SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: IS 162 Bronx AP Greg Papadopoulos, Look To PS 106's Marcella Sills About Absenteeism

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

IS 162 Bronx AP Greg Papadopoulos, Look To PS 106's Marcella Sills About Absenteeism

Lots of news this week with that principal with the blue eye shadow out at PS 106 in Far Rockaway, Marcella Sills.

Yes, we can harp on the other stuff, but being the individuals that we are here at SBSB and not always wanting to go with the flow, The Crack Team was able to find a modicum of positivity in all the mess that was created at PS 106.

For all the misdeeds of Marcella Sills she shows up to work. Late yes, but she does show up.

Unlike Greg Papadopoulos, Assistant Principal at IS 162 in the Bronx. Greg never showed up for work, was given hours upon hours of comp time for unsupervised work from home, and was able to to build up miles on American Airlines, or whatever airlines of his choice, jet setting to Europe.

But let's jar those memories. From July 22, 2013; 

This happened over the course of several years in District 7 in the Bronx. The school is IS 162.
Yolanda Torres is the superintendent, the principal is Marilyn Manzolillo and the AP is Greg Papadopoulos.

But everything is true. Everything happened. Everything was covered up.

Greg Papadopoulos put in "long hours" at home doing the scheduling. I mean really really long hours.

There were no time cards to be punched nor signed.
Marilyn Manzolillo principal of IS 162 did not have enough money to pay per session so the pay was in comp time.

There was shit loads of comp time involved. Remember, all unverified. No time cards.

The assistant principal took vacations with this comp time. All during instructional time, for weeks at a time.

Countries and cities of Europe were visited all while the students of IS 162 were busy as
Papadopoulos was off gallivanting around.

Meanwhile the school is going into the crapper.

Somehow the Special Commissioner of Investigations office got wind of this. Praise be to God! We all know how SCI can be when going after those who misrepresent time taken off and defrauding the DOE claiming they worked while in reality they did not.

Just ask Matthew Kaye aka Matt Striker or Lynn Stewart's daughter. We know how seriously SCI takes this stuff.

This is where that
Yolanda Torres comes in.

SCI, the bastion of all keeping all that is correct in the NYC DOE drops the ball!!!!!!

There was proof up the ying yang!!

They kick it back to
Yolanda Torres for the discipline phase.

Marilyn Manzolillo is buds with the superintendent. She must be, why else would we not hear of this, but we heard of Liza Cruz Diaz at PS 31 in District 7. Ms Diaz stole money. Stealing time is the same as stealing money.

Papadopoulos gets just a letter in the file!

Imagine if a teacher had done this??? OH baby!

Of course
Papadopoulos could not have done this without being enabled by Manzolillo.

I might not be a lawyer, but dang, if this doesn't seem like fraud, larceny, conspiracy, and a few other felonies, then I mock my SUNY education.

Why hasn't Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson been notified of this?

But he is a dolt. How about US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara?

It has been said, and by very reliable sources, that 
Papadopoulos had much more than a professional relationship with Manzolillo. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

So this happens and teachers all across the city, and the country are getting crapped on.

Why? Where is the logic behind this.

It is not us running the schools. We just work there.

Maybe it is time to go after the schmucks in charge?  

These 3 crap all over Stu Schmelz, yet they continue to game the system.
Yeah, this shit can't be made up!!!

Where is the outrage? Where is the media? SCI has copies of his travelogues!!! 


Anonymous said...

How about you send this to our new mayor Billy Dee and Ms. Farina? Let's see what they're made of.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Papadopoulos was snake even when he was at
PS/MS 279. He bullied and blackmailed the principal Luisa Fuentes when he was the chapter leader. If she didn't give him the classes and early release on certain dates, plus per session -- he would make her
life miserable! Miserable he did! He is stripes never change....He was always and only out for himself and nobody else. Manzolillo hope you had a good time cause I am sure he already dumped you. You can't do anything to help him now. That is how Greg rolls!

The retired teacher said...

I agree with anonymous, if these are the facts, put them on Billy Dee and Carmen Farina's desk. Put them to the test, see if Billy Dee has a "pair".

Anonymous said...

I spent five years in hell there. Please don't doubt those facts retired teacher. His most famous quote about the children "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit".
A truly horrible man.

Anonymous said...

Greg was responsible for ruining many teachers professional careers with his lies and backstabbing nature. Its all for Greg and no one else.

Anonymous said...

They both tried to ruin my career