SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The UFT Solidarity Circus Comes to Town

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The UFT Solidarity Circus Comes to Town

Last night, The Crack Team had its weekly meeting by conference call. Sparkles was initiated into The Crack Team and we commiserated with our media consultant. The consultant shared that with months to the UFT election, that "less is more" (Pardon the pun), when it comes to writing about UFT Solidarity. He said that we were writing about UFT Solidarity just for the sake of it, and should only report on UFT Solidarity when its comedic stylings are ripe with material. Little did we know here at SBSB that the so called moratorium would last less than 24 hours.

Late this afternoon  UFT Solidarity wrote on one of its many websites a treatise entitled; "Issues at Your School” – An email no NYC principal wants to receive." After reading this rant and laughing our asses off for about a good 3 hours we sat down and decided to write a response to the comedy piece.

After giving the reader what we we already know how principals destroy careers, how principals start a false paper trail, false OSI charges, etc... UFT Solidarity then went on to share all the wonderful things this leader can and will do. We sat there mouths agape.

So what is a member under attack to do? Well, luckily we live in the age of technology and have come up with some tools to fight back. This is how it works, and it does work. (Not all the time but it’s getting better.)

There are so many, many things a member under attack can do. Yes, fight back and defend yourself. Yes, file a FOIL, record the principal, report the principal, call the media. But not every solution works for every problem. The thing is to have enough emotional intelligence to know when to use that hammer and when to use that chisel. One also needs to know when to fall back and regroup and come back in a different way. That is what a person with a high EQ can understand and do. 

Yes, we live in a great age of technology. But technology don't mean a thing if you ain't got the ability to prove it and to back it up. 

At UFT Solidarity, we have collaborated on an email we send to administrators who are bullying and harassing our members.

Oooh. Scary stuff. 

 The email is written in a way where we let the administrator know that the members in their school and not sitting ducks and will have support.

As reported here the other day; 

One SBSB groupie who is high within Tweed shared with The Crack Team that these so called emails are seen as a circus act, along with walking around the halls at 65 Court St and 52 Broadway telling people that UFT Solidarity is watching.  

Basically UFT Solidarity is being mocked amongst administrators city wide. No one at UFT Solidarity is being taken seriously according to our sources. 


We let the administrator know that we are educating their staff on how to fight back and encourage them to support and not continue their attacks.

We here at SBSB are looking into reports that several principals (Who do not know the humor behind The Emails in Brooklyn have peed themselves upon receiving The Email. We are looking into reports of one principal in Queens who pulled her hair out, screamed, tore off her clothes and left her building shrieking once she read The Email. Some reports have said that she has sold her house, legally changed her name, and has moved to a lean-to deep within the Adirondacks.  

What we hope, or assume, happens is that that the administrator sends it to their superintendent and DOE lawyers. 


 We here at SBSB hope they do too.


In turn we hope that the superintendent and lawyers respond to the administrator with something like this:


We went into the future and got an actual copy of the email supers and lawyers sent. Thos remarks are in red.

“Oh no. We have seen these before and it can get ugly. It's that putz again. Expect there to be Freedom of Information Law requests on your records such as time cards, financial records and emails. They even obtain video surveillance footage. Don't worry, time cards, financial records, emails, videos. Only factual stuff is FOILable and we can hide it well unless we are SUED and there is Discovery. Your staff is probably already secretly recording you. Don't worry, not many know about this We are told that the most amount of people that show up at a UFT Solidarity rally or meeting, is 12 people.  Expect stories of you to be added to social media with comments being added by staff, students and parents We are more concerned that blogs, Twitter accounts, and FB groups, like NYC Educator, Ednotes, Chaz, South Bronx School, NYCDOENUTS, Mindy Rosier, Patrick Walsh, James Eterno, The New York Yankees, Barney Fife, Fonzie, RushIsABand, MORE, Scooby Doo, Sparkles, or anyone else other than UFT Solidarity . You will be added to their Administrator’s in Need of Improvement (ANOI) list online if you have not been already. You probably will be added to Don't sweat it, not many read it. Expect them to launch investigations on anything you have done that violates a chancellor’s regulation, policy or law. You are going to be indulged with investigators being sent from anonymous calls Investigators will be coming. We welcome investigators. Some putz is sending us emails. Finally, expect a group of their members and your staff and students, albeit small, to be outside your school with flyers and signs. We are awaiting an influx of 5 people to picket. If you have not bought a Costco size bottle of Tylenol, then we suggest you do that.” Hey, let's go have a beer and some wings.

Really? This is what we want to lead our union? For one to get what one wants you need to schmooze, to glad hand, to work behind the scenes. Yes, there are principals that need to be investigated, recorded, etc... But there are much more good than bad. I hope there are. This is so wrong in so many ways that only someone who is living in the past, and only is late to the game because of a tantrum for not getting the desired position will continue. 

