SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Eva Moskowitz Admits to Exclusivity

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eva Moskowitz Admits to Exclusivity

Wow, Eva Moskowitz made news today. In a short article by Aaron Short of Success Academy's official newspaper the New York Post, it's being reported that  Eva having said in an interview on WYNC that she does not;
"...accept midyear transfers from regular middle and high schools because their students don’t keep up with their charter counterparts."
This statement has left The Crack Team in a state of confusion, mass hysteria, and a general sense of malaise.

For years, we (The general public) have heard that charter schools are just like public schools---even though we all know that charters are really private schools. In traditional public schools if a student and their family has to change schools, or a student is not doing well and needs a change of scenery, he or she is can enroll in a school no matter what their abilities are. That's just the way it is and should be.

Yes, it is difficult no matter how strong or weak the student is to acclimate themselves to the new neighborhood, class, school, routines, etc... but they are welcomed. By law we have no choice.

But why does Eva get a choice, especially after the sweetheart deal her "special friend" Governor Andy gave her last year?

Eva shared these words of wisdom as well;
“Until the district schools are able to do a better job, it’s not really fair for a seventh-grader or high-school students to have to be educated with a child who is reading at a second- or third-grade level,”
So Eva is assuming that the student that enters a Success Academy mid-year is so far behind that it will be a disservice to the other students to have that struggling student amongst them? Would it not be beneficial for students that are so far behind Eva's wunderkind, no that's not the word. Hmm, her 21th-century genetically engineered children designed to create perfect students? No, that is not what we are looking for. Her T-1000's? Her scholars?

Anyway, it would be beneficial for these students to work with students that are ahead of them. Students when challenged academically will most of the time be able to bring themselves up academically as well.

But what this really seems like is pre-creaming and proving more to the point that Eva is only interested in Eva and only wants the best of the best to advance her cause and herself. Kind of like charter school eugenics.

This really doesn't come as a shock considering the shenanigans that  Eva has pulled in the past when it comes to who can stay and who can leave at Success.

Of course Eva does have an altruistic side to her as she shared with WNYC when she said that Success has an;
“...obligation to our parents in middle and high school.”
Isn't there an obligation to the students? Haven't we've been hearing from you for years that the students come first? Haven't we heard for years that you and Success can educate any student, any tine, any where? Eva claims that Success is a public school yet her words and actions speak as Success is a closed off exclusive private school. So why then are public monies going to Eva and Success?

Let's come back in 10 years, maybe less, and see where all the great "scholars" of Eva are at that point. Let's see how they do in college once they are on their own and not having every decision made for them and not forced to conform anymore. Let's see how Eva's students do in the outside world where they will have to make decisions on their own without getting rewarded.

Eva's smoke and mirrors are slipping out.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Eva also admitted to the Daily News that she 'counsels out' students if she can't meet their needs. In other words, fall behind your class and you will be weeded out.

The real value of Eva's approach and suspect superior test scores was revealed somewhat last year. Eva graduated her first pure Eighth Grade 'Success' class, kids she had in her schools for eight years. Not a single one was admitted to a specialized high school. That raises lots of questions about Eva's claims. It is time for Governor Cuomo to do his job and enforce real test security for the tests he so loves, especially at his favored schools.

Anonymous said...

Eva would never have accepted a below level student at midyear, or at any other time. Let's get serious.

Anonymous said...

Eva was asked directly about cherry picking and couldn't answer:

Anonymous said...

Moskowitch still using her flip phone in a picture of her you can see her phone on the desk in front of her. No surprise here - this is the same woman who never wears panty hose either and instead goes bare skin legs even in the coldest winter yet. Can anyone imagine working for this nomad, cheap skate walking around with a 1990s flip phone special and asking everyone to work until 8pm this evening to discuss educational testing!!!! rolling around....knock yourself out newbie 1 and 2 year will be quitting shortly, i guarantee it. peace out.