SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone and His Babe Princess Sydney Morris of E4E Are In It For Themselves

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Little Evan Stone and His Babe Princess Sydney Morris of E4E Are In It For Themselves

Not only is Little Evan Stone of Educators 4 Excellence gracing these pages now for the third time this month, but he is being joined by his babe, Princes Sydney Morris. Why is Little Evan so
newsworthy of late?

Forbes Magazine named Little Evan and Princess Sydney two the 2014 list of wonderful, thoughtful, fake, stupendous 30 people under 30 in Education or something like that. Rah-rah.

According to the Forbes writer, or the PR hack in the employ of E4E; In 2010, these two former NYC public school teachers and Teach for America alumni founded this teacher-centric voice for public and policy debates in education

The question has yet to be asked. And won't as long as a compliant press continues not doing its job with these two. 

Simple, was this organic or was it created by those with the money? Yes, we all know that official E4E canon claims that the group was birthed over a kitchen table and sprang forth from those meetings. But was the group put together by agents of Bill Gates, Carnegie Foundation, and DFER? Little Evan Stone is still silent on this,

 E4E encourages... debates in education, including teacher evaluations and the Common Core State Standards. 

Yes, debates only with those that agree with it and won't rock the boat. All signs of dissent are scrubbed or not allowed.

But worse, a 50's era loyalty oath is required to be signed just to go a meeting!! Where are the debates??

It now has 13,000 members nationally

Big deal.  Badass Teachers as over 36,000 members. Mark Naison created it on his own volition without any money or outside influences. We don't see him in Prevention Magazine 70 under 70 Educators. And, there is no loyalty oath, except a bizarre initiation ritual that left me puzzled.

Little Evan blabs; "The future of education is dependent on our ability to elevate the role of the teacher as a leader in our schools, districts, and policy making conversations."

So the top down method of education reform that is so prevalent and which E4E's benefactors are encouraging is supposed to give teachers a voice? APPR and Common  Core being crammed down our throats is giving teachers a voice? We do have voices. We have collective bargaining. We have 36k Badass Teachers. We have New York BATs.

The opposite has happened. Name one teacher, a real teacher not some Ivy League TFA hack who has only taught two years, that has been involved in the shaping of any of the education disasters of the last ten years. None. Actually, kind of proof for why we need real teachers making policy. 

The jig is up for E4E. I don't blame Little Evan and his babe Princess Sydney. Each day that the sun rises they are becoming even more and more irrelevant than they have ever been.

The tide is turning out there and Little Evan and Princess Sydney are deaf to what THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK STATE want! As long as they get what they want; fame, fortune, and Forbes, that is all that matters to them. These two are more shallow than the left field line in the old Polo Grounds. 

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