SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Unsheathing The Truth About Little Evan Stone And Princess Sydney Morris

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unsheathing The Truth About Little Evan Stone And Princess Sydney Morris

The crack team here has prided itself at being at the forefront in the ability to peel back the sheath of malarkey that is Educators4Excellence. Not because we have to, but because we want to. E4E, it's co-dependent leaders, and its enablers leave us no other choice to not only uncover their web of deceit and falsehoods, but fiduciary duty to ridicule them whenever possible.

Thanks to the intrepid crack team, lots of elbow grease, and the power of the Internet, we have been able to crack the cone of silence permeating amongst E4E and have been in contact not only with former colleagues of Princess Sydney and Little Evan at their former school, PS 86 in the Bronx, but also someone deeply involved from within E4E who has become highly dissatisfied with both the message that E4E attempts to sell and Princess Sydney and Little Evan as well.

One source at PS 86 shared how both Princess Sydney and Little Evan received special treatment from their principal, Sheldon Benardo, who just happens to be closely aligned with Teach For America and Deustche Bank, on a consistent basis.

As one would recall that in the official E4E manifesto on teacher evaluation, one thing that was a thorn in the sides of the children who wrote it was teacher attendance. Really Gracie? We here at SBSB find it ironic since both Princess Sydney and Little Evan whilst in the employ of PS 86 and the NYC DOE were allowed days off before holidays, left school early frequently, and during the school term and being allowed to go away to gatherings other than official NYC DOE/teacher business.

The source also shared that they are resentful of both of them receiving F Status while others more worthy of them deserve it yet don't receive it, and that the principal is too powerful and too aligned with Little Evan and Princess Sydney for teachers to speak out forcefully. Also, they are almost universally hated at PS 86.

A source from within E4E who would only speak on deep background, shared with SBSB that Little Evan and Princess Sydney fly out to California once month to meet with big buck benefactor Bill Gates. After these meetings occur, one will usually see some type of media story involving, or written, or before any of their big announcements by Princess Sydney and Little Evan.

The E4E source also shared that Princess Sydney and Little Evan were handpicked by those at Teach For America to start E4E and that Uncle Mike Bloomberg and Joel Klein were involved in their formation as well as pushing and promoting the E4E agenda. This seems to contradict the "aw shucks" genesis of E4E when the New York Post wrote this past January, "that started last March with a handful of Bronx teachers sitting around a kitchen table discussing ways to improve schools."

Our E4E source shared something else, that if it happens will be scary. Princess Sydney has been promised a charter school for her efforts and according to Princess Sydney, "there will be no union involvement whatsoever," in her charter school. Funny, I keep on hearing from those two that they are not anti-union.

Let's hope this is just the beginning of the unsheathing of Educators4Excellence, Princess Sydney, and Little Evan


Anonymous said...

Probably more undemocratic than anti-union organizations are those who are committed to opposing emmployees right to choose. Apparently Sydney has already put herself in that camp.

Anonymous said...

Keep this up. The more these jokers are exposed the more Gates and Co. are exposed. Noble work!