SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Princess Sydney Morris And Little Evan Stone Are Exposed

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Sydney Morris And Little Evan Stone Are Exposed

I got the neatest email today. My pal Norm emailed me a comment made on Gotham Schools. Remember the one in which aggregator Anna Phillips attempted journalism and gushed over Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris? In the comments section, scroll all the way down to a reply from "very concerned" which is timestamped April 22, 2010, 1:11 PM (EDT). The truth is out there about Little Evan and Princess Sydney. It seems that a qualified reporter would have done some legwork before accepting whatever form of payment from Little Evan and Princess Sydney's PR firm.

What I find ironic too is that Whitney "My Parents Gave Me a Girls Name" Tilson in his April 9 mass maniacal email was so emphatic over these two, one would swear he was typing one handed. Chances are while looking at a photo of Little Evan as well.
Be sure to read the 61 (so far) posts on the message board. Based on the Hostile-React-O-Meter (the crackpots and nitwits are out in full force), E4E is REALLY onto something!
So who are the nitwits and crackpots? E4E is really onto something Whitney? Time to put your money where your mouth is. Ewww. God knows what has been in Whitney's mouth.

My comments will be in red. Trying something different today.

If you don’t have an interest in Evan and Sydney’s personal life, then let’s take a look at their professional life. Not to justify the personal attacks, but most posters are on the outside looking in. The faculty at their school has a different view and opinion of Sydney and Evan because they are inside actually interacting with them on a daily basis. The whole organization seems hypocritical to most (not all) members of the staff and this is why….Evan and Sydney are calling for a revamp of teacher evaluation and merit-based pay while they are not even exemplar teachers. Shocking! What a surprise! Surely they are legends in their own mind. Evan has little to no classroom or behavior management skills It would be wonderful to hear more examples of this. But why I am shocked is that on E4E website Little Evan seems to be doing something right. He has a photograph of his students and him at the Grand Canyon. Wait, is it allowable to have photographs of students on the Internet without permission? And just what was a MAN doing with boys in the wilderness? which lead to very little effective teaching and learning. Little Evan, you can't be their pal. His tests scores, which are also publicly displayed in the school, are not good either.This would be so, so cool to see. It is very apparent to his colleagues what his capabilities in the classroom are (and I guess if you can’t take the heat you must get out of the kitchen). "Run away!" "Run away!" "Run away!" "Run away!" With the new legislation that Evan supports, he surely would be laid off first or not making very much money with the ‘merit based pay’. Instant Karma is going to get you Little Evan, gonna look you right in the face.Sydney is a good teacher but nothing exemplar and surely does not stand out among the rest of the faculty. So she is average? According to Whitney Tilson she should be removed.
Now, knowing them and their classroom practices this all seems very hypocritical and unauthentic to most of the staff. And to those with heartbeats. Everyone knows they have taken the LSATs, Have they taken their content area exams? The ATS-W? The video? Remember the interviews? That would have been so neat to see them go through it. everyone knows they weren’t going to stay in the profession. What is the percentage of TFA's that do? It was just a matter of time before they left to do something else. But now, they are walking a fine line with this new organization and pushing for something that is directly going to affect the jobs and lives of teachers (which Evan and Sydney will no longer be). They don't care. They are all about themselves. It is very easy for people at their schoo to see that their intentions are not genuine. Evan and Sydney need a starting point to their political careers and they picked educational reform and an extremely sensitive, controversial issue. I think it was picked for them perhaps? Or they came in with an agenda. So yes, people are angry and insulted becasue it feels like a slap in the face to the dedicated hard working teachers. When I started teaching I was told to keep my mouth shut for three years. Evan and Sydney may think they are doing it for the good of the students but really what they are doing is stirring a dangerous pot that could adversely have a negative affect on a ton of good qualified experienced teachers. I hope they see that. They don't, they can't, they won't, they mustn't! And I agree, they are in way over their heads.

What I find most disturbing is to see Little Evan Stone as an elitist. This is somewhat personal because as a fellow Jew that not too long ago Little Evan Stone the Jew would never have been allowed near New Haven. Little Evan Stone should perhaps the older members of his family how they fought for what is right, joined unions, looked out for one another. But Little Evan won't take his gilded foot out of his mouth.


Anonymous said...

I knew these two were full of hot air. Typical of many of the new teachers they've been hiring who think they know it all and actually know nothing. But you can't blame them 100%. More often than not administrators encourage them and put them on pedestals. They just feed into it enjoying the rock star status. What the morons don't understand is evetually the honeymoon will be over and they will be replaced with the next batch of suckups. In the case of these two jokers, they couldn't care less because they have plans for bigger and better things.

Anonymous said...

Primadonna, I have to wonder if it's the "advocacy" arm of TFA that's pulling the strings, as opposed to the admins (not absolving admins, but who knows?) But I have met many TFA teachers over the years and it has seemed that the anti-union rhetoric has really been growing among that group. And I worked for 4-5 years as a faculty advisor (not by choice- if you applied for summer school in my building you were a FA by default) and with the exception of the first group I had, they were mostly arrogant little shits who thought they already know more than I, even though I'd been teaching for over five years at that point and had a second masters.

Pete Zucker said...

"arrogant little shits"


Thank you for the astute observation.

FidgetyTeach said...

LOL. I will bet that they "smile before Christmas" too!

Pete Zucker said...

They smile because they are demented. And have their smiles surgically in place.