SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: An Unsafe Environment at PS 154 in the Bronx as Students Run Amok,Yet Again

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Unsafe Environment at PS 154 in the Bronx as Students Run Amok,Yet Again

From the files of the "You Can't Make This Shit Up Department," it just keeps getting nuttier and crazier at PS 154 in the Bronx. Is it possible that the wheels of the bus that DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D
and Principal controls are flying off?

After last night's blog post featuring how a student, The Flash, ran out of school property twice, once onto dangerous 135th St, several teachers contacted The Crack Team today on their day off and shared a horrifying story of incompetence, danger and ignorance that occurred yesterday, January 24, 2014.

Yesterday at PS 154 The Flash, along with Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier bolted from their classroom. All three, about 8 years old, were wondering the halls for at least one hour. No one could catch them nor find them. Three boys, running unsupervised throughout the school. Not only were they not engaged in education, but their safety was at stake.

Was a ROD (Responder on Duty) called? Nope. Even though that is standard operating procedure and is clearly spelled out on the PS 154 Manifesto, oops, the handbook, no one was notified or responded.

Why and how did this happen? The three young men were in the classroom misbehaving when they were admonished for their behavior. I, last year, had these young men at one time or another (not together) and at no time did they bolt from my classroom. So strange it happens now.

How were these students finally dealt with when DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal caught them? DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal used her Child Whisperer technique, or as The Crack Team calls it, "The Coviello Whisperer."

What is the The Coviello Whisperer technique? It is a technique that is only unique to DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal and is impossible to learn by any mere mortal

DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal gets down on the floor with the kid (To show that she is cool and caring) and whispers ever so gently to the student that misbehaved. The students sensing softness and weakness laughs inside their head and doesn't respect such a phony admonishment.

How were these students disciplined? One student went off to spend time with the AP for the day and the other two went to spend time with professionals of the pupil personal team. Which leads to many a question.

Were these students given sufficient work to do? Were these students properly supervised? Were they put on the computers in the respective offices to play games? Were the three adults tasked with supervising them able to do their duties, their jobs? Were the three adults with the task of supervising these boys able to meet with students and able to have their conversations remain confidential? Were the parents/guardian notified? Not just for discipline reasons, but to let the parents/guardians know that the school allowed the students to be in an unsafe situation. Was an OORS report filed?

At what point does this end? At what point does the students safety become paramount over the pride of  DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal? The Responsive Classroom technique has been proven to be an abject failure. Is it not time to go back to the drawing board and either start from scratch or uses methods of discipline that actually have proven to work?

One simple solution to fix the discipline problem is to find male teachers. PS 154 in the Bronx has only one male teacher left, and even he does not interact with all the students, only a select few. All strong male teachers at PS 154 in the Bronx have been cast out like the Amish do to their own that show independence of thought.

When will this end at PS 154? When will the safety and well being of the students trump the pride and control of DR Alison Coviello, Ed.D and Principal.

Again, parents need to ask themselves, "Is my child safe at PS 154?" Think about it. What has been shared here just now will never happen in Harrison, or Scarsdale, or Roslyn, or Franklin Lakes. Why is it allowed to happen at PS 154 in the Bronx?      

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That retired teacher said...

Does the name Avonte Oquendo come to mind? You cannot have significant success by shoving a system down the throats of your personnel. You must make certain your personnel are compatible or fits the system put into place. If not, your system must be altered or even changed to another system.........

Taken from the handbook of the components of a successful team.