SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Meet Victor Jordan of UFT Solidarity

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet Victor Jordan of UFT Solidarity

With the UFT elections around the corner, we here at SBSB thought it would be a good idea to have post about candidates already in place and introduce them to our readers.

This idea came about in The Crack Team retreat of Sunday at Winged Foot (Can MORE have a retreat here in the spring?) in Westchester County. One of The Crack Team members brought up a good point from the last UFT Solidarity posting of October 10. Actually two good points from the post...
We here at SBSB wish to know how many of these non-UFT members are in decision making roles of UFT Solidarity and if any are, should they be making decisions that can affect membership?
 ...we learn that UFT Solidarity team is  "still coming together" even as it nominates those with curious resumes, advocating those who claim they are lawyers, and makes one question whether or not 20 years later, that a nominee of theirs is officially a UFT member.
Allow us to introduce the UFT Solidarity candidate for Treasurer, Victor Jordan.

Now as any good voter worth their weight, they want to know all they can about someone they just might consider voting for. Mr Jordan, as one who can tell by clicking on the above link, as quite an extensive and eclectic resume. But we just want to narrow it down to a few things that leave The Crack Team with questions.

In Mr Jordan's resume, it mentions that he was a graduate of Albany Law School, receiving his Juris Doctor in 1999. That same year, Mr Jordan passed the Bar exam in July. Now mind you, passing the Bar exam does not make you a lawyer. One must be admitted to the Bar. Mr Jordan had not been admitted in 1999. Why? According to Mr Jordan he....
"...was not available to submit his  application to the Bar because he had accepted a position as a Research Fellow at the  University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago."
That's swell. But really, all that work and you give up on getting admitted to the Bar? 

But even more curious, Mr Jordan then again passed the Bar exam this past February. Now, we here at SBSB do not know if there is a time limit on being admitted to the Bar once you pass the exam, but find it curious.

What we do find curious is that Mr Jordan, without being a member of the Bar has been (According to his resume) an adjunct professor of labor law at the Harry Van Arsdale School for Labor Studies at Empire State College during the 2014-2015 as well as teaching there as an adjunct professor of economics from 1985-1995.

We could be wrong, but would not one need to be a lawyer, admitted to the bar, having actually practiced law to teach labor law?

Also, would one not need to be a practicing attorney as well as actually represent clients in a 3020-a proceeding before one can place on one's resume that one has defended...
"...professionals licensed by the New York State Education Department"
What has Mr Jordan done to defend teachers?

But enough of that. What of Mr Jordan as a teacher?

According to his resume, Mr Jordan taught math at Erasmus Hall High School from 1985-1995. That's it. We do not know if Mr Jordan retired, resigned, or was terminated.

But more importantly, is Mr Jordan a dues paying member of the UFT? Because if he is not, according to the UFT Constitution, and we here at SBSB thank UFT Solidarity for posting it on it's website, that to be eligible (According to Article IV, Section 5)...
No member shall be eligible to hold office who has not been a member in good  standing for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the final date for nomination.
Very interesting indeed.

Even more troublesome is what connection does someone who has not taught, has not been in the NYCDOE for over 20 years have to the teacher of 2015 and beyond? Where is the connection? In fact, looking at Mr Jordan's resume and the many questions it raises how can one be assured that Mr Jordan will actually put the time and effort into his role and/or fully complete his time as Treasurer?

As for the decision of UFT Solidarity, why? Why not a current teacher, anyone else teaching right now is more qualified than Mr Jordan. Anyone teaching right now has more of a connection to the teachers of today and tomorrow than Mr Jordan.

This reeks of desperation by UFT Solidarity just trying to fill a position with anyone with a heartbeat. Again, this should call into question once again of the decision making at UFT Solidarity (Joy Hochstadt was seen as an invaluable member) and this should give pause to anyone thinking of voting for UFT Solidarity.

The UFT election is not time for one's revenge, placing bodies in position of power, and not the place to not vet someone's background and intentions.

The question raised here about Mr Jordan are valid and should be addressed post haste by UFT Solidarity and all UFT members.

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Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Mr. Jordan will be suing on behalf of Portelos? We are still waiting for the lawsuit. Whatever happened to that? I don't get it if there are so many people in the Unity camp how come they have to go so far outside their camp to find a candidate? DESPERATE!