SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Darth Mona Davids?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Darth Mona Davids?

I believe in loyalty. I can be very loyal to a friend, someone I know, my colleagues, teachers in
general. And for those that have stuck out there necks for me, who have taken their time to listen to me, to cheer me up, to let me vent, they have every right to expect loyalty from me and if I disagree with them to be man enough to say what is own my mind and not run behind their backs stabbing them in the back, besmirching their beliefs or worse, jumping ship.

So it pains me when I see a story in the Daily News today about Leader Mona Davids of the NYC Parents Union threatening a Vergara type lawsuit here in New York State. Dang, I thought she was on our side.

I mean did she forget how she was defended when Anthony Krisnky was threatening her, accusing her of backing the UFT?

Did Mona forget the defense of her from disparaging remarks of Carl Campanile of the New York Post?

Did Mona forget her support in the face of her dispute with Gotham Schools?

Did Mona forget the forum she had when she went up against charter school hack Peter Murphy? 

Or forgetting about the special relationship between Joel Klein and Eva Moskowitz?

Did she forget going up against failed comedian Bill Grundfest about the special funding charter get, deformers, Uncle Mike, and Joel Klein?

Did she forget her p3wnge of Michael Benjamin, her Twitter BFF?

Or did she forget defending us against the film, "Won't Back Down," or supporting "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman?"

With whom does Mona actually stand and for what? I think that is a fair question. To paraphrase Luke Skywalker in "Return of the Jedi,"
"Mona, your thoughts betray you. I feel the good in you, the conflict"
Come back to the five and dime Mona.

But in the meantime, just a few things I wish to comment on from today's article in the News.

Mona said; “There is going to be a lawsuit. The question is which attorney is going to do it for us,”

OK, as my father once said anyone can sue anyone and that is your prerogative. The Crack Team still likes you and will like to recommend an attorney for you and your group.

Place a phone call to attorney, Joy Hochstadt. We are 100% sure she will take your case. You will find her rates quite reasonable, she has the time to not only to start the lawsuit immediately but to give the case practically all her time and attention, and as a former teacher, she has the inside scoop.

And one more thing Mona said; "Most of the city’s ineffective teachers are in minority schools and we can’t get rid of them.” 

Excuse me whilst my throat is cleared.

Just two words are needed to rebut this.

Prove. It. 

'Nough said. 

Can she? 


Anonymous said...

I teach in a so called minority school. I am getting a little tired of implications that I am therefore an inferior teacher. Come down and do my job. I will sit with a laptop and jot down offensive observations about you.

ATRdisgusted said...

There is a minority school in Spanish Harlem that got an award on their excellence in education. ..called dispelling the myth. This is a minority school with excellent educators.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding! You are a notorious backstabber. After requesting and receiving a letter of recommendation from Greg P., you turned around and vilified him on this site. Everyone I know who knows you says to stay away, because you are mentally unbalanced. I believe that to be true, based on your actions.

Pete Zucker said...

There's only 1 defender and sycophant left of him. Hmmm wonder who?

Actually it was letter I typed up and he only sent after forgetting.

But whilst on the subject of backstabbing, shall we bring in a Ouiji board and ask Stu Schmelz about the backstabbing? What would Stu? Stu should not have died at the age of 54. He had a life ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong. He has many defenders. The letter you wrote got sent, what's the difference when? He did you a favor, and you stabbed his back. How can you request he give you a recommendation, no matter who wrote it, then do what you did? Just like you did with Joy H. And if you were such a good friend to Stu, why weren't you paying your respects at his funeral? You are duplicitous and mentally unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

I think Mona Davids should leave teachers alone and work on the parents. Any Dick, Tom and Harry/Harrietta can become parents. There are no parents' license! I think there should be mandatory parenting classes for wanna be, parents-to-be, or brand new parents. Parents should be required to take "familial development" classes at certain milestones/junctures in their children's lives. This would be no different than the requirement to get professional development hours inorder to maintain one's teaching licenses. Some topics: talking and reading from infancy. How to discipline. Maintaining early bed time. Limiting T.V., video gaming, texting and cell phone usage. Monitoring lyrics of children's music. How to help children make right nutritional choices by letting go of junk foods and replacing them with healthy fruits and vegetables. The importance of breakfast to a child's performance early in the day. Providing a save environment for outdoor play. Bullying. The list can go on.

Anonymous said...

Stop the fighting and unite against those out to destroy workers' unionism! Use this forum for that solely. Forget the past. Correct the present for a bettet future.

Francesco Portelos said...

I just found out that Mona's second in command is none other than Sam Pirrizolo, CEC presidentin district 31. Same guy who ignored many calls for help at my dysfunctional school. Makes sense now. Time to bring many teachers to his first September meeting.

Pete Zucker said...

Francesco,quite interesting, and quite telling as well.

But while I'm posting, the anonymous person who decided to lambaste me for slights against Mr P has failed to read such posts as;

But again, when backstabbing is discussed, what would Stu Schmelz about whether or not he was back stabbed by Mr P. Would Stu still be alive today, Father's Day, a day he should be enjoying if he was not stabbed in the back?

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas!! I had birthed a child, yet needed some of the things you mentioned to adopt a child. ALL parents need to be educated prior to parenting!!!!!!