SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: E4E Captain Of Chaos Natalie Harrington Writes An Email On DOE's Dime

Monday, September 12, 2011

E4E Captain Of Chaos Natalie Harrington Writes An Email On DOE's Dime

Something, and no one knows how, but something came across one of the desks of a member of the crack team here at the SBSB news room. It seems that an operative of the officially recognized Jugendgruppe of the New York City Department of Education, Educators4Excllence has sent out an email on school time, probably on a school computer, to come and fawn over and be fawned over at tonight's Jugendgruppe rally starring Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott.

The E4E captain, er, I meant, Hauptmann in question is Natalie Harrington of the New Day Academy, PS 245 in the Bronx. A 6-12 school with only 345 students! Natalie teaches grades 10 and 12 ELA. 

So just who is this follower of cult figure Little Evan Stone? Natalie is a child of privilege. She prepped at Friend's Academy and graduated from one of the elite Ivy League schools, Brown, where rumor has it she was a legacy. So much for E4E's meritocracy theories. 

Looking at Natalie's background, one would be hard to imagine that Natalie had ever come across a minority or a person of color in her upbringing. Well, except if mummsy and dada hired one for some menial task on the estate. Or the summer home on Block Island.

So why is it that a 24 year old neophyte from the North Shore, the Hamptons, Park Avenue, and Block Island thinks she knows what is right not only for students of the Bronx, but for teachers in general? Let's examine her email, with my thoughts in red.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Natalie Harrington <>
Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM <<<<------Lookee here! 11:16 AM today! During the school day! Is this allowed? I thought DOE computers, wireless, etc... were only to be used for official DOE business.
Subject: Educators 4 Excellence
To: <<<<<<-------Lookee again! Using business email to perpetuate someone's personal beliefs. 

Hello New Day Staff,

I wanted to let you all know that I am our school's team captain for Educators 4 Excellence.WOW!! Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) is is an organization of education professionals who seek to provide an independent Independent? How so? All the ideas are of E4E's own? Is E4E allowed to go against sugar daddy DFER and ERN's policies? voice for educators which educators? TFA educators? Elitist educators? You guys, and I use that term loosely don't share my voice, nor the vast, vast majority of NYC teachers in the debate surrounding education reform. E4E's mission is to unite the education community wrong, it is to divide and conquer, M'kay? around a shared set of goals, principles, beliefs, and actions, I share nothing with you, neither do my colleagues which place student achievement first. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! In order to achieve this mission, E4E hosts various events throughout the year  You mean Youth Rallies? 
when will the win a date with Sydney Morris event be held? aimed at bringing teachers together to discuss what is going on in their classrooms. That is if you only sign the pledge card, give a kidney, and $275 and promise you will advance to OT IX If you have any questions about this organization you can come see me in Room 230 is this to be done on school time? or check out their website You mean  I have included a flyer below for their first big event, a Q&A session with Chancellor Walcott. I will be attending this event so let me know if you want to come along!  Does this mean that you will be taking teachers in the sports car dada bought you, or will dada send a limo?

Princess Natalie


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot...

Pete Zucker said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you judging people for things that are out of their control, like what family they were born into? Also, as teachers we work a lot more hours than our contractual hours designate in the contract so maybe she took 10 minutes to write this email, and then graded papers for two hours thst bight. Also, this could have been on her duty free lunch. E4E has goals just like many organizations, and I have found through experience that E4E likes to partner with teachers are help them be the best educators they can be by giving them resources, a voice, and a network of dedicated educators from all backgrounds and walks of life. Natalie is an advocate for teachers and students. A true educator.