SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: New Action, The Washington Generals of the UFT

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Action, The Washington Generals of the UFT

For those watching us get screwed yet again in Albany and having Mulgrew crow that it is a victory for teachers, don't wave your angry fist at Unity for they are not alone in the enabling of mayors, governors, principals and testing corporations.

Don't forget the puppet opposition, the hand maidens, the Washington Generals of education labor unions, the New Action Caucus.

But first some background.

Many years ago there was real opposition to Unity (If I am incorrect about anything please let me know). There was [Teachers for a} Just Contract Caucus - tjc and New Action. Mark Schulman of New Action was a VP on the executive board. New Action was picking up steam [ losing steam -- that's why they did it] when Randi Weingarten made a deal with Schulman [in 2003 for the 2004 election]. She had told him that if New Action did not run anyone in opposition to Randi then New Action would be guaranteed the 6 high school seats  on the executive board. Unity didn't run for those seats --
this spurred people to form ICE - including defectors from new action like James Eterno. ICE and TJC combined to win all 6 seats, leaving New Action off the board for first time in a decade. In the next UFT election - 2007 -- Unity put 7 NA people on the Unity line so they could win.
in 2010 and 13 NA got 10 seats on the Unity line Yeah, they were bought off.

The heretic actions of New Action caused a rift and out of the rubble came ICE. New Action became nothing other than a "co-op" opposition to Unity, appearing to be another voice, yet voting and agreeing with Unity in lock step, just as the Washington Generals have been treated by the Harlem Globetrotters all these years.

But the difference between the Washington Generals and New Action is we all know the Generals are there to lose. New Action acts like it is the loyal opposition but in reality is nothing but a bunch of sock puppets.

I have had my disagreements with MORE in the past, but I will give MORE this. That when approached by New Action to work together MORE more or less told NA to take a hike and to come back when their symbiosis with Unity is renounced.

Hey, just look at the New Action blog. See any similarities in their stand and Unity's?

I can not in good conscience support any collaboration with New Action nor should anyone. If you are having a difficult time deciding, take a look at our work conditions, the contract we were subjected to, the state of education. We also have New Action to thank for this.

But you don't have to take just my word. Read Ednotes. Check out NYCEducator, here, here, and here. And Peridio Street School.

New Action is Unity. New Action is not to be trusted.


Pogue said...

I love this post and the photo. The analogy is so true. "No Action" is complicit in Unity's malfeasance towards the rank and file.

Francesco Portelos said...

Hey, where was everyone else on this day When UFT Solidarity and New Action were supporting William Bryant? What about for discontinued teachers?

Chaz said...

Very funny and so very true.

Francesco, the high schools had open school night that day and I had to be in my school by 5pm, thanks to the new contract. The day selected was ill-considered.

By the way, where was the staff at Willaim Cullen Bryant? They obviously don't care since they failed to show up themselves.

Francesco Portelos said...

Actually the timing was perfect. We got to many parents and staff because of this open school situation.

Inside staff is comprised of..ready for this? ...over 100 non tenured members. No accident there.

Pete Zucker said...

Francesco, this is not an attack on you and the hard work that you have done on behalf of so many. This is an attack on New Action.

It's simple, New Action renounces their deal with Unity and I will be the first one in line to work with them. But they won't do it. Think of New Action as the Palestinians. The Palestinians must renounce violence and recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. At that point I have no problem with handing over the West Bank.

What is in this working together for New Action?