Hey, let's not mention the possibility of not only The Email writer being hit up for harassment, but for the person who The Email was written at the behest (Without their knowledge) of being hit up too. Worse, this is a extremely negative reflection upon the teachers of New York City. How dare UFT Solidarity decide for others to take our fate out in UFT Solidarity's own war of revenge? 

And here is the template of The Email

Principal X,

Unfortunately your school has come to the attention of our teacher advocacy group. Apparently there are allegations of harassment and unwarranted attacks on educators at your school. As you could imagine, an atmosphere of workplace bullying and harassment is not conducive to a nurturing learning environment for our students.

Just as a courtesy, we are letting you know that we are educating your staff members with information on how to defend their careers so they may continue to instruct and nurture students to their fullest potential. Those tools can be in the form of legally audio recording, using the Freedom of Information Law to obtain information necessary to prove their allegations against you, organizing rallies and creating various social media articles.

Perhaps your best recourse would be to speak with the superintendent, your senior field counsel and Borough Support Center representative, to figure out ways to support educators rather than treading on their careers.

Thank you.
UFT Solidarity

AH! We already know that one unassuming teacher lost her job due to this and another unassuming teacher might be in deep sh**.

If you don’t believe me, then you can perform an internet search on many of the administrators we have listed on our ANOI list. You can ask Principal Micheaux and AP Martinez of the Bronx. Ask Principal Adonna McFarland or Principal Namita Dwarka. Our list is over 100. Namita Dwarka and her school has been on the cover of the NY Post the last three days. The brave people responsible are UFT Solidarity members and supporters who have been following our playbook.

Oh please, ANOI is not an original idea. Yes, we have said it is a good one, but no back patting please. And please don't think only UFT Solidarity led the way. 

My sleeves are rolled up and we are ready to increase our work this September.

Sleeves rolled up? Why are long sleeves being worn in summer especially when it has been 90 degrees plus for the last week? Would not the Sipowicz style short sleeve dress shirt be more apropos. Yeah, but then one couldn't use the cliche "my sleeves are rolled up." 

Our ATR Alliance group is also growing and becoming more knowledgeable. A similar letter is being drafted for ATR Field Supervisors.

ATR Alliance group which was bogarted and bastardized. Yeah, we are sure the ATR Field Supervisors must be quaking in their shoes.

What's that? This just came into the SBSB newsroom. Hordes of ATR Field Supervisors have suddenly resigned due to fear of getting The Email.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the exposure!!! I didn't realize clowns could "write" - I mean, cut and paste -so much!!! You must be exhausted!!! Or are these the meds talkin???

Anonymous said...

Why would the polite email to Principal X be considered as harassment?

Are you talking about "aggravated harassment in the second degree"?

Or just simply "harassment in the second degree"?

Here is Penal Law §240.30:

Here is Penal Law §240.26:

What in the email demonstrates an intent to "harass, annoy, threaten or alarm"?

What in the email serves "no legitimate purpose"?

The email essentially informs the principal of the existence of staff complaints relating to workplace bullying and harassment, discusses informing educators of a potential course of action, and then concludes with a helpful, good faith suggestion.

I don't see anything objectionable to that approach.

Why would it result in the firing of a teacher?

Do you feel that there's a better way to straighten out abusive principals?

What have UFT Central and the Borough Offices been doing to correct the situation?

Anonymous said...

Again, why do you have such a hard on for Portelos?

ABP (Anyone But Portelos) said...

Because Portelos is a prick?

Anonymous said...

Portelos - get some sleep - you were up late last night reading Peter's blog. How do we know? Because no one else gives enough of a shit. Did you kiss your wife on the temple and sigh about how jealous everyone is of you?

Francesco Portelos said...

As I lay here in my backyard hammock, I thought to catch up on my favorite blogs. Heard there was some commotion over here, so I came to inspect.

One time Zucker text me "I love you." I thought he was kidding and wrote it in an "I love you man." kind of way. Now I'm thinking he wasn't.

Then I thought let's see if my blog has been trolled by anyone in Harrison, NY. Sure enough, Peter's hometown has visited my site over 25 times in a few days. I hope you're wearing pants when you troll my site.

In any case, sometime this weekend I'm going to write up a defamation complaint. I already found case law indicating one doesn't have to use your name to be sued for defamation. I'll file it here in Richmond County, so even if it's dismissed, it would only cost $235 to file and Zucker would have to respond and come down to Staten Island. That case, plus the fact that Zucker has been blocked from more Facebook Pages and been unfollowed by more Twitter users makes me think his Portelos Priapism wasn't worth it.

Yeah...I think that's the way to go.


Francesco Portelos, Petitioner


Peter Zucker, Respondent

Take this is a Cease and Desist Peter and shut your lying troll mouth.

Francesco Portelos said...

Oh and since this is in a public forum and you are lying and can cause financial damages because of the pay the UFT position would have,'s defamation.

Pete Zucker said...

Oh this will be the last engagement.

