SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Educators4Excellence Structure And Financials Revealed

Monday, September 5, 2011

Educators4Excellence Structure And Financials Revealed

We here at SBSB pride ourselves at being at the forefront of information. We leave no stone unturned to find the truth. So it was with great pride when the crack team recieved some inside information on how Educators4Excellence was formed, its directors, financials, and by-laws. The crack team has just scratched the surface in what is known about the secret society that is Educators4Excelllence, but rest assured, the crack team will not give up.
First up are the by-laws of the secret society of E4E. Not only are Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone the co-founders and officers of E4E, but a little known person is as well. Her name is Anne-Margoriet Crousillat. Little is known about Anne-margoriet Crousillat, except that Princess Sydney and Little Evan taught with this person at PS 86 in the Bronx.

Next up amongst the paperwork on E4E is the Registration Statement for Charitable Organizations. When reading this we see that there are three officers listed. Little Evan; Co-President, Treasurer, and Director. Prnicess Sydney; Co-President, Developmental Chair, and Director. And that mysterious person again, Anne-margoriet Crousillat, Secretary and Director. But there is one name on the form that got us to thinking, Sharon W Nokes. Just who is that? It seems that that Ms Nokes of the prestigious Washington DC law firm of Caplin and Drysdale;
provides comprehensive legal advice to tax-exempt organizations, including some of the nation's largest private foundations and publicly-supported charities, as well as educational institutions, hospitals, medical research organizations, supporting organizations, and social welfare organizations. She counsels these clients on a variety of tax, corporate, and compliance issues, including executive compensation, domestic and international grantmaking, structuring charitable and unrelated business activities, lobbying and political activities, transactions with for-profit organizations, and corporate governance. She has considerable experience with the rules governing private foundations, supporting organizations, and donor-advised funds, and also provides guidance to donors regarding their charitable giving alternatives.

Now just how to little nebbishes like Princess Sydney and Little Evan, oh and of course, Anne-margoriet Crousillat, who claim that one day they were just sitting around the kitchen table not only are able to retain such a firm as Caplin and Drysdale, but pay for their services as well?

Next up, E4E's Tax Exempt Form. In section IX, on page 9, the financial date is listed in for tax years, 2010-2012 including expected monies. In each of those years E4E will receive from gifts, grants and outside contributions $600,000, for a total of $1.8 million dollars. We know that DFER and Education Reform now had channeled approximately $500K to E4E, but that will leave into question where the other $1.3 million dollars came from. And we all know DFER and ERN's connections to E4E.

As we still explore section IX we see that in the years 2010-2011(with years 2011 and 2012 as anticipated), membership donations will total $50K, $100K, and $200K, for a total of $350K. I am proud that of my three memberships, not one dollar was given by me nor any of the crack team here at SBSB.

So all together in just three years, E4E will recieve $2.15 million dollars. Now the $64,000 question. Where does that money come from? What organizations, charities, groups, and educators do they get that pile of cash? We here at SBSB call on E4E to reveal its donor list immediately!!!

But of course we here at SBSB do realize that any organization needs people to run it and of course these people should be duly compensated. In the years 2010-2012, the officers, directors and trustees of E4E will be paid, $198,900, $208,845, and $218,290 for total of $626,035. No wonder Little Evan and Princess Sydney left teaching. There is money in them thar  educational non-profits!!! In the same years, 2010-2012, expenses for other employees will be $201,900, $231,955, and 266,710. Office rent was $37,500, $41,250, and $43,375. Seems as if E4E spends a lot of money just on themselves.

What is interesting, is on pages 22-25, E4E attorney, Eli Greenberg answers some of the IRS's questions. Some of the answers seem quite amusing;
The marketing/recruitment of member cost listed in line 23 is detailed as follows for year 1: $15,000 is designated for Q&A meetings with policy makers, $31,000 is designated for teacher networking events, $27,000 is designated for panel discussions on specific issues (as an example, see agenda for value-added panel attached as Exhibit 7), $12,000 is designated for a large end of the school-year event, $15,000 is designated for the organization's policy teams (see agenda attached as Exhibit 4), and the remaining $10,000 is designated for recruitment materials. All of these recruitment activities are designed to increase awareness and exposure about the organization and the opportunities it provides for teachers.
Hmmm...... But let's not leave out this confusing part;
The general public will not in any way be confused as to the different activities of Educators for Excellence, Inc. and Educators for Excellence Advocacy, Inc. The advocacy organization will engage in very different activities as it will engage in the advocacy to influence legislation and public policy in the area of education. It will clearly use its full name so as not to cause any confusion with any related entities. In fact, the general public will not be aware of the directors or the addresses of the organization and their similarity will not provide any cause of confusion.
I didn't know the two were separate.

But one last thing, on Page 5, section VIII. E4E is asked;
2a Do you attempt to Influence legislation? If "Yes," explain how you attempt to influence legislation 0 Yes 1 No
E4E chose no. But, and if I recall, E4E was at the forefront of repealing LIFO, or rather, seniority rights from teachers.  Wasn't Assemblyman Jonathan Bing leading the charge to repeal seniority rights? So why then was Little Evan photographed with him? In fact, Assemblyman John Flanagan went so far as writing the new seniority law with input from E4E.

There must be a formal investigation of Educators4Excellence immediately. At the very least, it is we here at SBSB call on E4E to fully disclose all its funding immediately! We also call on Michale Winerip of the New York Times to look into E4E. Also, readers of this blog, it is time to contact the New York State Attorney General's office and let them know there might be irregularities involved with E4E's tax exempt status.


Mr. Talk said...

Great work! I fully expect E4E to ignore your work, but perhaps we can get some legislators to look into this obviously suspect filing. They are clearly an advocacy group and they do try to influence legisation, and therefore they should have their tax exempt status yanked.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Mazel Tov on your research into this sleazy, dishonest group.

It just goes to show how there's gold in them thar schools, and much gelt in being an active Fifth Columnist.

zulma said...

Great stuff! Good Work! Exposing them for their chicanery is what the public should know about their intent on making money and not thinking about education.

Expose them! Let them fall on their E$E asses.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent and important work. Thank you! This kind of information in the right hands could and should cause these con artists considerable harm -- maybe even finish them off. Such would be their just rewards for what they have been trying to do to working teachers. Thanks again!

ASTRAKA said...

Mazel Tov!

In fact, I am tempted to say, drop teaching and become an investigative reporter. The Mainstream Media is asleep.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it looks like you misread these documents. After carefully looking at them, the income is projected for future years, not past years. Also, these are all estimates from prior to incorporation and are rarely accurate. Once the IRS releases their 990, we will be able to really see what is going on with their money. Also, it looks like the took the h-election that allows some portion of money to be spent on direct lobbying....

I am sure there is more dirt, so lets all keep digging!

In solidarity

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Excellent expose. I always question the motives of people who make more a year than I paid for my house. These scamsters certainly qualify.