SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Inane Ineptitude of Rajendra Jimenez Jailall of Bronx Bridges High School (And formerly of PS 154x)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Inane Ineptitude of Rajendra Jimenez Jailall of Bronx Bridges High School (And formerly of PS 154x)

It's been over a week since we last laid our eyes and ears upon the inanity of Rajendra Jimenez Jailall, former AP at PS 154x and current AP at Bronx Bridges High School. But for those who are just arriving or have forgotten, let's have a little review.

We have learned that Rajendra Jimenez Jailall has the ability to make empty promises to me in that he promised me composition notebooks for the students and never followed through.

We have learned that Rajendra Jimenez Jailall promised me a demo lesson, on two separate occasions and never followed through and when asked about such a promise in my 3020-a hearing misremembered.

And we have learned how Rajendra Jimenez Jailall, in a horrible case of truthiness, told me that my informal observation of October 12, 2012 was based on Danielson, denied it in my hearing and shared that the informal would not count towards my end of the year rating.

So what are we to learn today? How Rajendra Jimenez Jailall come to the conclusion based on using a blindfold and a spinner to decided that I was to be given a U on the informal observation of October 12, 2012. But first, let's have a looksee at the observation!

As we can see that of 28 items to check off, I was only rated on 12 items and none based on instruction, only my classroom, oops, I meant in the parlance of PS 154 and DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154, my "learning environment."

Yes, I  know you are saying to yourself, what is the deal with the E? Well, E is for evolving, something that comes from Danielson, yet it was not supposed to be implemented during the 2012-13 school year. And yes, those numbers i parentheses? Danielson too. And to wonder why Rajendra Jimenez Jailall only misremembered this observation being based on Danielson.

But one thing was curious. Of the 12 items I was rated on, (1s, 3 u's, and 8e's) why was I given a U rating? Let's hear what Rajendra Jimenez Jailall had to say on November 12, 2012 as he first channeled Casey Stengel in doublespeak and then Ralph Kramden when he knows he screwed up. (LISTEN HERE).

Did you hear him say it was based on "all of the items that were not addressed"? So what he did not choose to rate me on I was rated U anyway? What the heck? How can I have an observation based on what he did not check off?

And, since when is a informal observation based only on the classroom environment? More importantly, how can class routines, high expectations, paired work, etc... be rated when all Rajendra Jimenez Jailall observed was not even being in 15 minutes in my room and we were all in the middle of the mini-lesson?

LISTEN TO  Rajendra Jimenez Jailal's reaction when I question him on Danielson. He has no idea what to say.

And LISTEN TO Rajendra Jimenez Jailal's reaction as I question him about there is nothing about the student's engagement in my class, that they are learning, that they enjoy coming to my class. He again has nothing to say. Just mumbled and gargled words.

It's obvious that DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx neutered Rajendra Jimenez Jailal soon before the school year had started and he was only "following orders," and "kissing ass." We have heard from several members of his former school, PS 28 in the Bronx and this seems to be Rajendra Jimenez Jailal's pattern.

The ironic part is that Rajendra Jimenez Jailal went through what I had gone through the following school year, 2013-14 school year. Karma is a bitch, eh Raj?

Teachers at Bronx Bridges, watch yourself around Rajendra Jimenez Jailal. Watch what you say and what you think. In my opinion he is not to be trusted and he has a long relationship with Nelsie Castillo.

As one former colleague of Rajendra Jimenez Jailal's at PS 28 wrote to me in an email;
"Only thing I can say is that he was a horrible teacher and colleague. Arrogant and condescending to both kids and teachers.  I was with him when he was a 4th grade teacher and he couldn't manage his class. And I was with him when he became literacy coach and couldn't handle that either.  He thought he was God's gift to education....he was an arrogant jerk and we pretty much let him know it back then."

What a pathetic little "man."


Anonymous said...

"E" stands for "Excellent," and if any people think otherwise, then the real problem is with them -- isn't it?

Be sure to read Norm Scott's article about Danielson:

Anonymous said...

Pete, why does your former AP where a Merkin on his chin?