Saturday, September 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!!! God Saves E4E Crew!

Whew! If there ever was a time to sit down, think, and praise God, now is the time. Except if you are an agnostic or atheist.

It has been reported by Educators4Excellence on their official Facebook page, that all members of E4E are survived Hurricane Irene! The official statement;
The E4E team survived Irene and we're back in action! Check out how NYC public school I.S. 136 sheltered evacuees from the storm
Of course we wish to thank the Lord Almighty, Adonai, YHWH, Mike Bloomberg, or whatever name you call God, for sparing and looking over the kids over at E4E.

It was God, and God alone, that made sure that all the E4E team was safely ensconced safely at home and not out in the Hamptons, the Vineyard, or Cape May.

But one thing does come to mind which has been much discussed by the crack team here at SBSB. Why does E4E think they are that self important that they need to not only say they all survived (which statistically they should), but announce it as all of mankind cared?

More curious, why the link to the New York Times about an article on how IS 136 was used as a shelter? There was no mention of any of the E4E kiddies, and we all know how much Little Evan and Princess Sydney enjoy interjecting themselves in any way possible. So what gives?

What gives is the depth of the megalomania that is creeping into E4E, and in particular, Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris. This seeming need to inject themselves into what has been a tragedy, a storm in which people lost their lives and lost their homes, turns into some flip "look at us," statement on Facebook.

Ray Fontana of Milford CT had the front of his house blown away, but is tickled pink that the E4E crew survived Irene.

We are sure the family of the man that was electrocuted trying to save a boy from flood waters in Spring Valley NY are just delighted that Little Evan and Princess Sydney survived the storm.

Certainly these yeshiva students are happy that they survived Irene, but irked that God was busy saving all from E4E.

How about these people in North Carolina? They lost their house, but gosh darn when they read that E4E survived it was if all their problems paled in comparison.

We can go on and on and on and on. But we shant. The point has been made. It is appalling that someone would not only post that on the E4E Facebook page, but give the OK to post it. This just further goes to prove that your club and yourselves is what comes first.

Little Evan and Princess Sydney it is time to look inward at your little club. The more you open your mouths, the more you show your faces you lose more and more credibility. But keep it up, please.

One more thing, here are some real survivors. Or have you just forgotten your heritage?

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