Friday, May 30, 2014


On March 15, 44 BC the Roman Senate, led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus
stabbed to death Julius Caesar. Caesar's dying words, according to William Shakespeare upon seeing that Brutus was amongst the conspirators was, "Et tu Brutue?"

During the Last Supper, which The Crack Team believes occurred on Passover in 33 AD, JC predicted that Brutus, would betray him.

On Friday, May 30, 2014, The Crack Team has found out through very reliable sources that the machinations behind getting Governor Andy the Working Families Party gubernotorial nomination have taken a bizarre turn.

As reported on these pages this past Wednesday, it seemed that Diane Ravitch was to be offered the nomination.

As of yesterday and into early today, Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout was seemed to have the presumptive nomination.

But in the last hour or so The Crack Team has learned from several reliable sources that NYSUT and UFT Preisdenté Mile Mulgrew have pushed, twisted arms and have practically secured the WFP nomination for governor for Governor Andy.

Never mind that the entire Governor Andy agenda has been to bend over for the moneyed interests of the state. Never mind that upstate New York is still an economic wasteland. Never mind that the "Children's Lobbyist" cares only about 3% of the students of New York State and folded like a cheap Moe Ginsburg suit. Never mind that if the WFP does nominate Governor Andy they are contradicting all they believe in and will probably have to change their name.

Worse is the behind the scenes machination of Mulgrew, and at his behest and control NYSUT, and the manipulation and dirty dealing on behalf of Governor Andy!

Where is the consultation with the rank and file? Where is the transparency behind this decision to get Governor Andy the nomination? Where on the UFT website has this been shared?

We all know what Mulgrew's response will be.

"At least we will have a seat at the table."

Big whoop! A seat at the table mean nothing if every time one goes to sit down it is pulled out from under.

If this happens we as educators and New Yorkers must ensure that Governor Andy at the very least get less than 55% of the vote. We need to throw all our energy behind Howie Hawkins. But be careful not to throw your vote to Rob Astorino. It'll be more of the same.

If Zephyr Teachout does get the nomination I am inclined to vote for her. I think the WFP has more of a organization than the Green, from what I have read of her background I am quite impressed and besides, with a name like that you know she must be good.


DMaxMJ said...

I need to know if NYSUT can be actually implicated, or is just guilty by assumption and likely association through the recent takeover and collusion with UFT cha-ching contract issues.

Anonymous said...

Same BS here in NJ.

Anonymous said...

I saw Mulgrew this morning at the free book distribution in Far Rockaway. If I knew this I would have asked him about it. From previous conversations we've had, he already knows how I feel about his "friends" in Albany.


Anonymous said...

I too need to know about NYSUT; I know Pres. Magee and will reach out to her. No surprises on Mulgrew. Time to vote Unity out next UFT election.

Anonymous said...

I like Mulgrew but (quoting something he said to me when I was outraged by his choice of "friends" on the UFT dais) "We need to try to make them (him) see things our way."


Unknown said...

Make them see things our way doesn't work when they are surrounded by eager to donate billionaires and "we" are piss poor teachers. It's really just Mulgrew code for "I will do anything they ask including throwing all you dumbasses under the bus to further my own pathetic career."

Pete Zucker said...

Sean, you hit mail on the head!