SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Superconducting UFT Solidarity

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Superconducting UFT Solidarity

I've been thinking. About a lot of things, but since today is August 1 I have something else on my mind.

Any minute (It is now 10:33 PM EDT) now Rush is about to take the stage in Los Angeles for the final show of their R41 Tour, their 40th anniversary tour.

The sad part is this might be their last live show ever. Geddy Lee just turned 62 a few days ago, Alex Lifeson will be 62 this month as well, and Neil Peart will be 63 next month. Both Alex and Neil are having health issues and Neil has a 5 year old daughter and has said it's getting harder and harder to be away from her.

There is talk that this is not the last live show that this will be the last tour of this "magnitude" or that Rush might do some residency shows. That all remains to be seen.

I saw them this past June 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark. It was my 20th time seeing the boys considering I started late seeing Rush for the first time my senior year of high school in December 1981 during the Exit...Stage Left Tour.

At the show in June I met Michael Moore as he was walking by my seats (See the picture above to see how close I was). I spoke to him briefly, I told him teachers need help, he said call William Morris, he has yet to call back. Wonder why he is not lifting a finger for education? His agent is Ari Emanuel, Rahm's brother. Moore is not going to do jack.

For the last several weeks I have been thinking of a Rush song that can best be used to describe UFT Solidarity or be used as an anthem (Pardon the Rush pun) for UFT Solidarity.

I have settled on one song, "Superconductor" off of the 1989's Presto album. The lyrics fit so well but The Crack Team substituted some words to make it more relevant.

Packaged like a rebel or a hero
Target mass appeal
To make  audience teachers feel
He really means it

Package the illusion of persona
Careful to conceal
The fact that she's he's only too real
He's got to scream it

Hit you in a soft place
A melody sound bite so sweet
A strong and simple beat word
That you can dance swoon to

Watch his every move
Orchestrate illusions
Watch his every move

Hoping you'll believe
Designing to deceive
That's entertainment Unionism

He can put a target on the market meeting
Bask in your applause
Reality withdraws
Now he believes it

The role becomes the actor leader
She's He's addicted to applause
The stage a world because
She He never leaves it

Hit you in a soft place
With sentimental ease
They know the fantasies
That you romance follow to

Pin the donkeys on her his tail
Fantasy for sale
That's entertainment

Here's the video from 1990. Horrible. 


Anonymous said...

Not a bad choice. To be a little more direct, however, did you consider Living Colour's Cult of Personality? I think of FP when I hear that one.

Pete Zucker said...

Yeah I was thinking of Cult of Personality but I'm not too familiar with it the way I am with Superconductor. But you know how Rush fans are.