SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Does Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD of PS 154 in the Bronx Believe in Students First?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Does Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD of PS 154 in the Bronx Believe in Students First?

 Does Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD. care as much as she claims she does about the students of PS 154, or does she have some nihilistic agenda to rid the school of teachers she does not care for no matter the cost and damage to the students?

Now the type of teachers that are victims of her nihilistic approach are those that are primarily of color, over the age of 40, due for tenure, make too much money, and possess an independent streak in which they
refuse to sip the laced Kool-Aid Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD serves up.

But The Crack Team has suggested not answer the above concerns on these pages. Rather, it will be you the reader, to decide whether or not Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD had the best interests of the students or the best interests of her agenda at heart.

This past April in the middle of teaching a lesson, a 2nd grade teacher allowed a man into her classroom. This man, unbeknownst to the teacher, was about to serve her with 3020a papers for being incompetent. This teacher received a U rating from Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD in the 2011-2012 school year after Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD had been on the job 7 1/2 weeks.

Now one must ask themselves, how can Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD decide that the teacher in question was unsatisfactory for the year after barely two months of her exalted supervision? And why did Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD feel the need to not only have to humiliate and defile this teacher in the middle of the lesson?

But it gets more interesting.

The next day of course the teacher is removed, the students have no teacher, and of course the parents are not informed immediately of the change. Someone must teach this class, but whom?

Substitutes! Not only the regular run of the mill, hit or miss, substitutes that are ubiquitous in any NYC school, but a special breed of substitute never before seen at PS 154.

The substitutes brought in were white, female, and disciples of Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD, Teachers College, and Lucy Calkins. Now this is important for not only is Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD a disciple of Lucy Calkins but Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD is an adjunct professor at Teachers College as well.

This being a rough class as it was, and the inability of Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD to look at the bigger picture and see how the teacher was an expert in classroom management, needless to say all hell broke loose in this class.

Not only were these special subs in above their heads, but zero instruction and learning was achieved. Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD had to go in there many times to calm the class down, to give support to her disciples, only for the class to revert back to mayhem once she had left.

And this class was not the only class to be affected.

This past school year, the 2nd grade changed classes for math. The students that went to the removed teacher's class ceased going to her for math. All that they had worked for and worked to was all for naught for only but decision of Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD.

 But we should not fault the Teachers College ATR's alone. The normal subs had the same problems.

As did the ATR's, except one, but that ATR was not always assigned nor available to that class. Once, there was an ATR guidance counselor that was assigned to that class.

Worse, during this time of ineptitude, or I meant to say "substitute roulette," Ari Epstein, a smart student, a student that does have some challenges, was removed at the beginning of the day and sent to another 2nd grade class. Ari was never invited in to be with his classmates nor given the chance to show he can behave. His education was crapped upon and I am sure that his mother never was informed of this (Readers please take note of this. The hypocrisy will be unveiled in an upcoming blog post).

But the biggest slap in the face to this class came about at the beginning of June or around that time. The class was permanently split up for the remainder of the year. Not just to 2nd grade classes, but 1st grade as well. What was the point? Who did this benefit? How did this benefit the students, especially the students that spent a month with 1st grade classes? Will these students come into 3rd grade this September behind?

Who is being held accountable for this boondoggle? Why is this allowed to happen? This would never happen in Harrison NY, Scarsdale, Ardsley, Putnam Valley, but this behavior by principals and other administrators is enabled time after time.

It happens because those in charge know that they are dealing with a compliant populace that will not and cannot stand up for its rights. God forbid what was shared on these pages was attempted in Riverdale or Forest Hills.

Now it is up to the readers; decide whether or not Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD had the best interests of the students or the best interests of her agenda at heart.


Anonymous said...

Truly sickening. So many of the new "boutique" schools are run by Leadership Academy principals with a staff that resembles an ivy league sorority house. Let's hope the new mayor will clean house at the DOE and bring the power of schools back to the local level where crap like the above story can be dealt with. Oh yea, is it just me or is anybody else sick of the whole Teachers College cult of nonsense?

Anonymous said...

The person in the photograph is (the late) actor Paul Gleason. He is shown in a screen shot from the 1985 movie "The Breakfast Club" in which he played Richard Vernon. I had met him at an ABC-TV studio in Manhattan in 1976 while he was playing Dr. David Thornton on "All My Children."

Anonymous said...

He was also in TRADING PLACES and had a brief role in one of my favorite movies, FORT APACHE: THE BRONX. I think the best movie about teachers was the 1980's movie TEACHERS staring Nick Nolte. (SUMMER SCHOOL was also a good one!)

I noticed that... said...

How can a principal with a PhD degree be so stupid, incompetent, and insensitive?

I wouldn't doubt it if she got her PhD online.