SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Abusive Letter Sent to Jeff Storobinsky

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Abusive Letter Sent to Jeff Storobinsky

On Tuesday we posted the plight of retired teacher Jeff Storobinsky and the abuse he endured at the hands of his principal at the middle school he was at in Brooklyn.

Remember how Jeff mentioned receiving an letter from his principal? An letter that was sent in anger without thinking?

It is now early in January 2014 (I am home), after a bungled faculty conference where a strong teacher challenged the principal and the principal rushed out of the library rather than to answer questions he went straight to his Personal Computer and wrote me a letter that if he was in a rational state of mind he would not have sent.

Well in a SBSB exclusive, The Crack Team has gotten it's hands on a copy of the email. Let's take a look (Click to enlarge)!

This letter is written in the tone of a father to a irascible little boy. It's as if Jeff is now on punishment and must go sit in the corner and go to bed without dinner. Funny, Jeff is a 55 year old man with several degrees, a father, a homeowner, a fiance, and a proud American. Why must Jeff be talked to this way? Why must Jeff be treated this way?

To answer the above questions we turn to SBSB mental health expert and an honorary member of The Crack Team, Dr Hans von Schlaggel, director of the Institut für schweren psychiatrischen Erkrankungen, or in English, Institute of Severe Psychiatric Disorders.

Danke, Herr Bronx Teacher. There are many reasons that Jeff's principal treats his as he does. Some might say the person Jeff is dealing was never breast fed, some might say that this person has shall we say, a sehr klein Schwanz, but vat really is the issue is a lack of self esteem and egotism. Just let us take der look at too issues.
Fragile high self esteem drives these people to act superior to disguise their inferior feelings. Controlling others is one manifestation of their need to act superior.
Der Good! And....
Egotists are self-centered. They have been seduced by their first-person viewpoint. It's all about them; they are motivated only by their own self-interests. They lack empathy for others. They are controlling because only their needs matter.
Again, danke to Bronx Teacher and The Crack Team and much Fröhlichkeit to Jeff! Auf Wiedersehen!

Thank you Dr Von Schlaggel.

There you have it. Remember, 30 YEARS OF IMPECCABLE RECORD UNTIL 2013!

No one deserves this.

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Anonymous said...

This story just breaks my heart! However this story has been told in some form throughout the city every day. Senior teachers are being abused for the years of service! Sadly the UFT is not there to help us, yet they gladly take our dues.