SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan And Princess Sydney Are Rats

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Evan And Princess Sydney Are Rats

Wow, outing of Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone continue. This usually happens to rats. A rat is sneaky, agile, but in the long run a rat will always be exposed and caught.

The crack team here at SBSB got an email last night from a teacher at PS 86 further exposing the two rats. SBSB has been assured by our source that this is not just a one shot deal. That there will be more emails exposing Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone for the rats they are.

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!

As a faculty member at PS 86 who is quickly loosing patience with Ms Morris and Mr Stone, I applaud you for speaking out. Our staff is very upset about this situation. Several of us have called the UFT and they don't seem to care unless you give up your name. Our chapter leader McLean seems oblivious to the situation. On the Educators 4 Excellence website, they even posted a picture of our union representative Ronnie Sutton as their poster child. Their deceitfulness knows no boundaries. It is creating a lot of strife and animosity within our ranks. I hate what they have done and I pray that our union gets involved and helps to shut them done.
Ms Morris has been with her present 3rd grader since the second grade. Her first two years she was a disaster. She could not control them and needed and received a lot of help from mentors and staff developers. This year she has improved slightly. However, I don't appreciate the way she belittles her class at times.
Mr Stone will shortly be leaving on another class trip . Destination: Japan. You'll recall that he took his last trip to the Grand Canyon with the 6th graders.
Stay tuned. I will give you updates only if you dont use my name. I have to work there:(

A few questions pop up. Who is financing this trip to Japan? Who is supervising Little Evan Stone on this trip? Is it school sanctioned?

Wonder what would have happened to Princess Sydney Morris if all those veteran teachers weren't there?

A rat is a rat is a rat.


Anonymous said...

OMG. This is classic. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I was just on their FB page and saw that they posted a link to the NYT article from today about the KEEP Act as if it were a victory of some kind. With the exception of a couple lines about the group, the rest of the piece points out that the legislation is crap (my word, not the NYT ;)

Pete Zucker said...

Not just your word, or the Times word, but the word of Senator Mike Spano as well. He told me so.

I wonder why Sydney is so worried about her job. She is a child of privilege. She always has dada's and mummsy's money to fall back on and will probably soon marry a wealthy man and push out a few kids while lunching with her friends every day whilst the nanny's raise her children.

trixie said...

Their FB page is growing by leaps and bounds- it's got to be TFA people and their friends- I think us non-rat-people need to amp it up a bit- I'd hate to think that our legislators think they speak for all of us.

Pissedoffteacher said...

They are too stupid to be teachers. Don't they realize they too will be old one day? Then they will support last in, first gone.

Anonymous said...

@pissed off: That's just it. They have no intention of teaching into middle age. This is a stepping stone for them.

proofoflife said...

I meet this guys at a workshop at KIPP schools. He thinks he knows everything. He was quite annoying then and is really annoying now!