any of your members. He is not helping the ATRs, the children of the city and certainly not the working teachers! VOTE NO FOR THE CONTRACT and VOTE MULGREW OUT OF OFFICE in 2016!

Anonymous said...

First off, VOTE NO FOR THE NEW CONTRACT. It is a JOKE!!!!! If teachers vote this in, they deserve everything they get. Mulgrew is a union-buster.

Merit pay? You KNOW who is going to get that! Not you or me.

A 9-year contract? Ridiculous length of time. It's a lifetime. And for 18%?? Oh, but the 1,000 big ones up front will lure in all those who are penny-wise and pound foolish.

ATR's don't forget to pick your nose and eat it during the interview. It works for kids.I actually had a former principal that used to do this to the staff. She got promoted to Superintendant!

Don't sell your soul to the devil. Vote NO.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to like "Vote no for the UFT Contract' on Facebook. This contract stinks

Sobroteach said...

They want to set up clinics for our medical needs. Guess how many things will get approved with a DOE run clinic?

Additionally, what sort of union leader would agree to convince ten percent of his constituency to work without contractural protections? To pilot charter schools, no lsss. What will the percentage be the next year, when invariably, they will find through the "research" that the pilot worked? And the year after that? Heck, in five years... Uh oh.

Anonymous said...

retro checks i might be dead before it the atrs because your boss might make you one.

Anonymous said...

South Bronx Teacher- I am reading on Perido Street interest is waning on voting no! We need to get people to speak to staff tomorrow and tell them the real deal as to what is going to happen! We need to blitz the social media outlets. We need to get the word out.... We don't want this deal it is a sham! Take it back. We have to wait till 2015 for the first small crumbs --- hell we can wait it out for a better contract. Everyone needs to talk this up and get the word out. Take this garbage back to the table!

Anonymous said...

My advice to everyone who wants to vote down this bogus contract is come Monday morning go into your school with a battle plan. Speak to every uninformed UFT member about how bogus this contract is. Retro delay is retro denied. While you are at it..... lay the seeds to vote Mike Mulgrew out of office in 2016. For now make Mike, Carmen and Bill and the 300 members earned their pay from your dues by bringing back a fair wage contract. Spread the word and be the educators we are suppose to be! Teachers all we have to do .... is do the math! This contract doesn't add up. Speak to everyone in your building! Vote NO

Anonymous said...

Think your tenured/appointed position is safe? Not if you vote for this contract.

Vote NO! Then get rid of Mulgrew, Amy "ATRs are lucky to have a job" Arundle, and the Unity prions.

Anonymous said...

Read article 16. ATR's are not equal ? Don't be silent because it's not you, (now).