#1 I don't live on Harrison. So I read your multitude of blogs. Why not? They're funny as heck. That's not trolling. I'm not upset with you nor call you a troll when you read my blog, nor your minions, all the time. You are welcome here anytime.

#2 Defamed you? How? I have not even mentioned your name in any blog post. If you feel you have been wronged you are more than welcome to write a guest blog post to refute any allegations you feel are incorrect. I assure you it will be published verbatim under the condition empirical
counter evidence is produced.

But to say I defamed you? I guess you claiming I sexually harassed women in RR without prove at the words of an alcoholic is ok? The lies you said about my family are OK?

#3 So I've been booted from some FB pages that you control and unfollowed on Twitter. BFD. I wear it as a badge of honor. Just like E4E has banned me and others and Campbell Brown. Truth sucks. But wasn't it just last night in which you whining about and blaming Mindy a year later that you were and still are banned from MORE LISTSERVE? Are you not still emailing MORE steering begging for joint slate as recently as last week? Have you not been texting Schirtzer incessantly?

#4 Please sue me. I hope you are as successful as your PERB case vs UFT and your article 75. But I don't live in Staten Island. You'll have to file in White Plains.

#5 what you're doing is straight out of psych 101. If you felt secure within yourself, safe, confident you wouldn't feel the need to attack.

I have nothing against you. You are one of God's creatures and I do love you as such. You do have a big heart but you are misguided. Please get back in touch with God.

Pete Zucker said...

I missed this. I'm lying about what. The pay of what UFT position? I am that powerful to keep you from winning?

Seriously, you're not going to win.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The pathetic Portelos has to hide behind a threat to sue. The great presidential candidate going to small claims court. Send a selfie of you in the hammock. Only $235 - that's more than you dropped on the Bar Mitzvah. Maybe take a collection from your fans. We can Start a kickstarter campaign to defend South Bronx from your bogus attacks. Bully.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the great campaigner is taking time away from his busy UFT campaign to sue you, Peter! Oh wow you must have really spoken the truth in one of your blogs about the wanna be! I really do hope he tries to sue you so he can look like the fool he is for all to see!

ABP (Anyone But Portelos) said...

Was Randi Weingarten in the hammock with you?

Francesco Portelos said...

Begging? Please.

We're moving forward with or without others joining.

Where did you lie? I'm going to include it in the exhibits, not here.

I have no idea who this alcoholic at the RR you are referring to is.

What lies about your family. All I said was take care of them. Take care of them and not spend every waking moment thinking about me. I know. It's killing you how easy we make it seem, but it's actually a lot of work by a lot of great people.

Back to work now. I'll be back here and there when I want to take a break from building.

Anonymous said...

For someone who is building - maybe a hammock stand - you spend a hell of a lot of time here crying about this and that. One big spoiled brat crybaby who goes waa, waa when he doesn't get what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,
It appears you have been experiencing an extended Klingon erection. I listened to a few of your radio interviews and imagined what a dumb fuck you must be. Please be advised that the next spaceship is scheduled to take you and your erector set into far and away places you've never been before. It must be cool being a Trek-Troll!

Anonymous said...

My aren't you fucking witty! How long did it take you to come up with that?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter is the only one allowed to make fun of trekkies! He has insulted a friend of mine several times on this blog. That friend is great guy who doesn't have a mean bone in his entire body, unlike Zucker who has a boner for Portelos.

Anonymous said...

Peter can you tell us how many of these post came from Staten Island? Maybe you might be able to google someone actually laying in their hammock typing as we read this. We all know who is busy writing the rebuttals to your posts. He doesn't even have any friends who will speak up on his behalf. Imagine he says his numbers are growing.

Anonymous said...

Just in: Portelos' hammock has accepted a VP position on the Solidarity slate.

ABP (Anyone But Portelos) said...

Peter is costing Portelos 200grand because due to these blog posts he won't become UFT president. Since its about the money let's take up a collection for portelos and pay him if he'll only go away and crawl back into his cave - or hammock.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Portelos will finally figure out that he will never run the UFT....he needs to stop filling the heads of his syncophants with false hope and resign himself to the fact that he will never be an administrator or union head...he has pissed off the DOE to the extent that no principal will touch him and he will rotate for the rest of his career..hell no other caucus wants to work with him because of his arrogance, hubris, and lack of trustworthiness.....the Solidarity Caucus is a flash in the may exist in some form...but as a force of change in the UFT...nah...that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many signatures will Portelos get to put him on the ballot? I say about 20. Why that's all he really got in his camp (hammock). Can't wait to see the final number of signatures he will get it will be no where near the 900. What a joke!

Mary said...

A head's up 2're the one lying about Zucker and you continue to reply 2 Zucker's blog. A question: Who's trolling who? Again, NYC teachers to the GOP: Your candidates are narcissistic clowns and I am so sorry for you all.....

Mary said...

PS...Pulling 4 Sparkles as the next UFT president....