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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Working Families Party Regret

I was thinking how to respond to the Working Families Party nominating Governor Andy as it's gubernatorial candidate last night when I came across a Facebook post by SBSB super fan Gail Richmond.

Gail had received an email from Bill Lipton, State Director of the WFP, in which Bill defended the WFP's nomination. The Crack Team has received the email and run it through our computer for analysis.


Last night, we secured a major win. Not for the Working Families Party, not for Governor Andrew Cuomo, but for the working families of the state of New York.

Yeah? How so? How are working families better off today than when Cuomo took office? The 2% tax cap? Hey, how many poor, upstate school districts are better off with that? How are the communities of the Southern Tier doing? In fact, it's just not working families that are being affected by Governor Andy.

About a month ago I went to a school board meeting in quite swanky and well off Rye, NY. The school board in the discussion of the budget was flummoxed. They spoke that they had cut all that they could and could cut no more. Remember, this in a city in which the per capita income is
$88,637, and the median home price is
$948,447. The board was planning to pass a utility tax on residents of Rye which has since passed.

So if Rye is hurting, what does this tell you of the educational policies of Governor Andy?

Faced with a challenge from Zephyr Teachout -– a Working Families Democrat if there ever was one -- for the Working Families Party endorsement, 

What does that mean, "Working Families Democrat"? I guess we can call Governor Andy a "Working Families Republican"?

Gov. Cuomo declared for the first time that he will join the effort to secure a Democratic-Working Families majority. 

And we are sure not for the last time either, but let's see if he is still declaring that after November 4.

On many issues, he has not governed as a progressive.

Yes, that he has. 

 But we do agree with the platform he committed to fighting for last night, which will help transform the lives of millions of people, and even set the stage for still further gains:
 He only agrees to such things because it is politically expedient of him and here is the reason why. Take away this poll and insert landslide no matter his opponent, Cuomo doesn't even throw the WFP party a lifesaver if he sees everyone drowning.

And the gains he is promising? Passing comprehensive public financing of elections to fight the influence of big-money in our democracy...

He's had 4 years to do that and hasn't so why would he now?

Passing the Dream Act, so all New Yorkers can access higher education

See above answer

Decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, so we can stop jailing our youth, especially young people of color

Hasn't it already been decriminalized? What needs to be done is for the NYPD to stop cuffing and hauling off those that have a joint. 

Passing the full 10-point Women's Equality Agenda, to protect and ensure women's equality

Which is nice, but again, promised in 2013 State of State Address and nothing so far. 

Raising New York's minimum wage to $10.10/hour, indexed to inflation, and allowing cities and counties to raise wages 30% higher than the state level

Never going to happen. Maybe on state level, but he will put kibosh on any local laws. 

Increasing the state's investment in community schools to improve educational opportunities in high-need districts.

Like in NYC in which he is sticking the city for the bill for charter school rent. Is that what the WFP sees as progressive? 

But the Governor still fell far short of what's needed -- we need to comply with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court order and fully fund our schools.

Gee Bill, why isn't the "Student's Lobbyist" following a court order and fully funding the state's schools? 

Wonder why we here at SBSB and super fan Gail Richmond are skeptical? Think. This is a man who at the drop of a phone call from a pissed off, whining, and crying Eva Moskowitz ensured that charter school rent in NYC will be paid for by the DOE effectively neutering Mayor de Blasio.

And the same guy that moved heaven and earth ever so fast for gun reform in New York State.

And why didn't the WFP ask Governor Andy about reviving the Moreland Commission?

Because one day after the nomination, Governor Andy is already backtracking;
 "A day after securing the nomination of the Working Families Party, Gov. Cuomo said his support for their liberal agenda only goes so far."

“I oppose municipalities being able to set their own wage. I did and I do,” he said. “I would allow localities within a state-prescribed formula to adjust a local wage but not that the locality gets to set the rate wherever they want. I'm against that. I was against it. I am against it.”
He also said his "support for Senate candidates would be based on who supported his agenda, not down the line support for Democratic candidates."
 Hey WFP. You drank a bit too much, you were charmed by Governor Andy. He made you for that one moment to seem like the prettiest girl at the dance. He wooed you by saying all the right things. He made you feel so important. He went back to your place with him and he told you how much he really cared, how he was different from all the rest and you believed him.

Sadly, there is always the following morning. This is the morning the WFP woke up and turned over and didn't see Governor Andy next to them. Governor Andy was putting on his shoes and telling the WFP he had an important ALEC meeting to attend and is busy the rest of the week. 

Now, WFP feels cheap like a cheap suit from Moe Ginsburg and has regret. Worse yet, Governor Andy asks you for cab fare so he can get home and in a few days will have Sheldon Silver send you some flowers with a note that says, "Had a great time, I forgot to tell you I'm married, to myself."

Anyway, as for us here at SBSB, don't say we didn't warn you and it's time to go Green. 

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