Saturday, September 5, 2015


The following comes as no surprise to us here at SBSB. The rumors were flying for over a year, but we have confirmed that UFT Solidarity met with AFT president Rand Weingarten early in 2014 seeking employment in the UFT, ostensibly becoming a member of the Unity Caucus. The same caucus that has brought us Mike Mulgrew.

For some time, and we knew here at SBSB, UFT Solidarity met with Randi in Manhattan but were never given a reason why. Rumors abounded. The biggest rumor was that UFT Solidarity was asked to start a stalking horse caucus as a way to siphon off votes from MORE which would entail a a splitting of the opposition vote giving Unity yet another victory.

Lately The Crack Team had heard some rumors that the above was untrue, that the meeting was initiated by UFT Solidarity. The Crack Team was sent out into the field to find out more (Pardon the pun).

Bur suddenly yesterday in the comments section of this blog post, "UFT Solidarity Fanboi Love Letter," a comment was made;
"You miss the point. Unity is laughing at the Portelos spectacle - they know he is nuts but are happy to be using him to divide the opposition. They even brag privately how Solidarity is doing their work for them - and they also spill the beans that Portelos was asking Unity for a job and when he didn't get it he figured he could win favor by creating a caucus that could prevent MORE from winning executive board seats. Is that what the meeting with Randi was about? Play the tape."
 Yes, interesting, but even more interesting was trying to curry favor with Unity by splitting the vote and this must explain the near schoolgirl crush that UFT Solidarity laid on New Action.

UFT Solidarity replied to this comment that left many scratching their heads;
Randi asked me "Are you interested in building a bridge back to the UFT? " I told her the UFT won't take me in, like you said above, so "I'm building my own bridge." At that point I sent her the link for Solidarity.

Her response was actually "Wait, let me try one more thing and have a convo with Mike."

Randi sought out UFT Solidarity without clearing this with Mulgrew? Seems strange.
Stranger is why would Randi seek out UFT Solidarity and not anyone from MORE (Not that they would have gone to the meeting) like anyone of at least 50 people I can think of.

Also interesting is that since this meeting occurred in early in 2014 how could Randi have seen the Solidarity website if the website came online in April of this year (According to and the Solidarity Facebook page came online in September 2014.

Norm brought up a fine point as well in the comments section of "UFT Solildarity Says It Won't Help All Teachers....And Other Funny Stuff;"
"Remember how you asked me why you couldn't run in their slate in addition to the more slate in 2013 and I told you you had to choose? So there you were ready to run on a slate with mulgrew at the head of the ticket just 2 years ago. You were hoping you could grab one of those unity new action exec be seats even if it meant selling out to mulgrew. But neither unity or new action wanted you for the exec bd and I pushed for you for the more exec bd slate. And you got on the ballot without bringing in any signatures on the petition"
So is it not natural to question the motives behind UFT Solidarity? Is this so called caucus for the teachers and by the teachers, or is it someone's way to get back at all those who have scorned UFT Solidarity. It is starting to look like the latter, as if a boyfriend had been dumped by a girl and this is just nothing more than a tantrum? 

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few at UFT Solidarity or is it about one person in the ultimate con job leading people off the cliff?

The followers of UFT Solidarity need to snap out of it and really start asking questions.


Anonymous said...

You know what they say..."Crack is Wack"

Mary said...

Which leads us back to the Sheep in Animal Farm...I say teachers are blindly following a false leader, for a few to be powerful. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Porty is all about Porty.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get a quote from Randi on the meeting with Portelos. I have more faith in her telling the truth than I do Porty. This is just too much. Portelos has to go in 2016. Let's free the NYC schools of Portelos!

Anonymous said...

"Follow me, I'm the Pied Piper."

QueensSpedTeach said...

Say whatever you want but write it properly.... Solidarity as you just stayed Waac not officially created on the day of the meeting so solidarity did not meet with Randi Portelos did.

Anonymous said...

Portelos is Solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Where's the tape, Porty?

Anonymous said...

Notice how silent Porty and his sycophants are here. The sycophants are probably questioning their leader and have seen him for the con artist he truly is.

Francesco Portelos said...

Forgive my delay, but I had work to do and family stuff. I came back into town last night.

Randi and I met around August 25th 2014. By that time I had already resigned from MORE steering. If you remember MORE was imploding on itself from about July to at least December. I don't deny trying to get a union job. Why should I deny that? I do enough damage to abuses in the system from home with my smartphone, imagine if I had an office. Where I could pick up a phone on a desk and help more members.

It was very evident though that from that meeting with Randi, to three weeks into September that wasn't going to happen. Unity was not going to allow me access to UFT central. Why? Because I would never stand and oppose the opt-out resolutions, nor shoot down anything else that would benefit the members and students. Basically I couldn't be leashed by Unity nor MORE for that matter.

Now while this was happening I was receiving two U observations in just the first 9 days of school. So I turned to my left and MORE was imploding, to my right Unity was saying I don't think so. The DOE was taking another crack at me and August Lempelmeier of the ATR Chapter was twiddling his thumbs.

I'm very proud of what came next... I created the beginning of UFT Solidarity. Then ATR Alliance.

Now we have almost 300 members in the ATR Alliance group and just about 100 official UFT Solidarity members. We have retirees, we have ATRs, we have chapter leaders. We work to expose corruption and help members. I'm proud of our growing team and this April we will win the election by beating not only Mulgrew and Unity, but also anyone else who jumps in.

Anonymous said...

Porty wants a union job for Porty. If he got one he wouldn't be running around pretending to give a crap about anyone else. If Porty thinks he's the next UFT Prez he is delusional. Enjoy the air up on that Solidarity spaceship.

Francesca Gomes said...

These numbers are interesting. Are these dues-paying members? Facebook group members? Or just people who said, "Sure, you can use my name"? Do you get 100 people at a meeting? 50? 10?

I'm not trying to pick a fight, but these numbers seem quite misleading, at best. I'm basing this on photos of your rallies in which I've only seen maybe 5 people at a time.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bigger question. How many are actual UFT members?

Anonymous said...

Keep pushing the lies innuendo and rumor mongering peeps. You won't know what hit you in 2016.